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Bradford City Park's 4,000m2 mirror pool

Ultrascape used to create UK's largest water feature


City Park is a high-quality, six acre public space in the heart of Bradford which contains the largest man-made water feature in any UK city. The Ultrascape mortar paving system was used to create the feature's foundation.

The unique 'park in the city' concept has transformed the heart of Bradford and people's perceptions of living, working and playing in its centre.

The centre stage of the park is a Mirror Pool, made up of individual pools and striking water features, including 100 fountains, jets and causeways. The Mirror Pool represents the largest water attraction in a public realm regeneration project at 4000m2. It is a shallow pool of water, which can be drained to provide outside performance space. The foundation of the pool was made of granite and similar high quality materials, which are durable for use suitable for dry or wet constructions providing a non-slip surface.

Bradford Council, in conjunction with landscape architect Gillespies and consulting engineer Arup, specified Ultrascape's Pro-Bed HS bedding mortar, Pro-Prime slurry primer, EP-R9 epoxy bedding mortar and Flowpoint ECO flowable grout - in natural and charcoal - for use by the main contractor Birse Civils.

Ultrascape Pro-Bed HS fine bedding concrete was supplied in 30 tonne bulk silos. Perfect for large schemes where high volumes of bedding mortar are required at the touch of a button. It provides a bedding base that conforms to the strict requirements of BS 7533. Ultrascape Pro-Prime slurry primer is specifically formulated to provide an exceptional bond of greater than 2N/mm2 between all types of stone. It only requires the simple addition of water before it can be applied to the stone elements. EP-R9, a high strength, two part epoxy resin mortar contains a blend of specialist sands and fine fillers that provide exceptional strength, bond and chemical resistance.

Ultrascape Flowpoint ECO, a rapid setting flowable grout, is formulated for early trafficking and can be poured over paved areas and simply washed away, with no risk of staining. It contains recycled glass thus reducing the use of virgin aggregates and can be opened to foot traffic after only one hour due to its setting properties.

From fine bedding concrete and slurry primers to high performance flowable grouts and surface protection liquids (the liquids aren't part of BS 7533), all Ultrascape materials conform to the British Standard, 7533. With the simple addition of water, the Ultrascape range facilitates ease of use and early trafficking to ensure minimum disruption within town and city environments.

For further information on the Ultrascape range of products, please visit or call 01827 871871.

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