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Getting the community involved to tackle potholes using UltraCrete

With highway maintenance budgets reducing, Devon County Council has turned to its local community to help in the fight against potholes.

The Community Road Warden Scheme has been recently established allowing the public to carry out a number of highway repairs on minor roads. There are around 60 volunteers that have undergone free training organised by the council to ensure they can work safely. These volunteers have been provided with UltraCrete’s Permanent Pothole Repair Wet, cold lay asphalt to carry out the repairs along with the appropriate tools.

UltraCrete’s Technical Field Support Manager Nick Holmes has carried out the training, to ensure correct preparation and application methods are used which will facilitate a safe, lasting repair until such time resurfacing can take place.

“We’ve all been shown how to carry out the repairs with the material and it seems to be a quick and easy way to deal with smaller potholes on minor roads before they develop into safety defects which the County Council has to repair.” Cllr Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council Cabinet member for highway management

Rory Ashcroft of UltraCrete says “we are delighted to be involved in this scheme.  Budgets are tight and councils need to look for innovation and cost saving solutions which do not jeopardise the quality of the repair.  Devon County Council has found our Permanent Pothole Wet a perfect material for carrying out quick repairs and we have been happy to support the Community Wardens by supplying free on site training”.

UltraCrete’s Permanent Pothole Repair Wet is suitable for repairs in roads, driveways and car parks and is instantly trafficable, keeping downtime to a minimum. It can be used in all weathers too and comes in a handy 25kg resealable tub, great for sites with limited access.

“I think it will be a good scheme once we really get going. The idea has gone down very well and the material is good.” Barry Thrussell, Community Road Warden for Clyst Hydon.

Repair of larger potholes that meet the safety defect criteria and other safety defect repairs on the highway will continue to be carried out by Devon County Council.

UltraCrete offers a range of HAPAS approved first time patching materials for high performance planned and reactive repairs for further information, call 01827 254402 or email


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Get the job done quickly – but get it done right or it will cost you!

Recently it was reported that councils could face fines of up to £5000 for roadworks overrunning into weekends, so could we see lane rental schemes used further to encourage more efficient works?

Schemes should encourage those to carry out roadworks in a less disruptive manner and could provide a financial incentive that will:

  • reduce the length of time that sites are unoccupied, hence reducing total works durations;
  • improve planning, coordination and working methods to maximise efficiency;
  • see more works carried outside of peak periods, reopening the highway to traffic at the busiest and/or making greater use of evening or weekend working;
  • optimise the number of operatives on site to enable works to be completed as quickly as possible;
  • complete works to the required standard first time, and with permanent reinstatement, reducing the need to return to the site to carry out remedial works.

By specifying and using the correct HAPAS approved reinstatement products you can ensure a permanent repair and also reduce your time on the road.

UltraCrete products from Instarmac offer a range of high performance, rapid setting bedding mortars for the reinstatement and installation of all types of ironwork, access covers and frames.  UltraCrete Envirobed HA104® and Envirobed Flowable HA104® provide superior compressive & tensile strength and can be open to traffic in 1 hour!

UltraCrete Instant Road Repair 6mm and 10mm does exactly what it claims by providing a first time permanent repair which is instantly trafficable and can be applied in all weathers.

So do lane rental schemes work?

A study into London’s Lane Rental scheme shows that since its introduction in 2012 the amount of serious and severe disruption caused by planned roadworks has been cut by 46 per cent on the capital’s busiest roads, reducing delays for all road users.

All the main utility companies are also now signed up to the use of rapid drying materials like those offered by UltraCrete considerably reducing the amount of time required to reopen roads and helping to save approximately 2,700 days of disruption across London.

For further information on either the Envirobed products or our renowned Instant Road Repair please visit our website call us now on +44(0)1827 254402 or email us at



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