Excellence in wellbeing

Instarmac achieves Great Place to Work Excellence in Wellbeing award

Instarmac Group plc, a leading UK manufacturer based in Tamworth, Staffordshire, are delighted to have been presented with the Great Place to Work® Excellence in Wellbeing award.

Great Place to Work®, in partnership with the Guardian and Sunday Telegraph, is recognised worldwide and celebrates trust and engagement within an organisation. The Excellence in Wellbeing award is only given to companies who are committed to creating a happier and healthier work environment – values Instarmac have always prided themselves on.

Great Place to Work® describes wellbeing as a “complex blend of the physical, psychological, social and financial aspects of people’s working lives. When optimised, these dimensions provide a sustainable platform for all employees to flourish both in and out of the workplace.”

In Autumn 2018, every Instarmac employee was given the opportunity to complete the Great Place to Work Trust Index® Survey – a questionnaire that seeks employees experiences and views on six dimensions that underpin wellbeing, as well as other topics including Strategy, Direction, Values, Recognition, Reward and Career Development.

To measure the levels of wellbeing in an organisation, all employees were asked questions about their work environment, financial security, mental and physical health, inter-personal relationships, work-life balance and fulfilment. These responses were then analysed to determine whether or not a company really is committed to their employees wellbeing.

On winning the Excellence in Wellbeing award, Instarmac’s Managing Director, John Holcroft, commented: “Wellbeing has always been important to everyone at Instarmac. We believe wellbeing goes further than just being happy. It’s about being able to cope when things get tough in our lives or when our health suffers. We provide a range of benefits to support staff wellbeing such as private medical and dental care, three  holiday homes which can be used by staff all year round free of charge, the Employee Benefit Trust to support employees through difficult times, as well as the many initiatives we carry out throughout the year.”

He went on to say, “I am thrilled that Instarmac has been presented with this prestigious award as it shows our employees, and future colleagues, that we are committed to creating the best work environment possible.”

The Great Place to Work®  awards take place in May 2019 and Instarmac are delighted to be attending.

For further information on what makes Instarmac a great place to work, please call their experienced team on 01827 254402.

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Manholes repaired at Niagara Falls

Instarmac saves the day at Niagara Falls

Instarmac International’s Canadian partner, Da-Lee Pavement Products, have supplied Instarmac’s Manhole Installation System to the City of Niagara Falls Water Department to repair several failed manholes in the area.

The current method of repairing and reinstating failed ironwork in Niagara Falls involves installing a pre-cast concrete riser under the frame and cover and using bulk concrete and hot asphalt as the surface finish. This method of repair posed a number of problems for the City of Niagara Falls Water Department. Not only are concrete risers very brittle and prone to cracking – a costly and time-consuming activity to repair – hot asphalt can be difficult to source during the winter months which meant carrying out emergency repairs was difficult.

The City of Niagara Falls Water Department were in urgent need of a repair system that could withstand extreme temperatures, would provide a permanent first time repair to avoid costly repeat visits to site and could be sourced at short notice to help keep up with demand.

Da-Lee Pavement Products introduced the City of Niagara Falls Water Department to Instarmac’s Manhole Installation System as the perfect solution to their problem. In January 2019, Instarmac’s Technical Field Support and Training Manager, Nick Holmes, and Da-Lee’s Territory Manager, Rod Benito, visited the City of Niagara Falls to carry out a product demonstration of the system and training with the client.

The City of Niagara Falls Water Department were extremely impressed with the capabilities and performance of Instarmac’s Manhole Installation System, particularly the speed in which the materials can be applied and the long-term durability the products offer, and have since used it to repair several manholes in the area.

On the success of the installations, James Sticca, Manager of Environmental Services for the City of Niagara Falls Water Department, commented: “One of the jobs came in on a Friday and needed to be fixed immediately. The reason we chose Instarmac was because of the speed in which we could open the road back up to traffic. Traditional methods would have meant that the road would have stayed closed over the weekend, however with Instarmac products we had the road back open within 4 hours of traffic management being put up which meant the road was open for the busy Friday afternoon traffic.”

He went on to say: “During the summer we have lots of traffic sensitive areas and we will be using these products for all manhole repairs in these locations.”

Instarmac’s Manhole Installation System is made up Envirobed HA104® high performance bedding mortar, QC10 F rapid set flowable concrete, Instant Road Repair cold lay asphalt and SCJ Seal and tack coat spray. Each of these products has been independently tested and is proven to provide a first time permanent repair in all weathers, allows sites to be opened to traffic in as little as 2 hours, exceeds a 5 year service life and reduces costly failures.

Instarmac’s Manhole Installation System is available throughout Canada and North America through Da-Lee Pavement Products. To contact Da-Lee please call 905 643 1135 or visit daleegroup.com.

For further information on Instarmac’s Manhole Installation System, please contact Instarmac’s International Sales Team by calling +44 (0) 1827 254402 or emailing international@instarmac.com.

semi rapid setting adhesive

UltraTileFix strengthen their range with semi-rapid setting adhesive

UltraTileFix have enhanced their range of much-loved tile adhesives by introducing ProGrip FX fibre reinforced semi-rapid tile adhesive.

Ideal for use with porcelain, mosaic and natural stone tiles, ProGrip FX boasts an extended pot life of 2.5 hours, offering a greater fixing time, and has been developed to provide an exceptional grab and enhanced body, making this fibre reinforced semi-rapid adhesive the perfect choice for fixing large format tiles.

If you’re looking for a tile adhesive which is proven to provide S1 classified flexibility, then ProGrip FX is the adhesive for you. The flexible properties of ProGrip FX make it the ideal adhesive for tiling areas subject to movement such as overlaid timber floors.

What’s more, ProGrip FX has been formulated using FibreBond Technology – a process which involves the addition of fibre particles for superior non-slip properties and thixotropic behaviour.

ProGrip FX, along with every other product in the UltraTileFix range, boasts a lifetime guarantee, giving you complete confidence UltraTileFix products are designed to last.

In addition, ProGrip FX conforms to C2 TE S1 EN 12004 classification, is ideal for use on most surfaces and substrates and can receive light foot traffic after 3 hours depending on substrate and temperature.

Sold in contractor and retail friendly 20kg bags, ProGrip FX is available in white and grey and is delivered on UltraTileFix’s privately owned, FORS Silver accredited fleet, 54 bags to a pallet.

For further information, pricing enquiries, or to place an order, please contact the UltraTileFix team by email or by calling 01827 254402.

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Bedding mortars now boast enhanced formula

UltraCrete bedding mortar now sets 25% faster

Innovation and product development has always been at the heart of UltraCrete. Listening to the needs of their loyal customers and providing real solutions to highway maintenance problems has provided the backbone to their extensive product portfolio.

With this in mind, UltraCrete’s Research and Development Chemists have developed and enhanced the formula of their market leading high performance bedding mortars to offer faster setting times and improved compressive strengths.

M90,  all-purpose fast set mortar, has been enhanced to achieve an impressive compressive strength of 22N/mm² in just 90 minutes allowing roads to be opened earlier, saving valuable time and money. What’s more, this next generation bedding mortar now sets 25% faster than before and achieves a rapid strength build even when temperatures are as low as 5ºC.

Furthermore, M90 is proven to be stable in wet conditions, has a smooth consistency for excellent workability and will provide high quality installations with faster curing at low temperatures, allowing for repairs to be carried out all year round and opened to traffic sooner than ever before – and all at no extra cost to their customers.

M60, the original rapid strength bedding mortar and repair material that offers BBA/HAPAS certified assurance for all installations, has also undergone rigorous testing and now boasts improved features. As well as boasting a smoother consistency and excellent workability, M60 allows roads to be trafficked after 60 minutes and is 5% stronger within 1 hour at all temperatures.

For further information, pricing enquiries, or to place an order of the new and improved M90 and M60, please contact UltraCrete’s team of experts by email or by calling 01827 254402.

Keep up-to-date with the latest product development, news and special offers by following UltraCrete on Twitter @Ultracrete_UK and connecting with Instarmac Group plc on LinkedIn.

Level IT Renovate

All you need to do is Renovate IT!

UltraFloor, part of the award-winning Instarmac Group plc, are delighted to announce the launch of Level IT Renovate – a flexible and versatile smoothing underlayment ideal for refurbishment projects.

Developed for the renovation of existing floors, UltraFloor’s latest smoothing underlayment is fibre reinforced for added strength and to minimise the risk of hairline cracks – reducing a common cause of costly failures.

Suitable for deep applications from 3-40mm, Level IT Renovate is multi-purpose for extensive use and boasts excellent flow properties, making this flexible and versatile  floor leveller ideal for a wide range of flooring substrates.

Level IT Renovate is a single part smoothing underlayment, offering a unique alternative within the UltraFloor range, and is suitable for use over most strong and stable subfloors, which makes this semi-rapid fibre reinforced floor leveller perfect for both commercial and domestic applications.

In addition, Level IT Renovate is protein free, reducing the risk and spread of bacteria, and is low odour providing a pleasant environment for contractors, homeowners and any staff working within the project area.

What’s more, Level IT Renovate has a working time of 20-30 minutes, can be walked on in as little as 2-2.5 hours and can receive floor coverings in just 4 hours, allowing contractors to move on to another project quickly.

Sold in contractor friendly 20kg bags, Level IT Renovate is compatible with underfloor heating systems and is delivered on UltraFloor’s privately owned, FORS Silver accredited fleet, 48 bags to a pallet.

For further information, pricing enquiries, or to place an order, please contact the UltraFloor team by email or by calling 01827 254402.