A charge of up to £2,000 a day for roadworks!

The Local Government Association (LGA) is calling for councils to be given the power to introduce lane rental schemes. The LGA who represent authorities across England and Wales want to see a reduction in traffic disruption. These schemes could see firms paying up to £2,000 per day for the work they do on the busiest roads at peak periods.

The charge would be imposed on utility companies such as gas, water and cable providers who would be charged a daily rate for work to be carried out. It is thought this will give companies an added incentive to finish faster and also discourage ‘shoddy’ workmanship with substandard materials which would lead to future visits.

So, do lane rental schemes work?

Currently, Transport for London and Kent Country Council are the only authorities who have the approval to run lane rental schemes.

A study into London’s Lane Rental Scheme shows that since its introduction in 2012 the amount of serious and severe disruption caused by planned roadworks has been cut by 46% on the capital’s busiest roads, reducing delays for all road users.

How can you minimise your time on the road?

By specifying and using the correct HAPAS approved reinstatement products you can ensure a permanent repair and also reduce your time on the road.

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All the main utility companies are also now signed up to the use of rapid drying materials like those offered by UltraCrete, considerably reducing the amount of time required to reopen roads and helping to save approximately 2,700 days of disruption across London.

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