Heavy Downpours Shouldn't Halt Pothole Repairs


Just when we thought the uncommonly heavy downpours were finished - we get news that there may be more rain to come.

Heavy water fall is a top cause for the ever-increasing potholes across UK highways - as well as on pavements, driveways and paths.  Our Permanent Pothole Repair is the answer to such repairs!

Many pothole filling materials nowadays aren't suitable for use in wet conditions.  This is hardly offering a helping hand in our current climate.  Permanent Pothole Repair, the first ever pothole repair material to receive HAPAS Approval, is a flexible cold lay asphalt (macadam) that can be used in all weathers.   

The product remains flexible, ensuring it is compatible with our road surfaces.  An inflexible, water-cured material will remain just that - inflexible.  This means that as the road surface moves, which all surfaces do, the material will not move with it.  This can only result in future cracking as the material comes away from the road surface.  A flexible product, such as Permanent Pothole Repair does not have this problem - ensuring a durable repair that removes the burden of return visits.

Permanent Pothole Repair comes in handy 25kg re-sealable tubs, eliminating waste, and after filling a pothole can be trafficked immediately.  Our current rainfall doesn't mean work has to be halted.

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