UltraCrete Permanent Pothole Repair is King of the Mountains

Instarmac’s French partner, Vert Bleu, have supplied UltraCrete Permanent Pothole Repair to repair the mountainous roads near Saint Jean de Maurienne on Stage 17 of the Tour de France.

Now in its 104th year, the world famous Tour de France spans a staggering 3,540km over 3 weeks and 21 stages. Stage 17 crosses the Isere, Savoir and the Hautes Alpes, and conquering this legendary Alpine terrain, a winner is crowned King of the Mountains.

In preparation for the arrival of 198 cyclists, each route was checked for defects with a number of potholes in Saint Jean de Maurienne repaired using UltraCrete Permanent Pothole Repair.

UltraCrete Permanent Pothole Repair is a first time permanent repair which has been continuously developed over the past 40 years and used all around the world with excellent results. It is being used on a daily basis in all climates, from the snow bound island of Hokkaido in Japan, to the tropical monsoon hit roads of Malaysia, in the freezing cold Scandinavian winters, the heat of the Namibian desert and the temperate climates of Europe.

There are many cold lay asphalt repair products available, but Instarmac backs up its technical claims! Strength is gained by compaction, becoming stronger the more traffic travels over it, making it perfect for heavily trafficked roads and areas of turning and braking.

With a skid resistance value (SRV) of > 88, UltraCrete Permanent Pothole Repair provides a safer repair for cyclists and other road users as the repair is compatible with the existing road surface and offers maximum grip for tyres – even in wet weather!

Applied in 3 easy steps – clean, pour, compact – UltraCrete Permanent Pothole Repair can be applied in all weathers – it can even be used in freezing temperatures. What’s more, potholes repaired with UltraCrete Permanent Pothole Repair can be trafficked instantly making it ideal for environments where delays and disruption are not an option!

This innovative material conforms to rigorous European Testing, has been independently tested by the British Board of Agrément and is proven to be a quality, flexible and durable solution for first time, permanent pothole repairs.

Permanent Pothole Repair is widely available throughout France through Vert Bleu. To contact Vert Bleu, please call +33 (0)4 79 84 41 or visit www.ultracrete.fr.

For further information on Permanent Pothole Repair and the other first time permanent repair products available from UltraCrete please email international@instarmac.com or visit www.instarmacinternational.com.

Instarmac launch new multi-surface primer

Instarmac, the home of British manufactured tile adhesive brands UltraTile and Granfix, have simplified and enhanced their primer range with the new, ProPrime IT.

ProPrime IT is a moisture tolerant, water based acrylic primer, sealer and bonding aid, which is suitable for use on both porous and non-porous substrates.  Its versatility is ideally suited to all-round tiling use and the product ensures an exceptional bond every time – even on the most challenging of substrates.

Suitable for internal wall and floor applications, ProPrime IT reduces substrate porosity enhancing adhesion.  The product may be used with underfloor heating and is suitable for use on calcium sulphate screeds.

ProPrime IT is available in 1 litre bottles which are packed in an outer box of 10.

For further information please visit instarmac.co.uk or to place an order call 01827 254402.

The Instarmac Difference

Instarmac, home to UltraCrete, has forged a reputation as one of the industry’s market leaders through continued innovation and commitment. Instarmac works alongside leading industry bodies to develop specifications and approvals for a range of maintenance solutions that help raise standards, reduce risk and save you money in the long term.

In 2002 they helped set the performance criteria of the HA104 specification for bedding mortar for ironwork and were the first manufacturer to develop a cementitious version that fully meets those requirements; Envirobed HA104®.

They created the first HAPAS approved thermoplastic overbanding tape Instaband ECO alongside the British Board of Agrément. They also developed the HAPAS standard for pothole repair materials which is widely recognised across the industry.

Many of their highways maintenance products have been HAPAS approved for over 15 years which has required significant work and investment but provides independent evidence that their materials are fit for purpose.

More recently they have worked with the Road Surface Treatment Association and other committee members to create a Code of Practice for Ironwork Systems Installation and Refurbishment. The code promotes best practice and aims to increase the service life of installations through a right first time approach, a method that Instarmac has always strongly endorsed.

Their health and safety processes have been commended by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents from whom they have recently received their 5th consecutive Gold Award.

The awards don’t stop there. They have been placed in The Sunday Times Top 100 Best Companies for eight years and are currently ranked number one in the Midlands Mid Market 300 which recognises top performing businesses. Instarmac also operate their own FORS Silver accredited fleet and are named as a Low-Risk Operator by the DVSA. They have recently completed the transition to the new ISO accreditations, one of the first companies to do so.

Instarmac knows that when businesses listen, collaborate and innovate with their customers, they thrive.

A customer on a recent visit to Instarmac’s premises commented, ‘It was a very worthwhile visit, and certainly has given us a couple of areas to go away and look at. I really hadn’t appreciated how big and diverse Instamac is, and it’s great to see you at the forefront of innovation and product development.’

If you would like to experience the Instarmac Difference or visit our award winning premises please get in touch. Tel: 01827 872244 Email: enquiries@instarmac.co.uk

Instarmac achieves prestigious RoSPA Gold Medal Award

Instarmac Group plc are delighted to have been awarded the coveted Gold Medal, an honour only given to those who achieve 5 consecutive Gold Awards in the annual RoSPA Health and Safety Awards.

In its 61st year, these respected awards are open to businesses and organisations of all sizes, across a wide spectrum of industries and celebrate those who are committed to raising health and safety management standards.

The judging panel of 24 leading industry experts, measure the performance of each organisation on areas such as identification, assessment, prevention and control and health risks, wellness at work, communication of information, and active monitoring and reviewing of health performance. They also consider any specific activities which distinguish an organisations approach to health work.

RoSPA’s Chairman, Michael D Parker CBE presented Instarmac’s Quality and Operations Manager, Darren Gough with the respected award during a ceremony held at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel.

“The health and safety of all those who work, visit and deliver to our premises in Tamworth has always been of the highest importance. The QHSE team at Instarmac have worked intensively to achieve this prestigious accolade and we are thrilled to receive this award for the 5th year in succession, as it continues to signify our commitment towards health and safety” Darren Gough.

This achievement is the latest in a long line of awards for Instarmac. In 2017 they were placed in The Sunday Times Top 100 Best Companies for the eighth year, were ranked number one in the Mid Market 300, were named as a Low-Risk Operator by the DVSA, received a FORS Silver Award and completed the transition to the new ISO accreditations, one of the first companies to do so.

For more information on Instarmac, their product offering and career opportunities, please visit instarmac.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1827 254402. You can keep up-to-date with all the latest news from Instarmac by following them on Twitter @InstarmacGroup.

New industry Code of Practice for Ironwork Systems Installation and Refurbishment.

A new industry Code of Practice for Ironwork Systems Installation and Refurbishment has been published by the Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA) to help increase the service life of ironwork reinstatements.

The code has been reviewed and endorsed by Highways England and ADEPT and promotes industry best practice and a right first time approach to help prolong the life of ironwork installations as well as minimise return visits, customer complaints and any potential public health and safety issues associated with failed ironwork.

The Code provides guidance on how to avoid early life failure, how to achieve a high quality installation and ensure a high quality repair. It covers installation and refurbishment of ironwork systems including gulley tops and chamber covers. The Code cross references HA104/09 Chamber Tops and Gulley Tops for Road Drainage and Services: Installation and Maintenance in the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges. It also cross references the Specification for Reinstatement of Openings in Highways (SROH).

The Code considers all aspects of installation and maintenance, including potential areas for failure. It consolidates existing industry experience into one document offering comprehensive industry best practice. Particular advice is given for brickwork supporting the frame and cover, bedding mortar selection and backfill selection around the ironwork installation plus surfacing and over-banding around the ironwork installation.

The health and safety, environment, training and quality assurance responsibilities of client and contractor are also set out by the code. It also provides guidance on site planning, programming, co-ordination and traffic management. A useful inclusion is the pre-contract, on-site and post-contract check-lists. Copies of the Code of Practice for Ironwork Systems Installation and Refurbishment may be downloaded from the RSTA website.

If you would like to know more, please contact David Youell,  Vice chairman , Ironwork Installation & Refurbishment sub-committee, RSTA.
Tel: 07970 814330
Email: davidy@instarmac.co.uk

Source: rsta-uk.org

Instarmac ranks number one in Mid Market 300

Every year Insider magazine lists the Midlands top performing 300 businesses with a turnover of £20 – £50million and Instarmac Group plc are delighted to have been ranked number one in this respected list.

Sponsored by HSBC, Coventry University and the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering, Insider magazine uses Experian IQ to measure each company’s turnover and pre-tax profit. Using these two numbers, an average is taken and the top 300 are drawn in order from that list.

As well as turnover and pre-tax profit, Insider also looked at profit margin, the amount of businesses exporting and number of employees. Their research showed that, not only have average profits and exports increased but Midlands businesses have also created 10,306 jobs over the past year – great news for local businesses and residents.

Instarmac Group plc are a market-leading manufacturer of cement and bitumen based products to the world markets. Established in 1977, Instarmac have built a solid reputation based on the research, development and production of innovative materials used in the highway maintenance, urban regeneration, tiling, commercial flooring and internal finishing sectors.

Instarmac are committed to providing high specification products that are durable and independently tested, backed up by first-class customer, technical and sales support.

This achievement is the latest in a long line of awards of Instarmac. In 2017 they were placed in The Sunday Times Top 100 Best Companies for the eighth year, achieved a RoSPA Gold Award for the fifth year, were ranked as a Low-Risk Operator by the DVSA, received a FORS Silver Award and completed the transition to the new ISO accreditations, one of the first companies to do so.

For more information on Instarmac, their product offering and career opportunities please visit Instarmac.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1827 254402. You can keep up-to-date with all the latest news from Instarmac by following them on Twitter @InstarmacGroup.

HAPAS: What’s behind the certification?

HAPAS stands for the Highways Authority Product Approval Scheme, which was developed by market experts to offer consistent and clear testing methods for products and systems designed for use in the highways industry.  It is run and maintained exclusively by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) one of the UK’s leading organisations offering approval, certification and test services to manufacturers supplying the construction industry. Products that are ‘approved’ lead the way in providing definitive guidance for local authorities and contractors alike on highway maintenance.

A HAPAS certificate can be perceived as just a piece of paper but it requires a significant amount of work and investment from businesses seeking approvals. Testing can typically cost 30k per certificate, depending on the product or system being assessed.

Certificates are issued through a rigorous assessment process which involves laboratory and field testing, the latter of which can take up to two years, as well as regular site inspections and performance trials.

Once the certificate is issued, the manufacturer is audited every 6 months to ensure the assessment criteria is being maintained. Such inspections include calibration of equipment, review of packaging and raw material suppliers as well as ensuring that each person involved in the product’s production is adequately trained.  If the manufacturer needs to change any of the ingredients or processes involved in producing the product, they have to gain approval from the BBA.

The certificate is re-assessed every 3 years in order for it to be re-issued. Manufacturers, like Instarmac who produce a range of HAPAS approved highways maintenance materials under their UltraCrete brand, undergo further scrutiny and are required to provide sites where their products have been in-situ for some time. These sites are inspected to verify the product’s integrity; its formulation is also tested to ensure it matches the version that was initially sanctioned. The 6 monthly and 3 yearly reviews incur further costs which are considerable over the life of the certificate.

Any product that has such approval can boast assurance of confidence and long-term proven durability.

It raises the question of why? Why would anyone choose to use a material for repairing our roads, when it has none of this assurance? Products that aren’t approved haven’t undergone rigorous testing, and ultimately provide no independent evidence that they are ‘fit for purpose’.

The endless pothole debate continues, worsening after extreme winter, ravaging our road network and heightening risks to road users. The situation will only deteriorate if the use of un-proven ‘quick fix’ products continues.  Proven materials ‘stay where they are put’ and don’t crack or break out causing repeat maintenance visits.

Further advantages of using HAPAS approved materials include an extended service life, a reduction in insurance, personal injury claims and most importantly, a reduction in whole life costs. There’s an endless list of benefits from choosing a material bearing the HAPAS mark of quality.

Reducing our Environmental Impact

Instarmac are committed to continuously re-evaluating and reducing environmental impact to encourage a positive, long-term future.

Investments have been made in Grey Water and Intelligent Lighting Systems alongside solar panels and ‘smart’ climate control that operates across the entire manufacturing site. By avoiding excessive stock lines, in 2004, Instarmac achieved ‘zero waste to landfill’ meaning 100% of their waste is now recycled.

Where feasible Instarmac also use recycled materials such as recycled glass in their products and in the last 12 months has supplied customers with over 1,000 tonnes of recycled material contained in market leading products such as Envirobed HA104® and Flowpoint ECO.

Commitment to produce high performance products that promote sustainability and reduce environmental impact is at the forefront of all that Instarmac deliver.

For more information about Instarmac’s range of environmental products please call +44 (0) 1827 254402.