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Instarmac 2016 Team Challenge – Win a home nation’s shirt of your choice!

Now’s your chance to play the role of Roy Hodgson!

In a one off event, our Instarmac brands are working together to create the ultimate football team for an exclusive 6 a side tournament, and we need your help in selecting our very best squad members.

Starting at the bottom of this post, follow clues, find our six team members (which you will find on product pages), collect their shirt numbers and submit in order for a chance to win a Home Nations shirt of your choice!

The competition will close on Sunday 10th July 2016 and our winner will be announced the following Wednesday.


How to take part in Instarmac’s 2016 Team Challenge

Starting with the clue below, simply click your answer, which will take you to the product page where (hopefully) you’ll find our first team player. Make a note of his shirt number – you’ll need it later on – and move on to the next clue which you’ll find on the same page.

There are six players to find, six clues to answer and six numbers to jot down!

Once you’ve found our complete team, head to any of our branded Twitter accounts – UltraFloor, UltraTile, Wondertex, UltraCrete, UltraScape, Granfix – hit follow, and tweet us with your team numbers. If you’ve got them all in the correct order, you’ll be entered into a prize draw for a Home Nations Football Shirt of your choice.

Scroll down to begin!

The first clue

England player, Wayne Rooney recently splashed out a whopping £150,000 on a brand new Clive Christian kitchen which includes porcelain mosaic backsplash tiles. Which of UltraTile’s ready mixed wall tile adhesives in off white would be ideal for fixing his mosaics in place in an intermittently wet area without the risk of mould and slippage?

Hint: It comes in a handy yellow tub for easy transportation!

A. ProStick BS

B. ProGrip HG

C. SuperWhite WR Flex

Good luck!

public realm

The Largest Public Realm Paving Scheme in Europe.

Media City in Manchester has recently undergone a £650 million landscaping development with the help of UltraScape’s BS 7533 Compliant Mortar Paving System.

Ultrascape was used in the recent renovation of Manchester’s Media City. The project was one of the largest public realm paving schemes in Europe.

MediaCity UK are committed to providing ‘a vibrant and sustainable environment’ and UltraScape’s products, with their fast-track use and high specification characteristics, were an ideal addition to the site’s development.

Over 2000 tonnes of Ultrascape Pro-Bed HS bedding mortar was applied in bulk silos which provided a perfect base for the stone to be laid on. Pro-Bed HS creates the ideal foundation for laying paving elements where a rigid or bound base is required and is specifically formulated to meet and exceed the strict demands of BS 7533. In order for a system to ‘actually’ be proven BS 7533 compliant, it must have undergone independent testing using UKAS methods.

Ultrascape’s Pro-Prime slurry primer and the innovative Ultrascape Flowpoint flowable rapid setting grout were also used throughout the development.

Flowpoint is the ideal solution for any sizeable scheme, enabling large areas to be grouted with this pourable material and simply washed away with no staining. It is synonymous with fast application, cost effective and robust jointing.

It enables paving to be open for foot traffic in just 1 hour and vehicular traffic in only 4 hours- which was an essential factor for such a busy city hub!


Our thoughts on Modern Landscaping

Modern landscaping is often created through an eye catching combination of open spaces, structured plants and high quality paving. Flagstones and pathways help to define and structure empty spaces leading up to a strong focal point.

The regeneration of Londonderry City Centre, designed by Civil & Structural Engineers BDP, is the perfect example. UltraScape Pro-Prime, Flowpoint and Pro-Bed HS transformed the heart of the city into a modern, urban landscape, increasing footfall and enhancing turnover for the surrounding areas!

The work, carried out by FP McCann contractors, included upgrading the drainage infrastructure, removing the old concrete block paving and renewing street lighting and pedestrian crossings. The extensive revival of Shipquay Place and Waterloo Square therefore required reliable materials that conformed to BS 7533 part 12, making UltraScape’s mortar paving system perfect for the job.

Our premium product range is fully BS 7533 compliant and has been specified for use with many public realm projects, boasting a full UKAS accreditation for its capabilities.

UltraScape Pro-Prime slurry primer is specifically formulated to provide an exceptional bond between all stone types, with its quick and easy application and blending making it an ideal solution for the large-scale Londonderry project, reducing long term maintenance costs and increasing the life expectancy of the paved area.

Our Pro-Bed HS fine bedding concrete was chosen for its long term durability and ease of use, supplied to the contractors in pre-blended 30 tonne silos that only require the addition of water. Its fast strength gain allows for a quick turnaround, is ready for foot traffic in as little as 12 hours and vehicular traffic in just 24.

UltraScape Flowpoint rapid setting flowable grout was poured over the top of the freshly paved area and simply washed away with no risk of stains, allowing the scheme to be opened to foot traffic after only one hour due to its fast setting formulation.

The completed landscaping project creates a clean, fresh finish to the area, teaming open paving schemes with a clean border of trees and concrete fixtures, drawing the eye towards the brand new 80 nozzle water feature with integrated lighting outside the Guildhall.

Since its completion, businesses in the areas have reported a 30% increase in turnover – proof that modern landscaping really can stimulate the local economy.



Instarmac Branded Image_Both

BS 7533 why run the risk of failure?

BS 7533 has developed over 20 years to offer clear, consistent and tested methods for designing and constructing paved areas, offering a minimum construction life of 40 years.

Ultrascape are surprised to hear, all too often, that BS 7533 is still being ‘considered’ and not automatically specified. Why is this?

The risks and potential costs of using a non-compliant system are huge and should be instrumental in ensuring BS 7533 is specified every time. Here we review the benefits of BS 7533 compliant mortar paving systems for your consideration.

In order for a system to ‘actually’ be proven BS 7533 compliant, rather than just ‘manufactured to meet’ or ‘manufactured in accordance with’, it must have undergone independent testing using UKAS methods, which in general ensures the following benefits:

  1. Can be used to design and build schemes in excess of 1000 standard axles per day
  2. Helps to protect professional indemnity insurance
  3. Reduces costly failures and resulting personal injury claims
  4. Trusted throughout the world
  5. Tried and tested methods of construction
  6. Removes the uncertainty of site batched mortars

Most significantly, the British Standard promotes professional results that can give a construction life in excess of 40 years, whereas a non-compliant system cannot offer any minimum life expectancy.

Although the initial outlay may in some cases be lower, the ongoing and life cost of a non-compliant construction is generally significantly higher due to ongoing maintenance. Overall, using a BS 7533 compliant system helps to protect your professional indemnity insurance by reducing the risk of costly failures during the life of the construction.

One of the often overlooked aspects of the British Standard is that all of the materials are tested in conjunction with one another, ensuring that they work in harmony. This is extremely important when specifying a full mortar paving system to include bedding, priming, jointing and sealing.

Lastly, BS 7533 sets technical and practical guidelines that help to minimise potential workmanship issues. It is evident that using a compliant system is the one and only assurance against costly repercussions.

Do you need any further justification? Please call 01827 254402, we’ll be more than happy to discuss BS 7533 with you.

UltraScape have a fully RIBA accredited CPD Seminar available on the benefits of BS 7533, and the intricacies of rigid and flexible paving.  For further information on this, please email