£100 million – is it enough?

In March 2018, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling announced a further £100 million would be given to local authorities in an attempt to repair dangerous potholes caused by this year’s freezing and wet winter.

At the announcement, Grayling commented: “We are giving councils even more funding to help repair their roads so all road users can enjoy their journeys without having to dodge potholes.” The intention is that this extra funding will repair approximately 2 million potholes across the country’s road network and protect our roads from any future damage. However, with roads deteriorating and potholes appearing at a faster rate than ever before, is it enough?

One way to help budgets stretch further is to only use pothole repair materials that are proven to provide first time permanent repairs and UltraCrete’s range of cold lay asphalts have been designed to do just that.

Tough Patch® Rapid hybrid pothole repair and Instant Road Repair 6mm and 10mm cold lay asphalts, have each been rigorously and thoroughly tested by an independent third party and are proven to provide a first time permanent repair, eliminating costly repeat visits to the same site and helping budgets stretch further.

Quick and easy to apply, Tough Patch® Rapid and Instant Road Repair can be used to repair defects in pavements, driveways, car parks and on high speed roads – they even provide first time permanent repairs in wheel turning locations such as junctions, traffic lights and roundabouts.

Ready to use straight from the bag or bucket, UltraCrete’s range of cold lay asphalts, require no special preparation and can be trafficked instantly, meaning costly traffic management can be removed swiftly, keeping costs to a minimum, and allowing contractors to move on to another project quickly, increasing productivity.

What’s more, Tough Patch® Rapid and UltraCrete’s Instant Road Repair 6mm and 10mm grades are now available in pioneering new packaging. Made from foil and complete with an integrated valve to draw out excess air, this premium packaging is completely waterproof and keeps asphalt as fresh as the day it was manufactured.

The innovative one-way valve also ensures that, once filled with product, air doesn’t become trapped inside and packaging won’t pop open when in transit.

UltraCrete’s state-of-the-art packaging provides a barrier against external moisture and air penetration preventing the product from deteriorating, resulting in an extremely pliable product which pours easily from the bag and boasts improved mobility during application – even in the winter months!

This robust bag has greater resistance to damage and has an extended shelf life of 6 months – all at no extra cost to their loyal customers.

To prolong the life of your repair apply SCJ seal and tack coat spray to all vertical edges and surface base before the application of asphalt, and Instaband ECO thermoplastic overbanding to the edges of the repair once the asphalt has been compacted.

Both products are HAPAS Approved and have been designed to prevent water ingress and progressive fretting – two major causes of failed reinstatements. The addition of these products guarantee a prolonged repair and significantly reduced whole life costs.

For further information on how UltraCrete can help your budgets stretch further by using Tough Patch® Rapid and Instant Road Repair 6mm and 10mm grades, please contact their team of experts by email or by calling 01827 254402.


Source: Gov.uk