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Altrincham's newly paved high street

High Street's footing restored with Ultrascape


Altrincham, Trafford's largest town with an historic Charter Market is a great place to live, work, invest, shop and enjoy leisure activities. Its high street has recently been re-paved using the Ultrascape mortar paving system.

The project was secured by Williams Tarr Construction who used the specified Pro-Bed HS in bulk, Pro-Prime and Flowpoint.

Making up Ultrascape's renowned mortar paving system, the three products are proven to be BS 7533 compliant under UKAS testing methods. This British Standard promotes professional results that can give a minimum construction life of 40 years. What's more, because the system was used the street was opened to pedestrians just one hour after grouting.

Ultrascape Pro-Bed HS is a fine bedding mortar that can be laid from 10mm to 75mm. The product creates the ideal foundation for laying paving elements where a rigid or bound base is required. 30 tonne silos of material were delivered to the project's location, an ideal supply for such large developments.

Ultrascape Pro-Prime slurry primer is specifically formulated to provide an exceptional bond of greater than 2N/mm2 between all types of stone. It only requires the simple addition of water before it can ba applied to the stone elements.

Ultrascape Flowpoint, a rapid setting flowable grout, is fast and efficient to apply, offering the ability to grout significant areas of paving quickly and cleanly. Perfect for wide or narrow joints, Flowpoint can accommodate joint widths of 5-50mm and depths of up to 200mm in a single pass.

For further information on the Ultrascape range of products, please visit or call 01827 871871.

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