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RAF Plane

Military seal of approval for UltraFloor Level IT Super30

The original ‘level and lay in a day’ product from Instarmac’s popular flooring brand, UltraFloor has been used on a refurbishment project at the Honington RAF base.

Long-standing UltraFloor customer, Sovereign Installation Services Ltd. were contracted to install new flooring in 30 kitchens within the barrack’s accommodation blocks.

A popular solution to flooring contractors, Level IT Super30 has been used nationwide for over 10 years.  The product’s formulation is free from ammonia and protein, creating a very low odour material suitable for confined areas, proving particularly suitable for kitchens and other hospitality and catering areas in domestic or commercial environments.  In addition, the product is designed to compensate for shrinkage and is polymer modified, both adding to its high performance and compatibility.

What really makes Level IT Super30 stand out is that it sets in 30 minutes and is ready to receive unbonded floor coverings after 45 minutes and bonded coverings in 90 minutes.  It’s the ideal product for fast turnaround projects, easily allowing for floor levelling and floor covering application in a single day – perfect for when there’s 30 kitchens to be completed!

This rapid curing underlayment provides an extremely smooth finish and per 20kg unit (bag & bottle) covers approx. 6m² at 2mm depth.

For further product information please visit or to place an order call 01827 254402.  You can also keep up-to-date with the latest news, competitions and much more from UltraFloor on Twitter, follow: @Ultra_Floor.

Aston Villa_web

Wondertex supplying champion products

The Wondertex professional drylining range has been used at the Aston Villa ground by ADR Decorators.

The team at ADR were contracted to complete the drywall prep within two rooms at the prestigious location.  Wondertex products prem filler, prem finish, prem fill & finish rapid and a selection of tapes were all used by ADR on this high profile project to prepare the site for decoration.

prem filler, plasterboard joint filler, has a soft, workable density and smooth texture allowing for outstanding product application.  The product is fast setting and dries quickly for early finish coat application.  It can be used to bed white joint, self adhesive and metal angle tapes.

prem finish is suitable for the finishing of all plasterboard joints and has been specially developed for hand and machine jointing.  The product boasts an extended working time resulting in minimal wastage.  Once dry, the product is effortless to sand and smoothes down perfectly creating an all over seamless surface.

prem fill & finish rapid is a powder blend rapid setting filler and smoother designed for filling and finishing plasterboard joints and smoothing unwanted textured surfaces.

The product has been specially formulated for plasterers and decorators as a multi-use, one product does all.  prem fill & finish rapid offers a quick turnaround for plasterboard jointing, surface smoothing, repair and snagging work.  What’s more, prem fill & finish rapid can be applied to painted surfaces saving time, the most valuable resource of all contractors.

The product has a working time of 30 minutes and boasts the following performance features:

  • Super fine for a smooth finish
  • Dries hard and fast for a durable finish
  • Minimal shrinkage for no cracks
  • Rapid setting for early effortless sanding

If you would like more information on the Wondertex range, please call 01827 254402 or email  Keep up-to-date with Wondertex’s latest news and competitions on Twitter by following @Wondertex_UK.


Instarmac digital marketing recognised as the best in the industry

At this year’s TTA awards Instarmac were delighted to be awarded the ‘Excellence in Marketing’ award for their website and product planner app.

The prestigious awards were held in London for the second time during their history and brought together the industry’s elite talent for an evening of success and celebration.

Both the Instarmac website and product planner app were launched in 2016, providing all the business’s stakeholders with two perfectly designed sources of information and contact.

Judge Mark Pears, Stafford Tiles & Flooring Solutions stated: “Instarmac were the clear winner this year, their entry was superior.  They pride themselves on being ahead of the curve and with their fingers on the pulse regarding marketing and their social media.  They’ve set the bar in recent times and I hope that they continue to do so.”

Rebecca Talbot, Instarmac Marketing Manager commented: “I am extremely proud that Instarmac have won the TTA ‘Excellence in Marketing’ award and would like to congratulate the finalists across all categories.  In a digital world the team were keen to offer accessible information to the industry, the app and website have proved to be valuable tools for tiling professionals.  I would like to thank all those who voted – the fact this award was voted for by industry specialists makes winning all the more special.”

Established in 1977, Instarmac is the home of British manufactured tile adhesive brands UltraTile and Granfix.  Both of which offer a comprehensive range of tiling materials for domestic and commercial projects, including adhesives, grouts, silicones and levellers.

If you would like any more information, please call 01827 254402 or email  To view the award-winning website visit and the app may be downloaded free from either Google Play or the App Store by searching ‘Instarmac’.


Fighting with your tile adhesive? You don’t have to battle any longer with the new improved UltraTile ProGrip HG.

High grab acrylic wall tile adhesive, ProGrip HG has been relaunched with an outstanding improved easy work formula.  Available to purchase now, the new formulation is light to apply  and a joy to work!

UltraTile ProGrip HG boasts an exceptional grip with no slip for use with today’s popular large format ceramic wall tiles.  It may also be used to fix porcelain mosaics, glass and natural stone tiles.  Its new super smooth formula allows for effortless application and ease of standardised coverage.

When using ProGrip HG there is no need to prime the wall first as the adhesive is self-priming, which saves you time and money.  The adhesive is suitable for application onto plaster, cement/sand render, brickwork/concrete, plasterboard and existing tile walls.  It is ideal for use in intermittently wet conditions, including kitchens, bathrooms and domestic showers, due to an anti-fungal additive which prevents the buildup of mould.

UltraTile ProGrip HG is available in 15kg buckets; each will cover up to 6m² at a 3mm bed thickness.  The product has an open time and adjustment time of 20 minutes and applications can be grouted after 24 hours.

Look out for the distinctively marked buckets of the new ProGrip HG which are available now.

If you would like more information, please call 01827 254402 or email  Full product information, including datasheets, can be found by visiting


Lay after an hour onto movement prone substrates with the NEW UltraFloor Level IT Super Flex 30

UltraFloor supply premium solutions for subfloor preparation.  Their popular range has been expanded with a flexible smoothing finishing compound, Level IT Super Flex 30.

A two component system, Level IT Super Flex 30 is rapid setting and drying and boasts a fibre reinforced formulation. Due to a high polymer content it also offers excellent flexible properties.  It has been specifically designed for use over a wide variety of subfloors including steel mezzanine decks, flooring grade plywood and can also be applied over damp proof membranes.  In addition, Level IT Super Flex 30 can be used as a finished wear surface.

In as little as 30 minutes the product can be walked on and decorative floor coverings can be applied after 1 hour, and resin finishes after 24 hours, saving you time and money on site.

Level IT Super Flex 30 is suitable for depths between 2-10mm and can be used with underfloor heating systems and in biologically sensitive areas due to a protein free and low odour formulation.  Single units, a 20kg bag and 4l bottle, will cover 6.5m² when applied at a 2mm thickness.

For further product information including the datasheet please visit or to place an order call 01827 254402.  UltraFloor Level IT Super Flex 30 is available now nationwide, call us for your local stockist.  You can also keep up-to-date with the latest news, competitions and much more from UltraFloor on Twitter, follow: @Ultra_Floor.


Best seat in the house for UltraTile

A multi-million pound redevelopment of Market Place in Bolton opened in late 2016 featuring an exclusive Light Cinema complex.  Helping to create this trendy, VIP entertainment experience, DM Tiling installed porcelain tiles using UltraTile.

Experienced commercial tiler, DM Tiling were contracted to complete this 700m² project in under 4 months.  The areas to be tiled included the high trafficked foyer, toilets and bar.  Working with a Dural CI mat substrate throughout, it was first levelled over with flexible floor leveller, Level IT Rapid.

A single part, high strength, rapid drying and curing cementitious smoothing underlayment that boasts specifically formulated UltraTile fibre technology, which aids application and strength resulting in a even, strong and durable base.

The product can be laid at depths from 2mm – 15mm and can be walked on after only 30 minutes!  Its rapid drying properties allow for tiling after just 45 minutes providing the ultimate fast-track levelling solution.

A trader’s favourite, rapid setting flexible ProRapid RS cementitious tile adhesive in grey was used to fix the 600 x 400 and 600 x 300 tiles.  Sold in 20kg bags this high strength adhesive can be applied at thicknesses up to 12mm and has a pot life of 1 hour.  Tilers may begin grouting 2.5 hours after ProRapid RS has been applied, subject to temperatures and conditions.

All tiles were grouted with UltraTile FlexJoint, a flexible grout for all tile types.  Popular with tilers due to its ‘easy wipe clean’ finish it is often requested over cheaper alternatives.  Visit the UltraTile YouTube channel to see this high performing grout in action.

If you would like more information, please call 01827 254402 or email  Full product information, including datasheets, can be found by visiting


Stylish new bathroom WOWS homeowners after UltraTile makeover

Unique Bathrooms & Tiles completed a room refurbishment using UltraTile adhesives, grout and matching silicone. 

Another successful tiling installation has been completed between Unique Bathrooms & Tiles and UltraTile.  This longstanding partnership has an excessive back catalogue of projects and Unique Bathrooms & Tiles now only use UltraTile materials for their work.

Porcelain tiles were fixed to the walls and floors in this bathroom using sister adhesives, ProFlex SP and ProFlex SP+ES.  Both boast S1 classified flexibility for use on timber floors and with underfloor heating.

ProFlex SP is rapid setting and allows a working time of 60 minutes, setting at 2.5 hours after application.  ProFlex SP+ES has an extended open time of 2 hours and the product sets in 16 hours.  Both are available in a grey or white, and may be used internally or externally.

The bathroom was grouted using UltraTile’s best selling grout, FlexJoint.  Complimenting the tiles perfectly, colour shade Titanium was selected.  FlexJoint has been specifically formulated and polymer modified for tiles with joint widths of up to 20mm, and for most tile types and applications.

It has excellent joint filling properties and a super fine texture, allowing for joints to be filled in one simple application making it an ideal choice for fixers, and providing a smooth, non-coarse finish.  The product has an efflorescence-free formulation for consistency of colour and is mould resistant and water repellent for a durable hygienic finish.

To add that final professional finish and complete watertight seal, UltraTile ProSeal IT silicone in matching Titanium was applied to all sanitary joints.  The product is fully ISO compliant and boasts non-shrink high flexibility.  Suitable for a wide variety of sanitary and construction joint applications, this sealant accommodates high movement and temperature changes.

If you would like more information, please call 01827 254402 or email  Full product information, including datasheets, can be found by visiting


Granfix re-launch new and improved CSA FLEXIBLE tile adhesive

The Granfix flexible adhesive for calcium sulphate floors and plaster walls, CSA FLEXIBLE has been re-launched with an improved formulation and is now rapid setting.

Over the last couple of years calcium sulphate floors have increased in popularity due to their ease and speed of application, they are also economical to lay so have proved popular with flooring contractors and fitters.

Granfix, an Instarmac brand, offers premium tile adhesives, grouts and ancillaries to professional tile fixers, contractors, retailers, specifiers and architects.  The comprehensive range includes CSA FLEXIBLE, a specialist adhesive for calcium sulphate floors and plaster walls.  This already popular adhesive is now rapid setting and allows for grouting after only 4 hours.

CSA FLEXIBLE is suitable for bed depths of 3-10mm and has a pot life of 60 minutes.  It is compatible for use with most tile types including porcelain and natural stone, and may also be used to fix mosaics.  Formulated to achieve the significant S1 classification, it boasts high adhesive strength making it suitable for use with underfoor heating and without the need to pre-prime.

Available to buy today in 20kg bags, each will achieve an excellent 4.5kg/m² using a 3mm bed depth.

If you would like any more information, please call 01827 254402 or email  Full product information, including datasheets, can be found by visiting


Wondertex returns to the popular National Painting and Decorating Show

Wondertex will be exhibiting their professional range of internal finishing solutions at this year’s National Painting and Decorating Show on the 29th & 30th November.

The exhibition is held at the Jaguar Hall, Ricoh Arena, Coventry.  Entry is FREE, all you need to do is visit and register online.  Situated near to the Registration Area on stand 36, Wondertex will be showcasing their range and running product demonstrations on both days.  There’ll even be the chance to have a go yourself!

Newest addition to the range, prem fill & finish rapid created a buzz when launched earlier this year, free samples will be available to all stand visitors – don’t forget to ask for yours!  This filler and smoother is designed for filling and finishing plasterboard joints and smoothing unwanted textured surfaces.  Its rapid setting formulation allows a 30 minutes working time, which is perfect for early effortless sanding.

Don’t forget to grab a bag!  Goody bags will once again be available, just ask a member of the stand team for yours.

Wondertex is a brand of the Instarmac Group.  It is a range of internal finishing solutions including: drylining, decorative texturing, jointing and coving products.  All products are manufactured in the UK and are available nationwide.

If you would like more information on Wondertex products, please call 01827 254402 or email  Keep up-to-date with Wondertex’s latest news and competitions on Twitter by following @Wondertex_UK