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Instarmac launch new multi-surface primer

Instarmac, the home of British manufactured tile adhesive brands UltraTile and Granfix, have simplified and enhanced their primer range with the new, ProPrime IT.

ProPrime IT is a moisture tolerant, water based acrylic primer, sealer and bonding aid, which is suitable for use on both porous and non-porous substrates.  Its versatility is ideally suited to all-round tiling use and the product ensures an exceptional bond every time – even on the most challenging of substrates.

Suitable for internal wall and floor applications, ProPrime IT reduces substrate porosity enhancing adhesion.  The product may be used with underfloor heating and is suitable for use on calcium sulphate screeds.

ProPrime IT is available in 1 litre bottles which are packed in an outer box of 10.

For further information please visit or to place an order call 01827 254402.


Instarmac turn up the heat on a stunning bathroom refurbishment

TTA member and ‘Tile Fixer of the Year’ finalist, Andy Carroll & Son Tiling were commissioned to install underfloor heating and tiles in a detached Staffordshire home.  All subfloor preparation, fixing and grouting was completed using products from the Instarmac tile adhesive brands.   

Working onto an overboarded timber substrate, Andy installed the Warmup DCM-PRO system.  Taking only minutes to install, this simple to use electric matting system is the fastest heated decoupling solution available.

Following best practice, Andy levelled over the underfloor heating with Level IT Rapid.  This flexible floor leveller protects the heating wires from damage during tiling, creates a uniformed heat across the finished floor, and provides an ideal subfloor especially for large format tiles.

The homeowner chose 600 x 600 porcelain floor tiles to create their desired stylish look.  These were fixed using ProFlex SP+ES, a cementitious adhesive with an extended set for intricate tiling work and large format tiles.  Classified with an S1 rating, ProFlex SP+ES is ideal for use on timber floors and with underfloor heating systems, accommodating any movement or vibration from either.

The bathroom was finished with FlexJoint grout in Jasmine – a soft, delicate neutral tone, which compliments natural stones and lighter coloured tiles.  Its polymer modified formulation provides excellent flexibility and also a super fine texture for easy application.  FlexJoint is available in 11 different colours, including the recently added Taupe, ideal for use with most wood-effect tiles and Mid-Grey.

For sealing edges within the bathroom, ProSeal IT silicone was available in matching Jasmine.  Grout and silicone colour matching is available across the range and makes life a whole lot easier whilst providing the best possible finish to tiling projects.

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UltraFloor know speed is key when working in fashion

New Next stores in Cardiff and Tamworth have opened to the public with tiled floor installations completed using a leveller, primer and tile adhesive from the Instarmac ranges.

Experienced contractor, LGM Flooring secured both jobs during the end of 2016 and worked on the large stores for several weeks before handing them over.  At the Cardiff store the substrate was plywood which was primed with UltraFloor Prime IT Multi-surface Primer prior to levelling with Level IT Super Flex 30.

A two component system, Level IT Super Flex 30 is rapid setting and drying and boasts a fibre reinforced formulation. Due to a high polymer content it also offers excellent flexible properties.

In as little as 30 minutes the product can be walked on and decorative floor coverings can be applied after 1 hour, and resin finishes after 24 hours, saving you time and money on site.

Level IT Super Flex 30 is suitable for depths between 2-10mm and can be used with underfloor heating systems and in biologically sensitive areas due to a protein free and low odour formulation.

To create the store’s stylish entrance look UltraTile ProFlex SP was used to fix mosaic floor tiles.  This adhesive is rapid setting and classified with an S1 rating for accommodating movement making it ideal for use on timber floors or with underfloor heating.

ProFlex SP can be applied at bed thicknesses from 3-20mm and has a pot life of 1 hour, before setting in 2.5 hours.

Both stores have been open for several weeks now, with hundreds of shoppers walking the floor daily.

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UltraFloor has been working alongside contractors to develop products for over 10 years and know that customer confidence is key when establishing a successful market leading brand

As a manufacturer it is important to offer peace of mind which comes from developing innovative products through rigorous testing.  UltraFloor has been at the forefront of developing these innovative products for over 10 years with the aim to improve contractors’ performance on site.

Level IT Super 30 is an example of how smoothing underlayments have improved efficiencies to flooring contractors.  Super 30 was launched by UltraFloor and was the first ‘level and lay in a day’ product.  It was the first product in the market to offer a 30 minute walk on time that would take bonded floor coverings in 3 hours and loose lay materials in as little as 45 minutes!  Level It Super 30 revolutionised the flooring industry allowing contractors the advantage of speed.

Another clear favourite within the industry is UltraFloor Level IT Two which was developed for commercial and domestic flooring projects.  Level It Two is so popular as a high flow smoothing system that since its launch UltraFloor have manufactured enough Level It Two to level around the world twice!

As discussed innovation is key and that is why UltraFloor are constantly reviewing and developing solutions for the flooring industry with Level IT Super Flex 30 is the latest addition to the range.  Super Flex 30 is a two component rapid setting and drying system boasting a fibre reinforced formulation. Due to a high polymer content it also offers excellent flexible properties and has been specifically designed for use over a wide variety of subfloors including steel mezzanine decks, flooring grade plywood and can also be applied over damp proof membranes.  In addition, Level IT Super Flex 30 can be used as a finished wear surface.

These products are just 3 examples from the UltraFloor range which deliver results time and time again.  Product confidence paired with UltraFloor’s exceptional service should certainly provide every contractor peace of mind on every project.

For further information please visit or to place an order call 01827 254402.  You can also keep up-to-date with the latest news, competitions and much more from UltraFloor on Twitter, follow: @Ultra_Floor.


Wondertex helps rebuild services destroyed by fire

Fastfix Contracts have worked to rebuild M3 Fleet services following a fire that destroyed the building.  Wondertex prem filler and prem finish were used throughout the rebuilding to restore facilities for road users.

Fastfix Contracts regularly use the Wondertex materials for their projects and have complete confidence in the performance across the range.

The Wondertex drylining range is expertly formulated for professional results.  Consisting of a two step application, fill then finish, joints can be ready for decorating in only two days.

Plasterboard joint filler, prem filler is available in 12.5kg bags, the product is simply mixed with water prior to application.  prem filler has a working time of 60-90 minutes which allows adequate time for careful joint filling and the placement of tapes.

Wondertex prem finish is suitable for the finishing of all plasterboard joints. It is specially developed for hand and machine jointing and may be referred to in the marketplace as a joint cement.  Once dry, the product is effortless to sand and smoothes down perfectly creating an all over seamless surface.

The services have now reopened, once again providing a welcome rest stop for travellers.

If you would like more information on Wondertex products, please call 01827 254402 or email  Keep up-to-date with Wondertex’s latest news and competitions on Twitter by following @Wondertex_UK.

Scout Hut Entrance

Be prepared with UltraFloor

A Stockton Scout Hut entrance hall has been refurbished using UltraFloor DPM IT, Prime IT Multi-surface Primer and Level IT Two.  The community project was completed free of charge due to generous labour and material donations from Florcraft Professional Contract Flooring Ltd. and UltraFloor. 

Florcraft and UltraFloor have partnered regularly on a number of projects with UltraFloor products delivering complete confidence and assurance.  When approached to update the 1st Fairfield Scout Group’s hut entrance hall they had no hesitation and were keen to help.

The project was completed over four weeks while the building was still operational.  It began with the uplift of the old vinyl and then an initial level of the substrate with Level IT Two.  A moisture tolerant smoothing underlayment for internal floors, Level IT Two is suitable for use under damp proof membranes, providing a better-quality surface for subsequent preparation.

Two component, epoxy resin system DPM IT was then applied creating a damp proof membrane which would protect the floor from any moisture passing through.  To enhance the bond between the DPM and the finish application of Level IT Two, Prime IT Multi-surface primer was used.

The acrylic primer stabilises and consolidates the surface and reduces the absorbency enabling subsequent materials to flow, cure and bond successfully.

Level IT Two was then applied by trowel to the prepared area to a depth of 3mm.  The cured product has excellent surface strength and will tolerate foot traffic with minimal damage, making it ideal for both small and large.

To finish the project, safety flooring entrance matting was bonded providing a hall area fit for Bear Grylls and an army of young Scouts.

For further information please visit or to place an order call 01827 254402.  You can also keep up-to-date with the latest news, competitions and much more from UltraFloor on Twitter, follow: @Ultra_Floor.


UltraFloor used to complete Vodafone store floor refurb in under 8 hours!

UltraFloor Level IT Super30 was chosen by G Harding Flooring to ensure project completion of a Vodafone store floor instalment.  The client gave the contractor a timescale of under 1 day to finish the work, so time was of the essence and product performance was the key to success.

The existing floor was uplifted and the remaining residues were removed from the concrete substrate, which was then primed ready to be levelled with Level IT Super30.

Level IT Super30 is the original ‘level and lay in a day’ formulation which sets to walk on in just 30 minutes and allowing bonded coverings after only 90 minutes was perfect for this project’s extremely tight time constraints!  The product from UltraFloor can be used over most common subfloors and also with underfloor heating systems.

The store floor was levelled to 3mm throughout, however the product can be laid up to 15mm depths if required.  Sold as a bag and bottle unit, each will achieve 6m² at a 2mm thickness.  What’s more, its low odour and protein free formulation means that it can be used in biologically sensitive areas.

Rapid drying finishing compound, Feather IT was then used to patch repair any blemishes and to improve the levels of the electrical powered floor boxes.

Finally the team at G Harding Flooring bonded vinyl planks and finished the edges with trims.

Director Glenn Harding comments that: “I am especially pleased with the finish of both Feather IT and Level IT Super30.  The curing times we aimed for were met.  The project began on the Sunday afternoon at 4pm and the complete install was finished by 11.30pm that same evening.  Reliability and confidence in the products used was the key to ensuring the project was a success.”

For further information please visit or to place an order call 01827 254402.  You can also keep up-to-date with the latest news, competitions and much more from UltraFloor on Twitter, follow: @Ultra_Floor.


Instarmac sister brands used to refurbish Ann Summers store

Floor contractor, Florspec have completed a new tiled floor installation as part of the Ann Summers, Gloucester refurbishment using UltraFloor Level IT Two and UltraTile ProRapid RS.

Florspec are working in partnership with Oakwoods on this project which is a regular refurbishment contract over the next few months.  The Gloucester store was one of the most recent to be reopened in May following the new floor installation.

High flow, two component smoothing underlayment, Level IT Two is UltraFloor’s most popular leveller.  Its general purpose use means it is compatible with a vast number of subfloor preparation projects, and can be overlaid after 12 hours.

Level IT Two is suitable for depths between 2-12mm, can be used with underfloor heating and may be applied prior to the application of a damp proof membrane or a vapour suppressant.  Level IT Two has been on the market for the last 10 years and has sold enough units to level around the world twice!

Level IT Two was used alongside trader’s favourite, rapid setting flexible ProRapid RS cementitious tile adhesive, which was used to fix the floor tiles.  Sold in 20kg bags this high strength adhesive can be applied at thicknesses up to 12mm and has a pot life of 1 hour.  Contractors may begin grouting 2.5 hours after ProRapid RS has been applied, subject to temperatures and conditions.

For further product information please visit or to place an order call 01827 254402.

RAF Plane

Military seal of approval for UltraFloor Level IT Super30

The original ‘level and lay in a day’ product from Instarmac’s popular flooring brand, UltraFloor has been used on a refurbishment project at the Honington RAF base.

Long-standing UltraFloor customer, Sovereign Installation Services Ltd. were contracted to install new flooring in 30 kitchens within the barrack’s accommodation blocks.

A popular solution to flooring contractors, Level IT Super30 has been used nationwide for over 10 years.  The product’s formulation is free from ammonia and protein, creating a very low odour material suitable for confined areas, proving particularly suitable for kitchens and other hospitality and catering areas in domestic or commercial environments.  In addition, the product is designed to compensate for shrinkage and is polymer modified, both adding to its high performance and compatibility.

What really makes Level IT Super30 stand out is that it sets in 30 minutes and is ready to receive unbonded floor coverings after 45 minutes and bonded coverings in 90 minutes.  It’s the ideal product for fast turnaround projects, easily allowing for floor levelling and floor covering application in a single day – perfect for when there’s 30 kitchens to be completed!

This rapid curing underlayment provides an extremely smooth finish and per 20kg unit (bag & bottle) covers approx. 6m² at 2mm depth.

For further product information please visit or to place an order call 01827 254402.  You can also keep up-to-date with the latest news, competitions and much more from UltraFloor on Twitter, follow: @Ultra_Floor.