We are passionate about not just creating quality products, but doing so conscientiously and in a way that limits our impact on the environment.

The UN defines sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

At Instarmac, we have identified how we can work sustainably, not just from an environmental perspective, but also with regards to our people and community.


Less Raw Materials: Many of our products contain recycled materials. We look to do this wherever possible to reduce our alliance on declining raw materials, producing more sustainable products.


Operating Responsibly: We take all the necessary measures needed to ensure our products are manufactured efficiently and with as little environmental impact as possible.


Delivering Efficiently: We now own a 37 strong fleet and invest in the most up-to-date logistics technology and efficiency procedures to ensure that we offer an award-winning delivery services with a minimal carbon footprint.


Expert Guidance: Our highly skilled and experienced training team annually deliver over 100 customers training sessions to ensure the correct installation of our products, increasing their lifespan and reducing waste.


No Waste: We have been a 0 waste to landfill site since 2014, meaning all our post production waste is reused or recycled. We also collect our customers’ used plastic buckets for free, whilst operating a successful pallet recycling scheme.

Did you know annually we use over 4,000 tonnes of recycled materials in our products? That’s the equivalent of 325 London buses!


The efficient use of electricity, water, fuel and other non-renewable sources in our offices and manufacturing plant has long been established as standard practice, not only because of cost implications. By educating our employees and providing a forum for their ideas, we have not only been able to implement best practice, but also ensure a very high dedication to environmentally friendly initiatives. Because we review all of our waste streams regularly we are certain to take every opportunity to improve our performance.

AdBlue is the latest in a long line of initiatives Instarmac has introduced over recent years, all of which impact positively on the environment. Their up-to-date fleet boasts the latest technologies to maximise efficiency, this enables drivers to stay in the ‘green zone’, making the best use of fuel to further reduce harmful emissions.

Instarmac have also invested in Grey Water and Intelligent Lighting Systems alongside solar panels and climate control across their entire building. What’s more, as of 2014, Instarmac can boast ‘zero waste to landfill´ which means 100% of waste is recycled.

Sustainability and environmental issues are very important to Instarmac and are always considered when making business decisions. Instarmac continue to improve their initiatives and policies with the aim of creating a truly sustainable future, they have even been recognised by key industry associations, such as FeRFA and the TTA for their positive impact on the environment and have won a number of awards to reflect this.

For more information on our environmental, social and ethical achievements, commitments and aims, please download a copy of our Environmental and Social Responsibility Report.

Alternatively, you can contact our team of experts by calling +44(0)1827 254402 or emailing us at enquiries@instarmac.co.uk or via the Contact Us page.