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A roundel constructed in Poynton Village using Ultrascape

Ultrascape features in 'Shared Space' concept


P. Casey & Company Ltd. tackled the Poynton Village Revitalisation Scheme with the renowned Ultrascape BS 7533 mortar paving system.

Shared Space is a proven concept for handling the interaction between the motor vehicle and other road users. The introduction of twin roundels to replace the traffic signal controlled junction has created a low-speed, continuous-flow traffic movement, typically at less than 20 mph and is a paved construction (ref Poynton Town Council).

Natural stone paving was used throughout the scheme and bedded in all areas using Ultrascape Pro-Bed HS. Slurry primer Pro-Prime was used in addition to provide an exceptional bond, and finally Flowpoint was applied to grout all joints.

The 3 products are proven to be BS 7533 compliant under UKAS testing methods. This British Standard promotes professional results that can give a minimum construction life of 40 years. Choosing to use the system provides reassurance of the project's sound future, even in highly trafficked areas such as Poynton, where 26,000 vehicles pass through daily.

The Poynton Village Revitalisation Scheme was designed to lay quality, aesthetically pleasing natural stone paving, whilst altering the traffic flow keeping the high volumes moving more freely. Ultrascape's materials were the preferred choice for the project because of their rapid setting properties, BS 7533 approval and UK manufacture under the exacting requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Ultrascape Pro-Bed HS is a fine bedding mortar that can be laid from 10mm to 75mm. The product creates the ideal foundation for laying paving elements where a rigid or bound base is required. It was supplied in bulk and 25kgs for the work at Poynton.

Ultrascape Pro-Prime slurry primer is specifically formulated to provide an exceptional bond of greater than 2N/mm2 between all types of stone. It only requires the simple addition of water before it can be applied to the stone elements.

Ultrascape Flowpoint, a rapid setting flowable grout, is fast and efficient to apply, offering the ability to grout significant areas of paving quickly and cleanly. Perfect for wide or narrow joints, Flowpoint can accommodate joint widths of 5-50mm and depths of up to 200mm in a single pass. Paving grouted with Flowpoint can be opened to pedestrian after just 1 hour.

A crucial part of this new traffic solution is no signs or road markings, Poynton Town Council state: "When we examined other schemes it became clear that it is the uncertainty created by a lack of signage that makes drivers more cautious and observant; this creates a safer environment. The evidence is that it works; otherwise we would not have considered it."

The scheme also includes several 'gateways' (a physical feature designed to slow traffic and take the priority away from drivers in the area) and delineated crossing places, which were all also paved constructions created using the Ultrascape BS 7533 mortar paving system.

Project design and supervision by Cheshire East Council.

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