ProLevel Two makes light work of underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is as popular today as it was the day it was first commissioned. Installing underfloor heating can pose a set of challenges for fixers, however using expert levelling compounds, such as ProLevel Two, makes light work of such projects.

ProLevel Two, from tiling experts UltraTileFix, is a two part, mid-strength smoothing underlayment that is proven to work perfectly with both warm water and radiant electrical underfloor heating systems over multiple substrates.

The flexible and moisture tolerant characteristics of ProLevel Two are what makes this much-loved levelling compound ideal for underfloor heating and timber floors. Suitable for tackling tasks of 2-15mm depths, ProLevel Two has been formulated for internal use and has a set time of just 2.5 hours – you will soon be moving on to the next step of your project!

Due to its handy sizing, ProLevel Two is convenient for contractors and fixers to carry, and with its 1 bag to 1 bottle mixing ratio, it is very simple to mix.

ProLevel Two is a two-component system consisting of a powdered blend of cements, graded fillers and additives and a pre-gauged polymer liquid. It conforms to CT C25 F5 EN 13813 classification and comes with the UltraTileFix Lifetime Guarantee for peace of mind.

Jason Reid, National Sales Manager for UltraTileFix, commented: “If you are installing underfloor heating, this is the product for you! It is proven to save you time, but not only that, it can sustain daily trafficking, whether that be foot traffic in a domestic installation or heavy wear and tear in a commercial environment. The strength of the product can sustain heavy, large format tiles but also has the flexibility to accommodate movement in the subfloor – ideal for underfloor heating installations – and, of course, like all UltraTileFix products, it is trusted to last a lifetime.”

For more information on ProLevel Two or for advice on installing underfloor heating systems, please contact UltraTileFix by emailing or calling +44 (0) 1827 254402.

You can also visit their website,, or send a message on any of their social media platforms.

UltraCrete Permanent Pothole Repair certified for 10 years

UltraCrete, manufacturer of specialist highway maintenance materials, are celebrating after their world renowned Permanent Pothole Repair received BBA HAPAS Certification for the 10th year.

To ensure compliance, UltraCrete are audited every 6 months by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) according to an agreed quality plan which includes production surveillance. A full review of the certificate is then completed every 3 years. This review involves visiting UltraCrete at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to confirm formulations, conduct literature reviews and visit a number of repair sites to ensure Permanent Pothole Repair is performing within specification.

Each repair site must be at least 2 years old, is chosen at random from a list of twenty and is assessed for signs of weathering and deterioration. Only once the BBA are satisfied that all these targets have been met, and the repair sites are still in excellent condition, is a certificate re-issued.

This approval shows UltraCrete’s customers that they are committed to supplying them with products that are proven to stand the test of time.

This approval is not the only cause for celebration at UltraCrete. In Autumn 2020, their market-leading Instant Road Repair also received BBA HAPAS Certification for the 19th year.

UltraCrete Permanent Pothole Repair is the ideal solution for repairing potholes in roads, pavements, driveways and car parks. This much-loved cold lay asphalt concrete can be trafficked instantly in wet, freezing and hot conditions and at the same time, is compatible with the existing road surface.

Ready to use straight from the bag or bucket, Permanent Pothole Repair doesn’t require any special preparation and is easy to apply and compact. To watch a short application video of Permanent Pothole Repair, please visit

Choose UltraCrete for materials that are tested, proven and trusted. For more information on Permanent Pothole Repair and the other approved and certified materials available from UltraCrete, please contact their team of highway experts by calling +44 (0) 1827 254402 or emailing



Geo-Fix® provides long-lasting results at London Art Gallery

In 2003, Geo-Fix® Original jointing compound was used to install paving at the iconic Jerwood Space Art Gallery in London. After a recent visit to the gallery, Geo-Fix® were delighted to see the paving still looked as great as the day it was installed – even over 18 years later.


The Jerwood Foundation, Jerwood Space and Jerwood Arts is a family of organisations committed to supporting and nurturing excellence in the Arts.

The Jerwood Space Art Gallery was first refurbished in 1998, with a further rejuvenation taking place in 2003.

The Challenge

Satellite Design, the architects working on the 2003 refurbishment, requested the use of blue square edged pavers in the entrance and throughout the entire ground floor of the gallery.

In addition, Satellite Design required a jointing material that was durable, easy to use, suitable for joint widths of 5-7mm and in a colour that complemented the blue paving.

The Solution

Market-leading Geo-Fix® Original jointing compound was chosen to complete the installation as it is suitable for both internal and external use and is quick and easy to apply.

Geo-Fix® has been trusted by professionals for over 25 years, and after receiving a sample of the unique blue paving, they were able to colour match the paving perfectly.

Geo-Fix® Original is a ready mixed jointing solution that can simply be brushed into joints with minimal effort. Joints are easily finished by compacting with a pointing tool, saving you valuable time when compared to traditional wet pointing methods.

Geo-Fix® Original offers huge time saving benefits and unlike mortar joints, it is totally resistant to freeze-thaw cycles and will not crack or pop out with frost.

Geo-Fix® jointing compounds are proven to offer a permanent, durable and weed resistant solution that is suitable for all paving projects.


Satellite Design were delighted with the original results and the thousands of people who have visited the Jerwood Gallery over the last 18 years, have been able to enjoy the long-lasting results of Geo-Fix® Original jointing compound.

For more information on jointing solutions from Geo-Fix® or to receive a free colour swatch of each stunning colour, please email, call +44 (0) 1827 908510 or send a message on any of their social media channels.

Build your screed with speed with UltraFloor Screed IT UltraCem

UltraFloor are delighted to present the flooring market with Screed IT UltraCem – the time saving alternative to sand and cement.

Traditionally, sand, cement and water are used to build a new screed from scratch. By using these materials, screeders are able to build up an even, deep concrete slab which is ready to receive a floorcovering after approximately 28 days.

Time is money and waiting 28 days for the screed to be ready is often too long if project deadlines are to be met. Screeders are usually the last trade on site and therefore feel the most pressure to save time and meet the desired completion date.

With this in mind, UltraFloor are excited to announce the launch of their latest flooring innovation – Screed IT UltraCem – a product that is guaranteed to save you time and money.

Screed IT UltraCem is a fibre modified hydraulic binder, which can replace general cement, and when mixed with graded aggregates and water will produce a rapid drying high strength screed which is ready to receive floor finishes such as ceramic/natural stone tiles, wood, lino, carpet etc. between just 24 hours and 4 days – a huge difference compared to the 28 days needed for traditional methods.

Suitable for both internal and external applications, Screed IT UltraCem is fibre reinforced for added strength, which means you don’t need to purchase fibres separately to get the same structural benefits.

What’s more, Screed IT UltraCem has been tailored to meet the needs of the UK flooring industry and is approved for use with 4mm graded aggregate if following our recommended mix designs.

Screed IT UltraCem is widely available through UltraFloor’s extensive distribution network. For further details of this innovative product, to place an order, or to find your nearest stockist, please contact UltraFloor by calling +44 (0) 1827 254402, emailing or sending a message on any of their social media channels.

UltraFloor renovates 2,000sqm warehouse in just 10 days

UltraFloor are delighted to have provided Specialist Screed (Flooring) Solutions with expert subfloor preparation materials to complete a 2,000sqm flooring project at DHM Plastics in Kent.


Specialist Screed (Flooring) Solutions are known nationally for their floor zone expertise within the commercial, industrial and domestic sectors. Their extensive knowledge and experience put them in perfect place to install 2,000sqm of Vebro EP Epoxy High Build Coating System at DHM Plastic’s warehouse in Lenham, Kent.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge facing this project was the tight timescale Specialist Screed (Flooring) Solutions had to work to. The clients needed the project to be completed during their Christmas shutdown which meant there was only 10 days to complete the work before the machinery needed to be moved back in.

The Solution

After securing the project, Steve Fincham, Head of Specialist Projects, sought professional advice from UltraFloor’s Area Sales Manager for the South, Crystal Hopkins.

After visiting site, Crystal recommended the use of Prime IT Multi-surface Primer and Level IT Top – expert subfloor preparation materials that would meet the clients’ requirements perfectly.

Formulated to promote adhesion to all UltraFloor smoothing underlayments, Prime IT Multi-surface Primer reduces pinholing, minimising the risk of costly failures. With a coverage rate of 200m² at 3:1 dilution, Prime IT multi-surface Primer is a must-have product for all flooring installation projects.

Level IT Top is a polymer rich, high strength, single part, cementitious smoothing underlayment which incorporates recycled raw materials. Formulated for exceptional abrasion resistance, Level IT Top has been designed for use a finished wear surface in both industrial and commercial applications.

Mixed easily on-site with water, Level IT Top can be trowel or pump applied and is suitable for use in heavily trafficked areas such as warehouses, storage areas, corridors and factory units.

What’s more, Level IT Top has a working time of 30-40 minutes, can receive foot traffic after 2-3 hours and forklift traffic after as little as 36 hours – perfect for projects with a quick turnaround such as this one.

The Results

“We, and the client, were impressed with the smooth finish and robustness of the finished project.” Steve Fincham, Head of Specialist Projects at Specialist Screed (Flooring) Solutions.

For more information about UltraFloor and their range of subfloor preparation materials, please contact their team of flooring experts by calling +44 (0) 1827 254402, emailing or visiting