Are failing, flexible joints giving you a headache?

UltraScape has the solution!

UltraScape PaveJoint plus is a specialist jointing compound that provides a flexible yet durable finish when cured. It is suitable for use with most types of paving including natural stone, concrete, slate, clay, terracotta and granite.

PaveJoint plus is a clear choice for flexible paving –

  • Suitable for use with most types of paving
  • Long lasting, durable joint
  • Protects paving from weed growth
  • Can be used in all weather
  • Resistant to freeze/thaw weather conditions
  • Non-staining
  • Fills joints 3-20mm
  • No waste, left over material can be re-used
  • Available in grey, black and natural
  • Size: 25kg bucket

PaveJoint plus can be used on pavements and lightly trafficked pedestrianised areas with occasional vehicular use. Water is used to pre-soak the surface and this also helps the sand to penetrate deep into the paving joint. Staining of the paving is prevented by keeping the area wet during application.

For further information on UltraScape PaveJoint plus, please visit or call 01827 254402. You can also follow UltraScape on Twitter @Ultrascape_UK.