The optimum use of materials and consumables is not a new concept, but it is one that we have implemented successfully.

The efficient use of electricity, water, fuel and other non-renewable sources in our offices and manufacturing plant has long been established as standard practice, not only because of cost implications. By educating our employees and providing a forum for their ideas, we have not only been able to implement best practice, but also ensure a very high dedication to environmentally friendly initiatives. Because we review all of our waste streams regularly we are certain to take every opportunity to improve our performance.

At Instarmac we offer a Plastic Containers recycling Scheme. This scheme, for our UltraCrete customers will help you to decrease your impact on the environment by reducing landfill and by recycling non-biodegradable plastic, which can then be re-used by other industries.

We are constantly investing in research and development to continuously decrease our use of raw materials, by testing new recycled materials. Many of our current products have a recycled content: Envirobed HA104® manhole bedding mortar, Pro-Bed HS ECO bedding mortar for paving, and Flowpoint ECO jointing mortar all contain 20% recycled glass.

AdBlue is the latest in a long line of initiatives Instarmac has introduced over recent years, all of which impact positively on the environment. Their up-to-date fleet boasts the latest technologies to maximise efficiency, this enables drivers to stay in the ‘green zone’, making the best use of fuel to further reduce harmful emissions.

Instarmac have also invested in Grey Water and Intelligent Lighting Systems alongside solar panels and climate control across their entire building. What’s more, as of 2014, Instarmac can boast ‘zero waste to landfill´ which means 100% of waste is recycled.

Sustainability and environmental issues are very important to Instarmac and are always considered when making business decisions. Instarmac continue to improve their initiatives and policies with the aim of creating a truly sustainable future, they have even been recognised by key industry associations, such as FeRFA and the TTA for their positive impact on the environment and have won a number of awards to reflect this.

For further information please call us on +44(0)1827 254402, email us at enquiries@instarmac.co.uk or via the Contact Us page.