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IKEA store, Warrington

IKEA Store Transformed with Latest Innovation from Ultra Floor


Ultra Floor's new innovative flooring compound Level IT three and primer, Prime IT N have been used to transform part of an IKEA store in Warrington.

The outlet, based on the Gemini Retail Park in Warrington, opened its doors 1987 and was the first ever IKEA store in the UK.

IKEA, the world's leading home and furnishing retailer, has a grand total of 280 stores in 26 countries that are visited by over 620 million people a year; 18 of which are located here in the UK.

The recent store upgrade included the installation of new flooring at the top of the store's main escalator which was suffering from wear and tear created from customer footfall.

Manchester based flooring contractor Pennine Interiors replaced 250m2 of Tarkett flooring over a four day period. Work was carried out overnight in several phases during store closedown, to minimise disruption to trade.

Existing vinyl was uplifted and old residue sanded down before Prime IT N was applied neat, with a roller, to the substrate. Prime IT N is a polymer emulsion primer designed  to promote the adhesion of Ultra Floor smoothing underlayments to smooth non-porous substrates. It it suitable for power floated concrete, synthetic screeds, chipboard, hardwood, terrazzo tiles, steel, damp proof membranes, ceramic tiles, asphalt, epoxy, polyester and other hard adhesive residues. Coverage of up to  50m2 can be achieved per 5 litre bottle. It was left to dry for up to an hour before levelling with Level IT three, super bond.

Level IT three is Ultra Floor's new, innovative, multi-component bag & bottle system specifically developed for the smoothing and levelling of subfloors prior to the installation of floor coverings. It consists of a polymer modified cementitious powder which can be used with either liquid A Super Dry or liquid B Super Bond depending on sub-floor requirements. When mixed with liquid A Super Dry, it has enhanced drying and is suitable for use on most common subfloors including concrete, sand/cement screeds, flooring grade asphalt and surface damp proof membranes.

When mixed with liquid B, Super Bond, it is suitable for use over most sound, thin applications of old residue as well as being ideal for dimensionally stable, mechanically fixed plywood subfloors, yet still retaining all of the characteristics of liquid A. It can be used over most old residues without the need to prime, however Ultra Floor always recommend priming for optimum adhesion thus reducing the risk of failure.

The powder was mixed with liquid B, Super Bond in this instance to enable its use over the existing residue. Level IT three is ready to receive foot traffic after just 2.5 hours, decorative flooring between 8-12 hours and can be laid up to 12mm, covering 5m2 at 3mm thickness under good site drying conditions. The pre-measured liquid additives eliminate the need to weigh out on site, thus saving time and reducing the risk of error. The product's rapid drying time enabled floor preparation and overlay to take place during the allotted timeframe.

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