A Safer Road Ahead thanks to UltraCrete

Instarmac’s French partner, Vert Bleu, have supplied world-renowned reinstatement materials to repair a failed manhole on a busy road in Rue des Creuses, France.

Municipalite of Annecy required reinstatement materials that would be able to withstand heavy trafficking and endure the constant flow of wheels as this particular manhole cover was located in the wheel track of the carriageway. Located outside a Peugeot Garage and 300m from the entrance of a busy supermarket, it was essential that the repair materials used could be trafficked quickly to minimise disruption to pedestrians and motorists.

Vert Bleu supplied TPLM, the contractor on this project, with UltraCrete PY5, a flowable resin bedding mortar and UltraCrete Instant Road Repair® cold lay asphalt, as these products not only meet, but surpass the requirements of this reinstatement.

Part of UltraCrete’s range of high performance bedding mortars, PY5 is ideal for anchoring bolts or bars, bedding lights in carriageways and backfill of manhole covers. PY5 is able to withstand extreme wear and tear and boasts an impressive compressive strength gain of 85N/mm² after just 1 hour. What’s more, failed manholes reinstated with PY5 can be opened to traffic in just 40 minutes.

Independently tested and approved by the Highways Authority Product Approval Scheme (HAPAS), UltraCrete Instant Road Repair® has been used to repair potholes and failed manhole systems around the world for over 35 years thanks to its high performance capabilities.

Applied in 3 easy steps – clean, pour, compact – Instant Road Repair can be opened to traffic immediately allowing for roads to be opened quickly, minimising disruption.

Instant Road Repair is suitable for use in all weathers and climates and is resistant to freeze/thaw as well as extremely hot weather conditions which made it ideal for the changeable environment in the mountainous area of the Rue des Creuses.

The failed manhole was reinstated quickly and efficiently much to the delight of both TPLM and the Municipalite of Annecy.

For further information about PY5 and Instant Road Repair and the products available in the UltraCrete range of highway maintenance materials, please visit www.instarmacinternational.com or email international@instarmac.com.

To contact Vert Bleu please call +33 (0)4 79 84 41 08 or visit www.ultracrete.fr.