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Ultracrete Zorbit: The Recyclable Spill Absorption Kit

Clean up your Costs with Ultracrete's Recyclable Spill Kit


Zorbit Recyclable Spill Absorbent is a spillage absorption system that is the ideal addition to any Incident Support Unit or Fast Response Team. It is a natural recycled product that is extremely efficient in the rapid absorption of hydrocarbon spillages and is the ideal solution cleaning up fuel and oil spills from carriageways and workshops.

Manufactured from renewable naturally derived materials, containing no clay or mineral-based components, Ultracrete Zorbit is non-abrasive and easy to use and gives unbeatable oil spill cleanup performance.

Unlike some of the cheaper alternatives, Ultracrete Zorbit is fully engineered to be 100% dust free. Many conventional absorbents can create irritating 'dust clouds'. Airborne dust can cause serious discomfort, especially to staff who have breathing difficulties. In some cases, the dust from the absorbent is more of a hazard than the spill itself, requiring an approved respirator or face mask just to handle a simple oil spillage. Ultracrete Zorbit is completely dust free and therefore requires no respiratory protection.

It will clean up spills in dry, damp or wet conditions as its unique 'Oil Lock System' encapsulates the spillage. It is particularly effective in cleaning up fuel and oil spills from carriageways. The recycling centre is manufactured using tough plastics, to produce a lightweight yet durable unit. It holds the absorbent and tools you need to respond instantly to a spillage and comes with two brush heads, one for indoor use, the other for external applications. Every component is designed for serious industrial use; the non-sparking shovel is built from tough, high density polyethylene whilst the brush stale is manufactured from an advanced fibre-reinforced plastic. The Recycling Centre is fully mobile and is easily deployed to a spill location.

Ultracrete Zorbit spill absorbent is recyclable and is typically used 6-8 times before it is finally exhausted. The Ultracrete Zorbit Recycle Centre incorporates a filter which allows unused spill absorbent to be re-used thus reducing the amount of stock required and delivering massive savings in waste disposal costs. That can mean LESS landfill and LESS waste disposal charges.

Why not try it for yourself! The Zorbit Recyclable Spill Kit is currently on offer too! Receive the complete recycling centre including indoor and outdoor brush and shovel and filter, a pack of action wipes and five bags of Zorbit absorbent for just £299 plus VAT!

To find out more, call 01827 871871 or email: quoting 'Zorbit Special Offer'.

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