UltraScape eases traffic at Swedish National Park

UltraScape flowpoint rapid set flowable grout, has been used to install 2,300sqm of granite paving in Alvesta, the gateway to Åsnen National Park in Sweden.


Located in the south of Sweden, Alvesta plays a crucial part in keeping Sweden connected. Home to a key railway junction, Alvesta joins the Stockholm – Malmö – Copenhagen railway with the Gothenburg – Kalmar / Karlskrona railway, as well as being the gateway to Åsnen National Park – Sweden’s 30th park.

The Challenge

A new roundabout, verges and central reservation needed to be constructed in this busy area of Alvesta to help ease traffic and the build-up of congestion.

To ensure longevity of the site, it was essential that the materials used to install the new infrastructure would withstand all weathers and constant and heavy trafficking. Due to the busy nature of the area, it was crucial that the installation could be completed quickly to minimise disruption to motorists.

The Solution

Instarmac International’s Swedish partner, Pekuma, supplied UltraScape flowpoint to landscape contractors Mark & Miljö I Ljungby AB, who were completing this project on behalf of the Swedish Road Administration. Mark & Miljö I Ljungby AB used flowpoint to install 2,300sqm of granite paving on the roundabout and verges.

UltraScape flowpoint jointing mortar was chosen for this project for a number of reasons. Independently tested and approved, flowpoint is proven to be compliant to British Standard 7533. This standard guarantees flowpoint’s performance in areas of heavy traffic, turning and braking – a key feature for any areas of paving where vehicles will travel over it.

Available in 2 colours – Natural Grey and Charcoal – and in 3 varieties including Smooth and ECO, UltraScape flowpoint is a flowable grout which allows for large areas of paving to be grouted quickly. Supplied in 25kg bags, flowpoint can be used to grout joints from 3mm to 50mm and as deep as 200mm in one application.

What’s more, UltraScape flowpoint has a design life of over 40 years, can be walked over in just 1 hour and receive vehicular traffic in 4 hours, causing minimal disruption to pedestrians and motorists alike.

The Results

On completing the project, Mattias Refón, CEO, Mark & Miljö I Ljungby AB, commented, “UltraScape flowpoint is a fantastic product. It was really easy to use and thanks to the rapid setting properties, we were able to complete the project on time with minimal disruption.”

UltraScape’s BS 7533 compliant system is available throughout Sweden, through Pekuma. Please call +46370-47 200 or visit www.pekuma.se

For further information on UltraScape’s BS 7533 compliant system, please contact Instarmac’s  International Sales Team by calling +44 (0) 1827 254402 or emailing international@instarmac.com.

UltraTileFix are proud to launch ProSS Flex standard set, flexible adhesive for wall and floor tiles

By popular demand UltraTileFix are proud to launch ProSS Flex standard set, flexible adhesive for wall and floor tiles.

UltraTileFix ProSS Flex is a single part, standard set, flexible adhesive that has been specially formulated with enhanced adhesion and flexibility for use with ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles.

After listening to customer feedback ProSS Flex has been developed by UltraTileFix to offer a cost effective solution that should be in the back of every tilers van.

ProSS Flex is polymer modified making it suitable for use with most common substrates. ProSS Flex boasts an extended pot life of 2 hours, offering a greater fixing time, with an increased period of adjustment perfect for wall tiling.  When used on the floor it is able to take light foot traffic within 16 hours of installation.

ProSS Flex is a great extension to the UltraTileFix trade range with the rapid setting UltraTileFix ProRapid RS also available for when speed is required.  ProRapid RS is able to take light foot traffic within 3 hours of installation with a 1 hour pot life.

If you’re looking for adhesives that are suitable for most tiles, applications and substrates then ProSS Flex and ProRapid RS are the adhesives for you.

All products in the UltraTileFix range including ProSS Flex and ProRapid RS, carry a lifetime guarantee, giving you complete confidence UltraTileFix products are designed to last.

For further information on ProSS Flex and ProRapid RS or to place an order, please contact the UltraTileFix team by email or by calling 01827 254402.

Committed to Quality, Committed to Service, Committed to You.

Making the most of your outside space

For years homeowners have treated the interior of the property and garden as two separate spaces with a concrete or brick boundary in between. The increased popularity of glass bifold doors has seen a growing trend for linking indoor and outdoor spaces.

Even homes with small gardens or terraces are able to create a design that helps the interior feel more spacious.  By connecting the exterior space the eye sees further and a garden-facing room can appear larger.

Porcelain tiles have long been used to create stunning interior designs.  These tiles have been fired up to temperatures of 1,400°C giving them a huge amount of strength and durability. Tilers favoured porcelain tiles for this strength and their good look so it is no surprise the use of these tiles has now spread to the exterior.

Porcelain tiles are dense, scratch and frost resistant, they last a lifetime and are often tougher than concrete and stone options.  Porcelain tiles are also available in vast array of colour options.

The finishing of these tiles is crucial.  When making such an integral design decision it is vital that you don’t compromise the aesthetics with poor jointing.  Whilst traditional jointing materials use sand mixed with quartz to deliver a patchy inconsistent finish, new ProPave Grout from UltraTileFix has been specially developed using coloured quartz to offer a sleek, blended look that perfectly complements the lustrous look of the tiles. The use of coloured quartz provides excellent colour stability, which does not fade or discolour over time.

An extraordinary amount of care and thought has gone into each colour.  Each shade has been refined to work with popular porcelain tile trends.  Natural Cashmere is a warm honey gold, Storm Grey is certainly the most ‘grey’ jointing solution on the market and Pitch Black has a true depth of colour that will make a statement in all designs.  In general, lighter colours such as golds and greys, make your garden feel brighter and larger. Black will create a more intimate space. ProPave Grout has a colour to suit all tastes.

What’s more, all ProPave Grout colours work perfectly with the interior ProGrout colour palette allowing you to create a seamless transition from the inside to out.

ProPave Grout is a permeable solution that is simple to apply and eliminates the need for hand pointing.  It can be used in all weather and is frost resistant.  Once applied you can walk on the finished paving in 24-48 hours.

We hope you’ll enjoy exploring the latest ProPave Grout colour palette and look forward to seeing how you incorporate each shade into your exterior tiling designs.

For more information on ProPave Grout and ProGrout from UltraTileFix contact ultratilefix@instarmac.co.uk or call 01827 254400

The beauty of Natural Stone

Even in the temperate climates of the UK there’s nothing quite like relaxing outdoors.  Regardless of size, an outdoor space to sit, eat and entertain is truly magical.

Homebuilders and developers are seeing the value and importance of these outdoor spaces with the trend of indoor/outdoor living on the rise.

Commercial developers have also been encouraged to include social spaces in their schemes with the Department for Communities and Local Government stating ‘shared and public spaces are vital ingredients of town centres and high streets.  These spaces are what knit a place together’.

The days of a boring mass of square grey slabs are long gone and in many places, paving plays both a practical and aesthetic role.

About 10 years ago, paving with natural stone staged a comeback.  With its lovely natural feel, it can give a superb warm texture to your outdoor space and will wear beautifully. Hard-wearing and durable natural stone is a great investment that will last for years.  Slabs are less prone to crack or break when handled compared to other materials and can endure cold conditions.

Natural stone holds many virtues however it is not an inexpensive solution.  Care should be given when choosing the jointing method as to not compromise the overall look and feel.  premjoint from UltraScape has been specifically developed to work with natural stone paving applications.

Traditional jointing materials can look patchy and discolour.  premjoint has been formulated using coloured quartz for its excellent shades and colour stability compared with others on the market which rely on mixing quartz with sand.

Using popular natural paving slabs as a guide, each shade has been developed to perfectly complement the stone. Natural Cashmere is a warm honey gold that when used with Cotswold Stone creates a traditional look.  Storm Grey is a true ‘grey’ jointing solution that perfectly complements Indian Slate and York Stone.  Pitch Black creates a bold statement when used with Quartz or the increasingly popular Carbon Black Limestone.

premjoint eliminates the need for hand pointing it can be used in all weather and is frost resistant.  Once applied you can walk on the finished paving in 24-48 hours.

premjoint is a permeable paving solution that can be used with UltraScape permeable bedding mortar perma-bed.  UltraScape perma-bed has been specifically formulated to meet and exceed the strict demands of BS 7533. The product provides a perfect bound base for natural stone paving and cobbles, concrete paving, flags and block paving.  The material is specifically designed to drain away any water migrating into the pavement via cracks or damaged areas, reducing failure.

UltraScape has been developing bedding, priming and jointing materials that have been used and specified by contractors, architects and engineers for over 15 years and is delighted to add the permeable solutions of premjoint and perma-bed to the range.

For more information on premjoint and perma-bed from UltraScape contact ultrascape@instarmac.co.uk or call 01827 254400