UltraFloor boasts superior environmental practices

Sustainability and environmental impact has always been a high priority for UltraFloor. For many years, they have invested time and resources into protecting the environment and reducing their impact on it. Through various initiatives across the business, UltraFloor have successfully established sustainable development which impact positively on the environment, and as a consequence, the flooring industry.

UltraFloor pride themselves on their sustainability practices and what better testament than being awarded with an independent accreditation for 12 years.

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised standard which ‘sets out the criteria for an environmental management system’. Every year, for the last 12 years, UltraFloor have had their environmental practices audited by an independent third party. This  thorough audit investigates how their manufacturing processes impact on the environment and the steps they have taken to address this.

On this prestigious accreditation, Darren Gough, Operations Manager at Instarmac, commented: “The ISO standards allow UltraFloor to reflect a good level of professionalism and demonstrates best practice. This accreditation is a great accomplishment for us as it shows customers our intent to continually improve all aspects of our business and demonstrate how committed we are to providing sustainable solutions.”

UltraFloor continue to improve their environmental performance with the aim of creating a truly sustainable future. With this in mind, UltraFloor and their plastic bottle supplier, are trialling a newly developed 5 litre bottle which is made of 96% recycled kerbside material.

Are pallets taking up space in your yard? UltraFloor can take them back! Their experienced Drivers can collect your unwanted pallets and return them to Instarmac to be reused – reducing waste to landfill, freeing up valuable space in your yard or storage area and helping to further protect the environment.

What’s more, all collections and deliveries are made on UltraFloor’s state-of-the-art privately owned fleet, all which now feature AdBlue. AdBlue is an additive which is used alongside diesel to reduce mono-nitrogen oxide emissions produced from the exhausts of vehicles. AdBlue transforms the harmful mono-nitrogen toxins in diesel into nitrogen and water vapour reducing the negative impact vehicle emissions have on the environment.

These are just some of the initiatives UltraFloor have successfully implemented. Others include intelligent lighting, a great water system, the use of solar energy and climate control across their entire building. Furthermore, since 2014, UltraFloor has boasted ‘zero waste to landfill’ which means 100% of waste is recycled.

For further information on UltraFloor’s sustainable and environmental practices contact their experienced team by calling 01827 254402.

UltraCrete commands attention at UK army garrisons

Aspire Defence Service Ltd, in partnership with Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), have used a number of UltraCrete’s world renowned highway maintenance materials to repair several defects across Larkhill and Tidworth army garrisons.

The 35 years Project Allenby/Connaught contract between Aspire Defence Service Ltd and the DIO is one of the largest Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) carried out by the Ministry of Defence and establishes Aspire Defence as the chosen contractor responsible for building and improving soldiers living and working environments across a range of Aldershot and Salisbury plain Garrisons.

Every project faces its own set of challenges and Larkhill and Tidworth army garrisons were certainly no different. As well as needing a product for repairing cracks in asphalt and a pothole repair material suitable for regular trafficking from large tracked and wheeled vehicles, Aspire Defence Service Ltd had struggled to find a cost-effective solution for reinstating buff coloured asphalt – a colour that is used to highlight fire safety evacuation and access routes in and around the soldiers accommodation.

UltraCrete provided Aspire Defence Services Ltd with cost-effective, high performance and permanent solutions for each of these problems.

In order to access utility pipes and cables, a number of trenches had been dug out across the fire safety routes around the garrison. Once the repairs had been completed, Instagrip anti-skid patch repair was applied to the surface asphalt to reinstate the buff colour.

Instagrip is the ideal product for patching and reinstating high friction areas after maintenance work has taken place and is perfect for use on pedestrian crossings, junctions, roundabouts, footbridges and for colour coded areas, as was the case here. Available in a 15kg bucket, Instagrip easily restores anti-skid and has a set time of just 1-2 hours.

Aspire Defence Service ltd and the DIO pride themselves on the excellent conditions their army garrisons are kept in. In order to maintain these high standards, Aspire Defence were looking to source a repair product that could be applied to asphalt cracks to prevent the formation of potholes.

Surface Defect Repair is a product that is applied to minor surface defects in footways and carriageways which then stops potholes from forming. Durable and easy to use, Surface Defect Repair is a granular thermoplastic material with anti-skid dressing and is perfect for use on contracts where early identification can be built into the ongoing maintenance programme.

The constant trafficking of plant machinery, HGV’s and a range of large wheeled vehicles, had resulted in the emergence of a number of potholes throughout the garrison. A pothole repair was needed that would not only provide a permanent repair but could withstand this regular heavy trafficking.

With this in mind, Tough Patch® Rapid hybrid pothole repair was chosen to complete the repairs. Quick and easy to apply, Tough Patch® Rapid is a hard wearing, fast setting pothole repair that can be used to repair defects in pavements, driveways, car parks and on high speed roads – it even provides a first time permanent repair in wheel turning locations such as junctions, traffic lights and roundabouts.

Ready to use straight from the bag or bucket, Tough Patch® Rapid eliminates many of the risks associated with hot asphalt, such as extremely hot temperatures and dangerous fumes, and can be trafficked instantly, allowing contractors to move on to another project, helping to increase productivity.

On the success of the project, Keith Langton, Highways and Infrastructure Project Manager at Aspire Defence Service Ltd commented: “All three products were very easy to use and provided a cost-effective solution. We will definitely be using UltraCrete for future repairs.”

For more information on UltraCrete’s range of first time, permanent highway maintenance and repair solutions, please visit ultracrete.co.uk. To request a free on-site product demonstration, please contact UltraCrete’s team of experts by email or by calling 01827 255402.

Tanking Kits made compulsory in latest British Standard

Earlier this year, BSI made important updates to British Standard 5385-1:2018 Design and installation of ceramic, natural stone and mosaic wall tiling in normal conditions – code of practice. Changes included the exclusion of plywood as a suitable background material for fixing tiles to walls as well as guidance on fixing and grouting large format tiles.

The newly published British Standard also recommends the use of a tanking kit in areas subject to wetting, such as showers, wetrooms and steam rooms. In clause, the standard states that ‘In wet areas … substrates should be protected with a suitable proprietary tanking membrane system’. It further declares that ‘the weight capacity of the tanking system should be capable of carrying the load of the tiles and adhesive’.

To ensure best practice, it is vital that everyone working in the tiling industry understands and implements this important change and choose materials that are fit for purpose. Working outside of the British Standard could have disastrous consequences for the project and the reputation of your business.

UltraTileFix have always prided themselves on listening to the needs of their customers and providing solutions for today’s tiling challenges. Their range of high performance tiling products includes ProShield, a tanking kit designed to provide complete protection from moisture in wetrooms, domestic bathrooms, kitchens and showers – the perfect product for guaranteeing your tiling installation complies to the latest British Standard.

Suitable for internal walls and floors prior to tiling, ProShield tanking kit is flexible, easy to use, compatible with underfloor heating and can be  tiled after just 24 hours, allowing you to move on to another part of the project quickly.

Each 8kg bucket of ProShield boasts a coverage of 8sqm and includes flexible waterproof coating and membrane tape. This membrane tape is also available to purchase separately from UltraTileFix, saving you money.

For further information on ProShield and for advice on the revised British Standard, please contact Alan Collins, UltraTileFix’s Technical Field Support and Training Manager, by calling 07825 427654 or emailing ultratilefix@instarmac.co.uk.

Wondertex provides Pristine results in County Derry

Experienced dryliners, Pristine Drylining, have used Wondertex prem filler and prem finish to complete a number of residential projects throughout County Derry.

With over 20 years experience in the industry, Pristine Drylining have earned an enviable reputation for providing exceptional drylining services in both the UK and Ireland. They are known for providing their customers with first class service backed up with high performance and professional materials, with Wondertex being their products of choice.

Throughout their career, Pristine Drylining have built a remarkable portfolio of work and have most recently used Wondertex’s specially formulated products to prepare wall surfaces on a number of detached and semi-detached properties throughout County Derry.

Pristine Drylining’s team of contractors used prem filler and prem finish on plasterboard walls throughout the properties and on a typical week were working on areas up to 1200m².

Before prem filler and prem finish were applied, the plasterboard walls were prepared using Wondertex Metal Angle Tape – a specialist jointing tape designed to create precise and robust corner joints. Available in 30m rolls, Metal Angle Tape can be cut to your exact requirements eliminating wasted product.

A favourite of Dryliners, Metal Angle Tape has been created using 2 x 12mm steep strips which make this superior joint tape the strongest on the market.

Plasterboard joint filler, prem filler,  is the perfect product for bedding and filling tapes such as Metal Angle Tape. This plaster-based compound has been developed to provide the strength that’s needed when bedding tapes on external corners.

Available in contractor friendly 12.5kg bags, prem filler boasts a working time of 60-90 minutes – enough time for you to complete the task at hand – and is fast setting for early sanding allowing you to move on to the next part of the project quickly.

Wondertex prem filler’s perfect partner is prem finish plasterboard finishing compound. Suitable for the finishing of all plasterboard joints, prem finish is easy to apply and provides a seamless feathered finish for easy and professional over painting.

The advanced formula of prem filler and prem finish ensures both products have excellent workability and dry smooth for effortless sanding. Furthermore, both products have minimal or no shrinkage so you can be assured that once the material is in, it won’t crack or come out.

On the success of these projects, Johnny Millar at Pristine Drylining commented: “Wondertex are a big part of my day to day life and I’ve been using and loving their materials for a long time.” To find out more about the services available from Pristine Drylining please visit pristinedrylining.co.uk.

For further information on the Wondertex range of internal finishing solutions please contact their experienced sales team by email or calling 01827 254402.

Level IT Super Flex 30 – your solution for substrates with vibration and movement

Choose UltraFloor Level IT Super Flex 30 for a speedy installation even on floors where movement and vibration is likely.

Specifically designed for use over a wide variety of subfloors including steel mezzanine decks and flooring grade plywood, Level IT Super Flex 30 is a rapid setting and drying, fibre reinforced flexible smoothing finishing compound.

Developed with a high polymer content, Level IT Super Flex 30 boasts superior flexible properties, making it the perfect smoothing underlayment for floors where movement is likely.

What’s more, subfloors prepared using Level IT Super Flex 30 are available to receive foot traffic in as little as 30 minutes, bonded floor coverings after 1 hour and resin finishes and fork lift traffic after just 24 hours, allowing you to move on to another project quickly, increasing productivity.

Level IT Super Flex 30 is suitable for depths between 2-10mm, is compatible with underfloor heating systems, boasts a coverage of 6.5m² when applied at a 2mm thickness, and can be used as a finished wear surface – the perfect smoothing underlayment for all types of flooring installations.

In addition, Level IT Super Flex 30 is available as a two-component system, eliminating on-site mixing errors and guaranteeing a perfect application every single time.

The superior performance capabilities of Level IT Super Flex 30 were particularly appealing to LGM Flooring, who were looking for suitable subfloor preparation materials to complete a tiled floor installation at two brand new Next stores.

Experienced flooring contractor, LGM Flooring, secured both the Cardiff and Tamworth projects at the end of 2016 and worked on the large stores for several weeks before handing them over. The project was completed successfully and on time, and both stores have now been open for 2 years with hundreds of shoppers walking over the floors daily.

Developing products and solutions for today’s flooring problems has always been extremely important to UltraFloor and they are delighted to have received a number of Tweets from contractors, like this one from RL Flooring, praising the performance of Level IT Super Flex 30.

“Well @Ultra_Floor I’m very impressed with Level IT Super Flex 30!!!!”

Find out how you can benefit from Level IT Super Flex 30 by contacting the UltraFloor Sales Team by email or by calling 01827 254402.

Keep up-to-date with all the latest product developments and news from UltraFloor HQ by following them on Twitter @Ultra_Floor and connecting with Instarmac Group plc on LinkedIn.