Our Policies

As an award-winning innovative company, we have dedicated time and resources into thinking green and investing in the future. It is vital that Instarmac balances its commercial, social and environmental responsibility to deliver a sustainable business plan.

We have implemented a number of measures such as intelligent lighting, rain, waste and washout recycling, warm air recycling, waste oil, printer cartridge, plastic and pallet management - environmental initiatives that have won us trade association awards and nominations.

We are constantly investing in research and development to continuously decrease our use of raw materials, by testing new recycled materials. Many of our current products have a recycled content: Envirobed HA104® manhole bedding mortar, Pro-Bed HS ECO bedding mortar for paving, and Flowpoint ECO jointing mortar all contain 20% recycled glass.

All these measures, and a company culture that constantly strives for new initiatives, has led to our seal of approval from the Carbon Trust.

Working with the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) we are continuously increasing our use of recycled materials such as glass and rubber. This has enabled us to develop products such as Perma-soil, an alternative reinstatement material that meets the requirements set out in the Utility WRAP Agreement.

As well as an admirable Environmental stance, Instarmac employs a number of set training, behaviour and ethical policies that clearly highlight our commitment to good business practice.