UltraCrete to drive home the need for more road repair funding with a tank

Official sponsors of National Pothole Day, UltraCrete, and ally, Mr Pothole (AKA Mark Morrell), are joining forces to drive a bright orange tank through London on National Pothole Day, 15 January 2020, to protest about the deficit in funding for road repairs.


Their mission is to draw attention to the current shortfall of funding needed to repair Britain’s ever increasing potholes, with the hope that more can be done to release funds and to help local authorities tackle this re-occurring national road crisis permanently.


As the UK heads into its annual pothole season, recent statistics paint a poor picture of the state of its roads. More than 700,000 new potholes were reported on the country’s highways during 2019, marking a 13% jump on the year before, according to data obtained by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). Whilst the Local Government Association reported that routine road maintenance budgets have fallen from £1.1 billion in 2009/10 to £701 million in 2017/18.


National road repair influencer, Mr Pothole, commented: ”Something really has to be done now, the pothole crisis is at breaking point – we are hoping our tank stunt will really drive the message home to the key funding decision makers, that more has to be spent on repairing Britain’s roads. Safety is a critical issue, but it is a question of economy too, councils and Highways England are paying out thousands a year on insurance claims and businesses are suffering due to increased delays on roads caused by potholes, manholes collapsing and even sink holes in some places, as a result of poor maintenance. We feel very strongly that highways authorities and the like shouldn’t be forced to ‘rob Peter to pay Paul’ to put these issues right.”


The planned event to coincide with National Pothole Day on 15 January, will be quite a spectacle, starting at 10.30am, the bright orange, Abbot self-propelled gun, will travel along London’s Embankment with Mr Pothole in a commanding position, aiming for an ETA to coincide with question time in parliament at Westminster.


Zoe Rees, Head of Sales for UltraCrete said: “Cash-strapped authorities and councils are really struggling to keep up with the ongoing costs associated with maintaining our road network, so it’s imperative the government recognises this. We really want to help maximise any funding authorities and councils may receive. We believe that with timely maintenance, independently approved, permanent materials and the correct training, much of the UK’s recurrent pothole issues can be tackled in a cost effective way. Raising awareness on the 15 January 2020 is the first step to working together with authorities and councils, with the aim to adopting long term workable solutions.” 


To support the event in London, UltraCrete will also be providing an Awareness Day at their state of the art facility in the West Midlands on 14 January 2020. Local authorities are encouraged to come along to add to their arsenal of weapons in the mass destruction of potholes, with the opportunity to trial HAPAS and PTS PAS approved products for permanent, one off repairs, receive guidance on best practice, along with on the spot permanent repair training and a full tour of the ultra-modern Instarmac factory, with the opportunity to see the world famous UltraCrete products in production. If you work for a local authority or similar or are a member of the press and would like more details on attending this event, please forward your details to lynnef@instarmac.co.uk

A new Instarmac International brochure has landed!

The new Instarmac International brochure is unveiled.


The new brochure showcases how interested parties can become the market leader in their country by establishing a profitable, sustainable and successful business. It includes full details about the Instarmac world leading products, a clear explanation on how to become a licensee or distributor, how Instarmac International supports global partners, as well as insights from existing licensees and distributors.


Instarmac is a specialist in the manufacture of cement and bitumen based products to the world market for over 40 years. The business has a solid reputation based on the research, development and production of innovative materials for use in highway maintenance, urban regeneration, tiling, commercial flooring and internal finishing solutions.


Angus Longward, Global Export Manager, said; “We are looking for innovators and entrepreneurs across the globe to join our team in 2020 and manufacture our proven and durable pothole repair material, UltraCrete Instant Road Repair®. We are also looking for innovative distributors worldwide to sell our quality road maintenance and paving solutions. This is the perfect opportunity to build a successful business in 2020 by selling proven, market leading products.”


To explore this exciting opportunity in the online version of the brochure please click here

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UltraCrete will be leading the war against potholes on National Pothole Day 2020

UltraCrete is to become the main sponsor of National Pothole Day on Wednesday 15th January 2020. Teaming up with ‘Mr Pothole’ AKA Mark Morrell, they will be travelling to London to take the war against potholes to the heart of central government with a stand out event, more of which will be disclosed at a later date.


The aim of the event is to raise awareness surrounding the deficit in the road maintenance budget, with the hope that more can be done to release funds and to help local authorities tackle this national road crisis permanently. The significant investment shortfall in road maintenance has created a local road network plighted with potholes and over the past year nearly 700,000 new potholes were reported on the country’s highways*. Additional funding is certainly required to deal with this growing problem, indeed, in July of this year, the Transport Select Committee cited that £10 billion is needed for the repairs, but even then it would still take a decade to complete the work.**


Multi award-winning, UltraCrete is a market leading specialist in the manufacture of bitumen based road repair products to the world. With over 40 years of experience, the brand has a solid reputation based on the research, development and production of innovative materials for use in highway maintenance so is clearly well placed to spearhead this important issue.


As well as campaigning for additional funding, the core 2020 National Pothole Day messaging focusses on the need for repairs to be of a permanent nature and education surrounding their effective delivery and execution. Commenting on this Richard Moss, UltraCrete National Sales Manager said; “It’s important that as well as securing additional financial support from the government, our campaign helps us to work together with local authorities to utilise any funding provided to the fullest. Manufacturers like us, need to help share the road repair responsibility. We can do this by passing on our expertise via best practice guidance and road repair training. To help local authorities further, it’s also critical we ensure the products we provide are trusted permanent solutions, not just quick fixes. We work closely with the relevant associations and seek third party testing and approval, such as HAPAS and PAS, to ensure our products do just that.”


Mr Pothole commented; “It’s fantastic that UltraCrete have come on board to spearhead National Pothole Day. They are a trusted market leader in both thought and product, but are also extremely switched on to local authority needs. One of the reasons I wanted to work closely with them is that they are keen to work in unison with local authorities to help them confidently plan permanent repairs, this holistic approach is a critical factor in ending the pothole backlog.”


As well as the event in London on 15th January 2020, UltraCrete will also be providing an Awareness Day at their state of the art facility in the West Midlands on 14th January 2020. Local authorities are encouraged to come along to see the best products and practice surrounding permanent pothole repair along with on the spot training and guidance. If you work for a local authority and would like more details or to attend this event, please forward your details to lynnef@instarmac.co.uk


Look out for more exciting details about National Pothole Day on 15th January 2020 coming soon!


For more information visit www.nomorepotholes.co.uk


Or alternatively follow the campaign on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


*Source: Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)

**Source: Moneywise