Indigo Blue

8th June 2018

One of the hottest colours for 2018 is indigo blue. This gorgeous shade of blue would look beautiful all over the house but we think it is the perfect bathroom colour.

Known for its tranquil and serene properties, indigo blue is fast becoming the go-to colour, with Rich Store, Head of Design at Utopia Bathrooms, even going as far as saying ‘indigo is the new black.’

When you think of the colour blue what do you visualise? A cloudless sky on a gorgeous sunny day or how about clear blue waves crashing on a golden beach?

Blue tones are known to be beneficial to both mind and body as it stimulates clear thought and helps create a calming and peaceful atmosphere to fully relax and unwind in.

Whether you prefer a nice hot shower or a long soak in the tub, your bathroom is the perfect place to shrug off the day’s stresses. Crisp white bathroom furniture and sanitary items really make indigo blue tiles pop – particularly when they are grouted with a brilliant white grout. For a softer finish, why not choose a Jasmine coloured grout instead?

TOP TIP: Team indigo blue with grey, sparkling white and gold or brass features (we’re thinking light fittings, lamps and mirrors) for a modern look.

So whether you choose paint, tiles, furniture or accessories, indigo blue will certainly help transform your bathroom into a beautifully tranquil environment.



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