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UltraCrete Reduces Road Defects by 98%

The UK’s largest water company is using UltraCrete’s flowable bedding system to reinstate manhole covers and frames across its network.

United Utilities manages the water and waste network in North West England, this includes Cumbria, Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside. Hundreds of thousands of vehicles pass through its network on a daily basis and increasing traffic volumes are taking their toll on the road infrastructure as well as damaging the ductile ironwork within it.

United Utilities sought a durable bedding system that would support the ironwork bearing the high traffic volumes. UltraCrete’s Envirobed HA104® compliant bedding and backfill mortar system provided the ideal solution. It is a two-part cementitious system which offers all of the benefits of resin-based products, but none of the hazards and no expensive waste disposal. It can be used in all weather too, even in temperatures as low as 1⁰C, so disruption is kept to a minimum!  Both mortars achieve superior compressive and tensile strengths within 3 hours and can be opened to traffic in 1 hour.

The internal voids of the frames and brickwork are dammed with HAPAS approved Envirobed HA104®, the original high performance bedding mortar. It achieves a compressive strength of 53N/mm² in 3 hours and a tensile strength of 6.10N/mm², far exceeding the requirements of the HA104 cited in the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges. Envirobed HA104® Flowable bedding mortar is then poured around the pre-levelled frame.

Its flowable consistency neatly and consistently fills the voids providing excellent lateral stability.

‘UltraCrete’s Envirobed Flowable system has reduced defects on our network by 98%. Its simplistic application has also saved us time on site, improved productivity and reduced reinstatement costs.’ Sammy Nelson, United Utilities.

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UltraCrete’s original fast setting bedding mortar, M60, now has a partner with added extra!

M60 F a fibre reinforced rapid strength bedding mortar is now available.  UltraCrete have taken their market leading M60 and with the addition of fibres have created a superior bedding mortar which provides added strength for enhanced performance.

M60 F is ideal for use with all types of access covers, as well as for the rapid bonding of granite setts, flags, emergency repairs and the bedding of kerbs.

UltraCrete’s M60 F also contains a high volume of recycled glass which helps accomplish tough environmental sustainability targets and achieves exceptional bond strength without the use of a primer.  The formula conforms to HD27/04 and can be open to traffic in 1 hour.

For more information on M60 F and other products from the UltraCrete range of highway maintenance, road and pothole repair products, call now on +44(0)1827 254402, email or visit

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UltraScape Features in Award Winning Scheme

Birmingham’s historic Central Fire Station has been brought to life following a multi-million pound redevelopment. All paving was grouted using Flowpoint, the renowned rapid setting grout from UltraScape.

The £35 million redevelopment has given the disused Grade II listed 1930s fire station a new lease of life as apartments for students of Aston and City of Birmingham Universities.  The station has been transformed into stylish apartments, as well as shops, bars and leisure facilities, yet still retaining many of its iconic features such as the 40ft fireman’s pole and the drill tower.

As part of the redevelopment, Construction Group, Watkins Jones, reclaimed 300m² of original cobblestones from around the site which they cleaned, re-laid and grouted with UltraScape’s BS 7533 compliant Flowpoint rapid set grout. Simple to use, requiring only the addition of water on site, it is poured over the area and washed clean, filling all joints evenly, without staining.  This slurry method provides an easy method of grouting large areas, quickly. The material is particularly suitable for use on irregular joints and can accommodate widths between 5mm and 50mm and depths of up to 200mm in a single pass. It is fast and efficient to apply, leaving a perfect stain free finish. Flowpoint can be opened to pedestrians in just 1 hour and vehicular traffic after only 4 hours, minimising disruption.

Site Manager, Terry Hyslop commented ‘ Flowpoint is a great product, it was easy to use and its fast setting time enabled us to keep downtime to a minimum.’

The site has been transformed into a vibrant location, combining classic styling with modern design. It was recognised for its innovation and sustainability credentials at the RICS awards 2016, where it was crowned the UK’s national design through innovation winner!

For further information on UltraScape’s  BS 7533 compliant bedding, jointing and priming product suite please visit or call 01827 254402.


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UltraScape Helps Revitalise Historic Castle Square

UltraScape’s fully compliant BS 7533 mortar paving system has been used on a £2.5 million scheme to redevelop the historic square of Castle Green, Taunton.

The redevelopment has transformed the neglected centrepiece into a valuable civic space for events and markets whilst also showing off the town’s Mediaeval Castle.

The work included the removal of a car park, to create new public open space and a pedestrian foot bridge to access the Castle gardens.

Over 2200m² of West Pennine Gritstone was installed by specialist civil engineering contractor, Britannia  Construction, using UltraScape’s BS 7533 compliant Pro-Bed HS fine bedding concrete, Flowpoint rapid setting grout and Pro-Prime slurry primer.

The old asphalt surface was removed and replaced with natural stone paving blocks. Shrubs and flowers were planted and turf was laid. The most spectacular feature is a glass-sided bridge that floats across the Castle’s grass moat.  In-built lighting, coupled with floodlights at the museum, make it a magical sight at night.

UltraScape’s Pro-Bed HS provided a perfect bound base for the paving blocks. It can be laid up to 75mm in one pass, with greater depths achievable using successive layers. To promote bond, the supporting layer and setts

were primed using UltraScape’s Pro-Prime which ensures full and even contact will be made with the aggregate particles as well as promoting adhesion to greater than 2N/mm² as per the requirements of BS 7533.

UltraScape’s Flowpoint grout was the ideal choice as its rapid setting properties enable areas to be open to foot traffic in just 1 hour, keeping downtime and disruption to a minimum. Simple to use, requiring only the addition of water on site, it is poured over the area and washed clean, filling all joints evenly, without staining.  This slurry method provides an easy method of grouting large areas, quickly.

The site is now a fitting setting for the historic buildings which surround the green and the improvements have made the area more accessible and prominent to the local population and visitors.

For further information on UltraScape’s  BS 7533 compliant mortar paving system, please visit or call 01827 254402.

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UltraCrete helps in the fight against vandalism

Unfortunately vandalism is a common problem on our high streets, car parks and public spaces.  Whether it is graffiti on walls and furniture, destruction of street signs, damage to decorative areas or a ‘joker’ making their mark in your newly laid concrete, all this damage is not only costly to repair but also has a negative impact on  the public’s view of the area and in some cases the perception of the contractor.

We have all seen it and while it can be quite comical we shouldn’t forget the costs of repairing damage to concrete by vandalism.  Council defect charges can be significant so it is important to use materials that provide the contractor with peace of mind and exceptional performance.

No contractor wants to be perceived as doing a bad job and there is nothing more frustrating than being sent out to repair work already completed.

UltraCrete offers you the solution, QC6 is a non–shrink concrete designed for the surface reinstatement of ‘picture frames’ or fillets around street ironwork and general repairs to roads and pathways, concrete drives, pavements and surface areas surrounding street furniture. Its fast setting time of just 15 minutes makes it ideal for reinstatements in busy, public spaces where downtime must be kept to a minimum, eliminating the use of barriers and traffic cones and opportunity to deface the repair.

QC6 is approved for use by BT, and the London Underground and Overground. It is supplied pre-blended in 25kg bags and tubs, containing special cements and a 6mm graded aggregate. The product requires only the addition of water to form a high strength rapid setting concrete, which, when set, dries to match most existing concrete surfaces. It can be applied from depths of 12mm to 100mm, depending on application.

Whilst we may not be able to eradicate malicious damage entirely, UltraCrete’s QC6 can help play a part in the fight against vandalism in our public spaces.

For further information on UltraCrete’s QC6 please visit our website call us now on +44(0)1827 254402 or email us at

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Only HAPAS approved Overbanding can be used on our road network!

Overbanding in the past has received bad press and has not always been a popular repair solution with reports of accident claims due to skidding or unsightly images of bitumen creeping out from the sides of a patch in hot weather.  Well things have certainly changed with new materials providing all of the benefit with none of the risk.

New overbanding solutions are quick and easy to heat apply and can be trafficked instantly, minimising the need for traffic management.

Overbanding materials provide an excellent method of preventative maintenance. Designed for application to asphalt roads they prevent water ingress and progressive fretting, which is a prime reason for failure of the reinstatement.

To ensure road safety is maintained it is compulsory to choose a solution that is HAPAS approved, as per the requirements of the SROH S11.7, ‘All materials used for overbanding shall have a current HAPAS approval certificate’ and that offers ‘a minimum skid resistance value of 55.’ This is especially important for motorcyclists, cyclists and horses. Failure to comply can lead to early failure and contravene SROH requirements.

Materials such as UltraCrete’s Instaband ECO have been tested over time to ensure compliance to those SROH requirements.  They are proven to provide a waterproof seal on asphalt and are an excellent method of preventative maintenance. The product’s simple application method provides contractors with an effective way of protecting new and in-situ reinstatements as well as repairing joints and cracks in older wearing courses.

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UltraCrete – Keeping the rail network on track

A leading railway infrastructure contractor is using UltraCrete product’s to install level crossing systems for major facility owners nationwide.

Premier Rail, one of the UK’s leading multidisciplinary railway infrastructure contractors, is using UltraCrete’s refurbishment solutions to install and repair level crossing systems for key clients such as Carillion, Babcock Rail and Amey Sersa.

The work is part of ongoing maintenance and includes the installation of signs, signals, track and access platforms as well as reinstating safety lines. Work is being carried out overnight, when traffic levels are low and disruption can be kept to a minimum.

UltraCrete’s HAPAS approved Instant Road Repair cold lay asphalt 10mm grade is being used for surface repairs around rail tracks once installation has taken place. The easy work formula enables patches to be filled with ease with effortless compaction once in-situ.  The straightforward application provides a cleaner, more efficient repair method.  It can be used in all weathers at any time, day or night and is particularly suitable for small works. Furthermore, the  25kg resealable tubs eliminate any wastage, helping budgets go further.

Signals and signposts are being installed using UltraCrete’s Post Fix  rapid hardening concrete. Post Fix is a 10mm concrete formulated for sub-surface use and fast installation. Combining strength and durability, it significantly reduces the likelihood of movement damage at the point of fixing. It sets in 15 minutes and achieves a final compressive strength of 41N/mm².

UltraCrete’s Instaline road marking is being used to reinstate double yellow lines along the carriageway once maintenance work has taken place. It is made from long lasting thermoplastic material especially suitable for heavily trafficked areas and has a much greater life span than that of traffic paint. It is heat applied to asphalt and macadam surfaces and cools in minutes.

‘UltraCrete products are easy to work with, convenient to store with a great shelf life!’ David Claridge, Director, Premier Rail.

If you would like to know more, please call 01827 254402 or email  Full product information, including datasheets, can be found by visiting


Get a grip with UltraScape’s SlipBond

New flexible cladding adhesive available!

Urban regeneration specialist UltraScape now offers an adhesive for internal and external wall and floor applications. It is ideal for installing decorative features such as raised flower beds and can also be used for fixing brick slips and natural stone to vertical areas.

SlipBond is formulated with extended workability allowing large intricate areas to be covered on a range of substrates including sand and cement renders and brick and block work. It can be applied from a thickness of 3mm-20mm up to 1m² at a time and its frost resistant formulation makes it ideal for use in all weathers.

SlipBond is polymer modified for increased strength and has exceptional bond and flexural capacity. It can also be used to apply large format, porcelain and natural stone tiles in internal environments and is particularly suitable for areas where vibration may occur.

If you would like to know more, please call 01827 254402 or email  Full product information, including datasheets, can be found by clicking here.

Chewing Gum and Shoe

How to prevent a sticky situation!

We have all done it!  Walked down the pavement and then realised our shoes have started sticking to it.

Chewing gum is a real nuisance in our town centres and public spaces.   It is estimated to cost local councils up to £60million a year to remove gum from Britain’s pavements.

The Local Government Association Environment spokesman Cllr Peter Box said: “Chewing gum is a plague on our pavements. It is a blight which costs councils a fortune to clean up and takes hours of hard work to remove. It’s ugly, it’s unsightly and it’s unacceptable”

Discarded gum is an epidemic in our towns and city centres. Westminster Council says almost three million pieces, amounting to six tonnes, are dropped on the streets in the West End of London each year and there are an average of around 25 pieces on every metre of pavement.

Ed Argar, Westminster Council’s cabinet member for city management, transport and infrastructure, said: “Dealing with the sticky mess of discarded chewing gum on our streets swallows a huge amount of resources, in terms of both money and man-hours”.

While UltraScape cannot stop the public littering they can help councils with the cleanup operation.  UltraScape’s Paving Guard acts as a sand stabiliser, joint protector and more importantly a chewing gum inhibitor.  Paving Guard reduces the ability of the chewing gum to adhere to the paving surface.  It will not prevent chewing gum sticking altogether, which generally is not desirable due to the subsequent risk of carriage into shops and other internal areas.  It is intended to facilitate easier removal during normal cleaning cycles.

An average piece of gum costs 3p to buy but according to the LGA it can cost up to £1.50 (fifty times that price) to clean up.  By using UltraScape’s Paving Guard that cost can be significantly reduced and will help councils keep our pavements spotless.

For further information on UltraScape’s Paving Guard please contact us on 01827 254402, email or visit


UltraCrete really does like to be beside the seaside

A popular holiday spot has been maintained using UltraCrete products.

Potholes do not just appear in roads, they can also cause havoc on our cycle and pedestrian routes.

UltraCrete’s Instant Road Repair Red is being used by Tendring District Council to ensure holidaymakers can walk on and enjoy the Promenade in Clacton on Sea safely.

Since its Victorian heyday Clacton-on-Sea has been famous as a place for fun, entertainment and relaxation.  The Clacton Seafront and Garden Walk takes you from Martello Bay along the lower promenade up to Clacton Pier, then onto the upper promenade through the stunning gardens with cafes and photo opportunities along the way.  It is a must visit for tourists and locals alike.

The Promenade needs to be fully accessible for wheelchair users and pushchairs, so carrying out maintenance and filling potholes is of paramount importance.  Instant Road Repair Red has been used by Tendring District Councils for many years. The easy work formula enables patches to be filled with ease with effortless compaction once in-situ.

The straightforward application provides a cleaner, more efficient repair method.  Instant Road Repair Red can be used in all weathers at any time, day or night and is particularly suitable for small works such as patch and footway repairs. Furthermore, the  25kg resealable tubs eliminate any wastage, helping budgets go further.

UltraCrete has been investing in such solutions for over 35 years. Their cold lay asphalt products are HAPAS approved and ensure a quality and durable repair, eliminating return visits.

UltraCrete’s cold lay asphalts are formulated to give a performance equivalent to hot-lay materials, yet remain workable and effective for 6 months without degrading in storage or transit.

If you would like more information, please call 01827 254402 or email  Full product information, including datasheets, can be found by visiting