Flowpoint used at world’s largest shopping mall

Instarmac International’s partner in Dubai, Tanseeq LLC, have supplied world-renowned flowpoint grout as part of a nine-storey extension at The Dubai Mall – the world’s largest shopping mall.


The 140,000 sq. ft. extension, Dubai Mall Zabeel, is a shopping oasis including delicious dining options, 63 new retail stores as well as an additional 3,000 car parking spaces.

The Challenge

Part of this exciting development involved installing 1,600sqm of paving at the front of Dubai Mall Zabeel to create an attractive and inviting walkway. The Dubai Mall welcomes 80 million visitors every year, and with an additional 20 million visitors expected in the forthcoming year, it was imperative that the materials chosen to install the paving would be able to withstand this constant heavy trafficking.

Dubai is famous for its humidity and hot temperatures, and Jacobs, the Consultants working on the Zabeel project, needed a paving grout that would excel in a hot climate and have a quick set time so as not to hinder the project’s completion.

The Solution

Instarmac International’s partner, Tanseeq LLC, supplied UltraScape flowpoint tropical to satisfy Jacobs requirements for performance and programme, which was then utilised to grout 1,600sqm of granite paving.

Forming part of the UltraScape Mortar Paving System, flowpoint tropical has been independently tested to British Standard 7533 and has been developed over a number of years to provide a durable finish which will not crack or stain, even in desert climates.

UltraScape flowpoint tropical is a flowable grout which allows for large areas of paving to be grouted quickly and with ease. Available in 25kg bags, flowpoint tropical is used to grout joints from 5mm to 50mm and as deep as 200mm in one application.

What’s more, flowpoint tropical has a design life of 40 years, can receive foot traffic in 1 hour and vehicular traffic in as little as 4 hours – ideal for projects where delays are not an option, such as this one.

UltraScape flowpoint tropical is available in two beautiful colours – Natural Grey and Charcoal – the latter of which was used at this prestigious site.

The Results

“We were delighted with the performance and finish of flowpoint tropical. Getting products to work in extremely high temperatures can sometimes be problematic but the hot climate wasn’t an issue for flowpoint tropical.” Jacobs.

UltraScape flowpoint tropical is available throughout the UAE through Tanseeq LLC. To contact Tanseeq please call +971 (04) 361 7199 or visit tanseeqllc.com.

For further information on flowpoint tropical and the other materials that make up UltraScape’s Mortar Paving System, please contact Instarmac International’s sales team by emailing international@instarmac.com or calling +44 (0) 1827 254402.

UltraScape premjoint used at multi-million pound private residence

UltraScape premjoint jointing compound has been used to joint 65sqm of sandstone paving at a multi-million pound private residence in an exclusive residential area in Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield.

Designed with an Arts and Crafts style and boasting a leisure complex, four bedrooms and extensive indoor and outdoor living areas, this modern contemporary family home is the epitome of luxury living.

The Challenge
As part of an enhancement project to the outdoor area, the existing jointing compound needed replacing with a grout that would be durable yet compliment the York handmade bricks, sandstone pavers and natural stone detailing of the property.

The Solution
UltraScape premjoint is the next generation in decorative, brush-in jointing solutions. Suitable for use with granite, porcelain and other premium quality natural stone, premjoint jointing compound was the obvious choice for completing this luxury refurbishment project.

Traditional jointing materials can often look patchy and discolour easily. UltraScape premjoint has been formulated using coloured quartz for its excellent shades and colour stability compared with others on the market, which rely on mixing quartz with sand. It’s this difference that really sets premjoint apart from all other brush-in jointing sands.

Using popular natural paving stones as a guide, premjoint is available in 3 attractive colours – Cosmic Black, Natural Cashmere and Storm Grey – the latter of which was used at this prestigious property.

What’s more, premjoint eliminates the need for hand pointing, can be used in all weathers, is frost resistant and once applied, can be walked over in just 24-48 hours – ideal for busy environments such as this family home.

The homeowners were delighted with premjoint. The existing sandstone pavers look brand new when teamed with the storm grey jointing compound and the finished look has further enhanced this impressive property.

To find out more about premjoint, and to request a free colour swatch of each of the striking colours available, please contact UltraScape by emailing ultrascape@instarmac.co.uk or calling +44 (0) 1827 254402.

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Application of Enviro Mastic polymer modified mastic asphalt

UltraCrete Enviro Mastic complies with the new SROH

Introduced in May 2020, the revised standards are changing the way repairs and reinstatements will be carried out on our road network.

The SROH (Specification for the Reinstatement of Openings in Highways) promotes industry best practice and a right first time approach to help prolong the life of repairs and reinstatements on our pavements, footpaths and roads.

For highly trafficked areas, SROH has always demanded the use of independently tested PAS (Product Approval Scheme) approved products and for the first time in its history, this now extends to polymer modified mastic asphalt (PMMA).

The fourth edition of the SROH also references the difficulty often faced when trying to achieve the required level of compaction in narrow trenches or areas which lack adequate space. The SROH now advises that for all sites where ‘compaction is impracticable or where conventional equipment cannot be used owing to existing restrictions’, that PMMA be used to carry out the reinstatement or repair.

UltraCrete have always prided themselves on driving innovation and developing new products to stay ahead of the game. With this in mind, they are delighted to provide the industry, and their partners, with a PAS approved mastic asphalt, which fully complies with the latest edition of the SROH.

UltraCrete Enviro Mastic is a PTS PAS approved, hot applied polymer modified mastic asphalt that gives superior performance in the patching and repairing of carriageways, footpaths, footways and cycle tracks.

Stored as a granular material, UltraCrete Enviro Mastic is poured straight from the bag on site, into a pre-heated mastic mixer and only takes 45-60 minutes to melt – much quicker than other products on the market which can take up to 2 hours.

Polymer modified for increased flexibility and durability when in-situ, Enviro Mastic is available in 20kg bags consisting of loose aggregates and pellets of modified bitumen, rather in large blocks of raw material, which helps you to easily work out exactly how much material you need, reducing wasted product.

What’s more, every bag of Enviro Mastic contains more than 50% recycled material helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and reach environmental goals.

For further information on the new SROH standards, Enviro Mastic or to book a free product demonstration, please contact UltraCrete’s team of experts by calling +44 (0) 1827 254402 or emailing ultracrete@instarmac.co.uk.

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