UltraTile: Fixing and Grouting Tiles on a Bathroom Wall

Looking to tile your bathroom? Watch our tutorial video for tips and advice on how best to fix and grout your tiles. This video will take you through each step from priming your substrate, to fixing and grouting your tiles to finally sealing the edge of your bath.

Featured in this video is UltraTile Prime IT FP – a flexible additive and primer for for sealing and priming porous substrates.

ProSet SS was the chosen adhesive for this project. ProSet SS is a cementitious wall and floor adhesive with extended workability. It is ideal for both interior and exterior applications where speed of set is not essential.

FlexJoint premium wall and floor grout in the colour Grey, was used to grout the tiles in this bathroom. FlexJoint has been specifically designed for areas where movement or vibration is likely. With excellent joint filling capacity, FlexJoint allows for joints up to 20mm to be filled in one application. FlexJoint is available in 10 stylish colours.

Finally, ProSeal IT in white, was used to seal the edges of the bath. ProSeal IT is a high bond and elasticity pure silicone sealant suitable for all kitchen and bathroom applications.

For further information on UltraTile’s range of adhesives, grouts and ancillaries please visit www.instarmac.co.uk/ultratile, email ultratile@instarmac.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1827 254402.