UltraCrete Revolutionises Traditional Repair Methods

Instarmac’s Malaysian partner, Protasco Trading, have supplied UltraCrete Envirobed HA104®, QC10 F and Instant Road Repair to Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) for a number of manhole reinstatements across West Malaysia.

Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) is a national sewerage company in Malaysia. Government owned, IWK is responsible for developing and maintaining a modern and efficient sewerage system for West Malaysia.

In Malaysia, the current system for installing ironwork involves a manhole cover pre-cast in a concrete block being positioned on to the repair site – a costly and time-consuming method, as heavy equipment is needed to set the concrete block in place.

One of the biggest disadvantages of using this method is the concrete block remains rigid and does not move with the surrounding road surface – causing the repair to crack and break out completely. Not only does this require costly repeat visits to site but it also causes a dangerous safety hazard to motorists – a major concern for IWK and a key factor for them sourcing an alternative method for reinstating manhole covers.

Protasco Trading recommended the use of UltraCrete Envirobed HA104® high performance bedding mortar, QC10 F rapid set flowable concrete and Instant Road Repair cold lay asphalt for all future reinstatements.

UltraCrete offers products that are proven, trusted and provide a first time permanent repair in all climates and weathers. Part of UltraCrete’s Manhole Installation System, Envirobed HA104®, QC10 F and Instant Road Repair have each been tested and had their capabilities proven by an independent laboratory stating that this system will have a minimum 5 year service life. What’s more, as no large machinery is required, the installation process is much easier and quicker than the existing methods used.

Manholes reinstated with UltraCrete’s system can be trafficked instantly, allowing costly traffic management to be removed quickly with minimal disruption to motorists – a feature IWK found particularly impressive.

The repairs were carried out earlier this year in temperatures as high as 29°C. High temperatures like these can pose a number of challenges for contractors as products often set very quickly but thanks to the expert formulation of UltraCrete materials this was not the case and the repairs were completed with great success.

For more information on Envirobed HA104® high performance bedding mortar, QC10 F rapid set flowable concrete, Instant Road Repair cold lay asphalt and the other materials that make up UltraCrete’s Manhole Installation System please visit ultracrete.co.uk or email international@instarmac.com.


Winter is Coming

We all know the cold weather and freezing temperatures increases the drying time of a floor leveller. Think about the extra time wasted as you wait even longer for standard set smoothing underlayments to dry. There’s no need to wait days for your floor to dry – use Level IT Super30 for quick refit and repair work this winter.

Launched over 10 years ago, and the first ‘level and lay in a day’ product available to the market, Level IT Super30 has a speedy walk on time even in colder temperatures, so you can move on to another part of the project or head to your next job much quicker than if you were using a standard set floor leveller.

The rapid drying properties of Level IT Super30 are not the only qualities that make this levelling compound unique. Suitable for use with most floor coverings, compatible with underfloor heating systems and with a coverage of approximately 6m² at 2mm, Level IT Super30 is ideal for both commercial and domestic subfloor preparation projects.

Are you working with a flexible substrate? Why not try Level IT Super Flex 30. This floor leveller also boasts a rapid drying time but is ideal for screwed and fixed plywood floors where vibration and movement is likely.

Level IT Super30 is just one of many smoothing underlayments available from UltraFloor. Their subfloor preparation range also includes repair and finishing compounds, a primer for porous and non-porous substrates and products to protect against subfloor moisture.

Level IT Super30 has been used on a number of high profile projects across the UK including Apple, Vodafone, Honington RAF Base, Premier Inn and Blue Planet Aquarium.

For more information on Level IT Super30 and the other products available from UltraFloor please contact their team of technical experts by email or by calling 01827 254402.

Watch Level IT Super30 in action!


Avoid costly Section 74 fines with UltraCrete QC6 surface reinstatement concrete

Announced in 2001, Section 74 fines were introduced to eliminate disruption to motorists caused by unreasonably prolonged roadworks. Charges began between £100 and £2,500 for every working day they overrun, however in 2012, this was increased to a maximum charge of £10,000 per day – a sum which, in 2015, a leading utility supplier was ordered to pay by Transport for London.

Avoid these costly fines with UltraCrete QC6 surface reinstatement concrete.

QC6 is BT approved and can be trafficked in 4 hours allowing traffic management to be  removed without delay and therefore significantly reducing the risk of a costly Section 74 fine. What’s more, QC6 sets in just 15 minutes, making it very difficult to deface and therefore limiting asset liability.

QC6 boasts an impressive 50N/mm² compressive strength at 7 days and is shrinkage compensated so you can be assured that once the material is in, it won’t crack or come out – eliminating a common cause for expensive repeat visits to site.

QC6 is suitable for a variety of concrete repairs including the reinstatement of access covers and water metres and surface repairs around street lighting, vehicle access barriers and cable boxes. It’s also ideal for patch repairs to concrete floors and car parks.

For further product information and pricing enquiries, please contact the UltraCrete team by emailing ultracrete@instarmac.co.uk or calling 01827 254402.

Keep up-to-date with the latest industry news by following UltraCrete on Twitter @UltraCrete_UK.

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Permeability: The Benefits

Permeability is the buzzword of the moment. So what does permeability mean and what are the benefits of using a permeable jointing compound?

The rise in building developments has seen open ground across the UK vastly reduce and as a result rainwater that would have naturally drained away through the earth no longer has anywhere to go increasing the pressure on our sewerage network with flooding the result.

With this concern in mind, permeable jointing has become increasingly popular over recent years and is a trend that will not disappear anytime soon.

So what is permeable jointing? Put simply, if something is permeable it allows liquid to go through it. This idea is, if rainwater can move through the jointing compound it will drain away naturally rather than sit on top of the stone, or worse, stay within the joint, freeze, expand and then break out.

PaveJoint plus from urban regeneration specialists UltraScape, is a jointing compound developed for flexible landscaping projects that require free draining joints.

PaveJoint plus can be applied in all weathers meaning projects can be completed all year round and because PaveJoint plus is a permeable jointing compound, water can drain freely rather than remaining within the joint, freezing and then breaking out – eliminating a common cause of costly repeat visits to site.

Suitable for use with most paving types of permeable paving stones and applied in four easy steps, PaveJoint plus can be walked or driven over after just 24 hours causing minimal disruption to motorists and pedestrians and allows contractors to move on to their next project quickly.

Available in 2 colours – Natural and Grey – PaveJoint plus provides a stylish and durable finish for all flexible landscaping projects.

The cost and time saving benefits of using a permeable jointing compound are clear to see. For further information on PaveJoint plus and the other materials in UltraScape’s Mortar Paving System contact their team of experts by emailing ultrascape@instarmac.co.uk.

UltraScape is an approved CPD provider to RIBA and RIAI. To find out more about their CPD ‘Paving the Way: The Benefits of BS 7533‘, or to book your seminar, please email cpd@instarmac.co.uk.