Committed to Quality, Committed to Service, Committed to You

Instarmac are dedicated to finding the best solutions to meet industry needs and following the acquisition of Granfix in 2016, they have worked hard to improve their service levels, performance of their products and tried to identify the best way to support their loyal customer base. With this in mind, Instarmac are delighted to announce the launch of their new and improved tiling brand – UltraTileFix.

UltraTileFix will merge the best and most popular qualities of their UltraTile and Granfix brands, to provide you with premium products for all project types backed up with outstanding service and experience.

So what does this mean for you?

UltraTileFix will continue to deliver the products and services you know and love but bigger and better than ever before. This first-class tiling range will have clear and strong branding, comprehensive product ranges and straightforward product selection – all supported by a high profile marketing campaign.

What’s more, many of their products have undergone thorough testing and have been enhanced to improve technical performance and user satisfaction. In addition, every product in the UltraTileFix range boasts a lifetime guarantee – giving you complete confidence that UltraTileFix products are designed to last.

As part of the branding change, Instarmac have invested £300,000 in a new plastic bag packaging machine for their well-known grouts. This new look packaging is not only extremely striking but is retail friendly and keeps the product fresher for longer. UltraTileFix are the only UK manufacturer to have this machinery installed and are delighted to be the first to bring this innovative new packaging to their devoted customer base.

The improvements to their packaging don’t stop here! Each product features a handy product selection table, which makes choosing the perfect product swift and easy, and the quick reference symbols on the front of each bag ensure you know the product capabilities exactly.

Aside from the fantastic product enhancements, UltraTileFix pride themselves on the outstanding service package they offer. You will benefit from an extensive product brochure which includes useful installation guides, colour references and of course product information, eye-catching point of sale to promote this comprehensive range of products to your customers, plus attractive grout stands, grout packs, banners, window stickers and posters.

In addition to this fantastic marketing support, you will continue to benefit from their technical expertise, the Site Support Team and award-winning delivery service, website and product planner app.

The UltraTileFix sales team will be visiting every customer over the coming months to further explain all of these features and to furnish them with their incredible marketing support items. To request an appointment with a member of the UltraTileFix team, please email

UltraTileFix is Committed to Quality, Committed to Service, Committed to You.

UltraTileFix will be available to order from 3rd April 2018. If you would like any further information on this exciting new development, please contact the UltraTileFix team by calling 01827 254402 or emailing

UltraFloor goes the extra mile

CSLL Contract Flooring Ltd have used Level IT Top to install a 700m² floor at a new Hyundai garage workshop in Southampton.

With over 75,000 employees and 5,000 dealerships and showrooms worldwide, Hyundai have continued to grow in popularity and in 2017 they achieved a sales growth of 9.8%, putting them 8% ahead of their UK business plan and increasing their market share from 3.35% to 3.45% – a figure which not all car manufacturers can boast.

To keep up with demand, Hyundai have opened a number of new dealerships including Richmond Hyundai in Southampton. The dealership not only prides itself on its excellent customer but the aftersales care package they also offer.

In order to enhance their Servicing, Body Shop and MOT offerings, a new 700m² workshop was built on-site at the Southampton dealership.

CSLL Contract Flooring Ltd, the chosen contractor for this project, used Level IT Top heavy duty surface finish floor leveller to complete the subfloor preparation at this busy location.

Suitable for both commercial and industrial applications, Level IT Top is a polymer rich, high strength single part, cementitious smoothing underlayment with exceptional abrasion resistance.

Level IT Top boasts a coverage of approximately 3.1m² at 5mm, has a working time of 30-40 minutes, can receive foot traffic after just 2-3 hours and forklift traffic after 36 hours – keeping downtime to a minimum and allowing business to resume quickly.

Level IT Top was applied by trowel to the concrete and cement substrate and was left as a finished wear surface before a resin coating was applied 48 hours later.

A quick response to a site visit request, ongoing support and communication and cost-effective solutions, were just some of the reasons why CSLL Contract Flooring Ltd chose to use UltraFloor for the installation.

For more information on UltraFloor’s range of subfloor preparation materials, please contact their team of Technical experts by email or by calling 01827 254402.

Keep up-to-date with the latest UltraFloor news, product launches and competitions by following them on Twitter @Ultra_Floor or connecting with Instarmac Marketing on LinkedIn.

Source : CarDealer

Instarmac awards 100% attendance

As part of their commitment to workforce engagement, UK manufacturer Instarmac Group plc, are giving all their employees with 100% attendance the chance to ‘Live the Dream’.

Launched over 8 years, Instarmac’s 100% Attendance Draw is an annual event and sees employees from every department gather together to see who will win some truly astonishing prizes.

Every employee who achieved 100% attendance for the previous calendar year is automatically entered in to the prize draw where one lucky person will win a week’s holiday to Instarmac’s beautiful Tenerife holiday home, six flights for friends and family plus £500 spending money! Also up for grabs are six ‘Living the Dream’ experiences. These experiences give employees the opportunity to visit or experience something they have always dreamed of but never had the chance to do.

Previous ‘Living the Dream’ winners have had a family holiday in Turkey, visited the Harry Potter Studios in London, enjoyed a long weekend in Edinburgh and had a full VIP personal shopping experience day.

What’s more, three lucky employees walked away with an extra £200 in their next pay check!

Instarmac were thrilled to see 91 of their 176 employees logging 100% attendance in 2017, with an impressive 12.08% of employees achieving 100% attendance for the last 8 years!

This outstanding initiative is just one of many. All Instarmac employees also have access to two holiday homes – Cornwall and Tenerife – are treated to free lunches, receive private health and dental care plus are given the chance to win some amazing prizes during their regular prize and ticket giveaways.

Having an enthusiastic and engaged workforce has always been of the utmost importance to Instarmac. Would you like to work for this impressive company? Instarmac are hiring! View their latest vacancies.

For further information about Instarmac and their range of proven, trusted and certified materials, please call 01827 254402 or email their team of fully trained staff.

Stay up-to-date with all the latest news from Instarmac by following them on Twitter @InstarmacGroup and connecting with them on LinkedIn.

UltraCrete provides exceptional service to water industry

OnSite Central Limited have used UltraCrete Perma-Soil and Instant Road Repair to install and repair a number of water metres throughout South Staffordshire and the West Midlands.

Part of South Staffordshire PLC, OnSite Central Limited is a long established and respected company with vast experience in the water services industry. As part of their Contract partnership with South Staff Water, OnSite have installed and repaired thousands of water metres across the country using Perma-Soil soil stabiliser and Instant Road Repair cold lay asphalt 6mm and 10mm grades.

Perma-Soil is a soil stabiliser which turns excavated spoil into usable backfill within minutes, eliminating the need for virgin aggregates and vastly reducing the amount of materials that would traditionally be sent to landfill – a fundamental requirement set out in the Utility WRAP Agreement.

Since Perma-Soil eliminates the need to haul away spoil, all the associated costs, such as purchasing expensive backfill material, running extra vehicles and disposing of spoil, are all eradicated.

Ideal for small utility repairs, Perma-Soil is available in 25kg and 12.5kg units, the perfect size for most utility excavations, and is A9 Approved, proving its use across the entire UK network.

Instant Road Repair cold lay asphalt provided the perfect surface finish for the water metre installs and repairs. HAPAS Approved since 2002, Instant Road Repair offers a first time permanent repair and is instantly trafficable causing minimal disruption to pedestrians and motorists alike.

Available in two grades – 6mm for repairs in footways, footpaths and cycle tracks and 10mm for permanent repairs in type 3 and 4 roads – Instant Road Repair can be applied in all weathers and is available in 25kg resealable tubs so you can pop the lid back on for use another day.

On the project’s success, Mick Clark, Head of External Operations at OnSite, commented: “The overall service from Instarmac is exceptional – everything from placing an order, to delivery, to use of the products.”

Mick continued: “Instarmac supported us throughout the project and offered free training for our contractors – something that was paramount to the success of the project.”

UltraCrete’s Area Sales Manager for the Midlands, David Youell, and Technical Field Support and Training Manager, Nick Holmes, visited each depot to carry out product training with a number of contractors to guarantee confidence of application throughout the project. This invaluable service is just one of many available from UltraCrete. Find out more about UltraCrete’s Site Support Team and their other offerings.

For further information on Perma-Soil, Instant Road Repair or to book a free Site Support visit, please contact UltraCrete’s team of experts by email or by calling 01827 254402.