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UltraFloor sets itself apart with its next generation smoothing underlayment

UltraFloor is pleased to announce the release of its enhanced Level IT Two smoothing underlayment.

Having listened carefully to their customer’s needs, UltraFloor has revisited the formula of its established product, Level IT Two underlayment, and reengineered this popular offering to provide cutting-edge adhesion, tolerance and reliability.

The advanced, user-friendly product has the following enhanced key capabilities;

  • Rapid moisture loss to allow earlier application of floor coverings. Carpets can be overlaid after 8 hours. Floor covering such as vinyl sheet & tile can be overlaid after 10 hours, a great advancement on the usual 12 hours.
  • Improved flow properties to aid faster application and smoother finish.
  • Formulated to provide low tension curing resulting in a leveller with a greater tolerance to subfloor.
  • Increased polymer to provide greater tolerance and adhesion to subfloors.

Jason Reid, National Sales Manager for UltraFloor said: “We’ve really listened to what our customers want, and we believe our latest formulation is the best yet. The product is visibly different and the enhanced drying properties really set this product apart from anything else currently on the market. This is our most versatile product to date.”

For pricing enquiries, or to find your nearest stockist, please contact UltraFloor’s team of experts by emailing or by calling 01827 254402 or visit

About UltraFloor: UltraFloor is part of the award-winning Instarmac Group plc. UltraFloor offers a range of smoothing underlayments, repair and finishing compounds, primer and products for moisture protection all of which are suitable for the preparation of subfloors in commercial, industrial and domestic applications. For more information please visit


Level IT Bond goes to infinity and beyond!

Space is anything but the final frontier for UltraFloor’s Level IT Bond underlayment coverage.

Regenerated Level IT Bond is a rapid curing, high performance two-part smoothing underlayment. It’s out of this world flow and adhesion characteristics make it suitable for use over a wide variety of subfloors and substrates, including old adhesive residues, and for use in both domestic and commercial flooring projects.

Level IT Bond can help contractors get light years ahead, even when undertaking the largest flooring projects. Due to its superior formulation, substrates do not need to be primed beforehand, therefore subfloors can be installed quickly and speedily, saving time and money as well as helping to increase productivity.

With increased polymer content, this versatile underlayment can be used over concrete, sand and cement, calcium sulphate/ anhydrite/ hemihydrate screeds, existing cementitious underlayments, damp proof membranes, surface electrical radiant heating systems, flooring grade plywood, rigid steel, flooring grade asphalt, porcelain, ceramic, quarry or terrazzo floors and moisture tolerant adhesive residues. It can also be used in biologically sensitive areas due to its protein-free formulation.

Jason Reid, National Sales Manager for UltraFloor said: “Level IT Bond really does have out of this world coverage. It is now far more tolerant, with the capability to receive bonded floor coverings after just 4 hours. Formulated as a two-component system, it can help eliminate on-site mixing errors and keep fast-track projects on schedule.”

For pricing enquiries, or to find your nearest stockist, please contact UltraFloor’s team of experts by emailing or by calling 01827 254402 or visit

About UltraFloor: UltraFloor is part of the award-winning Instarmac Group plc. UltraFloor offers a range of smoothing underlayments, repair and finishing compounds, primer and products for moisture protection all of which are suitable for the preparation of subfloors in commercial, industrial and domestic applications. For more information please click here


Instarmac are named as a ‘Great Place to Work®’ 2019 UK Best Workplaces™ for Women

Tamworth based Instarmac Group plc are delighted to have been officially named as a ‘Great Place to Work®’ 2019 UK Best Workplaces™ for Women (medium sized organisation category).

In order to qualify for this prestigious award, Instarmac Group plc had to meet a number of strict criteria, including having already been ranked as a Great Place to Work®, employing a minimum of 25% women in their work force, having a minimum of 25% of women employed in higher positions e.g. Manager, Senior manager etc., and to have demonstrated a confidence level of 80% from data gathered by direct feedback from the company’s female workforce.

Organisations selected for the Best Workplaces™ for Women go above and beyond for women in their workforce, making sure they are treated fairly when it comes to pay, recognition, training and promotion opportunities, and that work-life balance is promoted and supported. Some of the specifics Instarmac Group plc were commended for included paying employees equally regardless of their sex, childcare vouchers, flexible and part-time working hours, as well as offering a ‘bonus’ to those who return to work following their maternity leave.

Zoe Rees, Head of Sales at Instarmac Group plc, commented: “In any business, a workplace culture built on trust and inclusion that supports and empowers women throughout the various stages of their career is key to sustained company development, collaboration and innovation. At Instarmac we value diversity and feel it creates more, valued, engaged employees and therefore happier customers. Being named in the Best Workplaces™ for Women list is a fantastic achievement and clearly indicates the way in which our company values, empowers, and promotes the contribution of women across all aspects of our business.”

This is the third in a hat trick of impressive workplace awards that Instarmac have received to date this year. Earlier in the year, the growing West Midland Company received a Great Place to Work® award for the third year running and was also presented with the Great Place to Work® Excellence in Wellbeing Award – an award only given to companies who are committed to creating a happier and healthier work environment.

Commenting on the latest award, Karen Williams, Head of Human Resources at Instarmac Group plc said “We are very proud to have received this recognition from Great Place to Work®’ 2019 Best Workplaces for Women. We work hard here to ensure our recruitment and hiring is inclusive, as well as ensuring fairness around pay, recognition, training and development opportunities and work/life balance. This award helps us to strive to do better, as well as recognising the ways we have contributed to provide a supportive environment for women to progress within their careers and balance their work and family commitments”

John Holcroft, Managing Director of Instarmac Group plc said; “At Instarmac we have always been forward thinking and inclusive in our recruitment and employment approach. Historically, construction has been a predominantly male dominated industry, however, over the past 28 years our workforce has included many female employees, at all career levels, both office based and out in the field. There is more to be done within the industry to increase the recruitment and retention of a female workforce, but here at Instarmac we make every effort to continue to be a great place to work for all and are very honoured to have been officially recognized as such.”

About Instarmac Group Plc

Established over 40 years ago, Instarmac is a multi-award-winning market-leading West Midlands based company that specialises in the manufacture and distribution of cement and bitumen based construction products to the world markets. It aims to apply the foundations of a great workplace – fairness, respect, feeling valued and trusted – to everyone, regardless of who they are.

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About Great Place to Work®’ 2019 Best Workplaces for Women

The organisations on the UK Best Workplaces ™ for women list have introduced policies and programmes that foster development and empower women to grow their careers. The latest research by Great Place to Work® UK shows that although 2019 has seen the highest recorded level of female employment at 71.8%, women are still experiencing unfair practices at work, including unconscious bias, unequal pay and under-representation in senior management positions. The Best Workplaces™ for Women understand the importance of prioritising gender neutrality to help build a trusted culture of collaboration and innovation where people feel valued and committed to achieving organisational goals. Their leaders are dedicated to creating a great experience for all employees and for their customers.

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Fast but not loose!

Get the job done with UltraTileFix ProLevel Rapid

As all tiling contractors know, time is money, but underlayment is like an insurance policy for any tile project, so it’s important to choose a reliable product as well as one that is rapid setting.

UltraTileFix ProLevel Rapid can be relied on for same day tiling. It is a single part, high strength, rapid drying and curing cementitious smoothing underlayment. The product’s formulation incorporates a blend of specially graded fillers, fine cements, polymers and fibres. The carefully formulated fibre technology aids application and strength, resulting in a strong, sound and even base that’s ready to tile over after only 45 minutes.

ProLevel Rapid is also the perfect for timber floors and underfloor heating and, as with all UltraTileFix products, it carries a lifetime guarantee.

Jason Reid, National Sales Manager for UltraTileFix explained; “UltraTileFix ProLevel Rapid is the ideal choice for contractors to use in areas where it is necessary to carry out installations in a short time frame. I’d recommend it for any ‘level and lay in a day’ projects, particularly in highly used areas such as corridors, atriums and lobby areas. Plus its rapid set time enables light foot traffic in 30 minutes.”

Click here for more information on UltraTileFix ProLevel Rapid

About UltraTileFix: UltraTileFix is part of the award-winning Instarmac Group plc. UltraTileFix offer a comprehensive range of ready mixed pastes and cementitious powder wall and floor adhesives, grouts, silicones, ancillary products and levelling compounds

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Create a splash with large format tiles using ProGrip FX

Today’s popular large-format tiles demand an adhesive with exceptional grab, UltraTileFix ProGrip FX does just that.

Large-format tiles are great for creating a spacious look and can be installed on walls and floors, within indoor and outdoor environments seamlessly. But with their increased weight and smoother backs, they can present new fixing challenges to the professional tiler.

Although installed in much the same way as regular tiles, larger tiles do require a little more preparation and consideration. Most surfaces can be laid with large-format tiles, providing the proposed surface can withstand the weight of the tiles, the tiles are correctly prepared and an appropriate fibre-reinforced adhesive is selected, as this is vital to ensuring the success of the project.

UltraTileFix ProGrip FX is a fibre reinforced, single part, semi-rapid setting, flexible tile adhesive and is just the job for this type of task. The fibres within the ProGrip FX formula aid the adhesive capabilities of the product making it a stronger bond, as well as providing superior non-slip properties and thixotropic* behaviour. Available in white and grey and sold in portable, contractor and retail friendly 20kg bags, UltraTileFix ProGrip FX also carries a lifetime guarantee.

Jason Reid, National Sales Manager for UltraTileFix commented; “Larger format tiles require the use of higher strength polymer modified adhesives with improved slip and slump characteristics. UltraTileFix ProGrip FX is specially formulated to deliver these properties as well as the enhanced adhesion you’d expect from our products. It can be used on porcelain, stone and mosaic tiles and is able to take light foot traffic within 3 hours of installation depending upon temperature and substrate.”

* Becoming less viscous when subjected to an applied stress.

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Award winning UltraScape paving grout is on point for use within ‘Outside/In’ paving design trends

UltraScape flowpoint smooth mortar paving grout is helping Merchants and Landscapers keep up with the big demand for porcelain tiled, inside to outside, living spaces.

Creating a seamless transition from inside to outside living spaces has become exceptionally popular in recent years and due to its low maintenance and low absorption of moisture, porcelain is the ideal paving solution for these types of designs.

In order to create the perfect transition required for this contemporary style and product, it’s important to use the right grout. One of the key factors to making this look work is choosing a grout that complements the tiling, but it is also critical to select a product that’s robust enough to withstand differing internal and external temperatures and still provide exceptional bond strength.

Suitable for large or small scale domestic, landscaping and public realm projects, award winning flowpoint smooth does just that. It is economical to use and available in the on trend colours of charcoal and natural grey. Rapid setting, it is ideally suited to smooth paving stones and slabs with joints as small as 3mm and can also withstand foot traffic within an hour. The established UltraScape product also has the reassurance of meeting and exceeding the strict demands of BS 7533.

Richard Moss, National Sales Manager for UltraScape said; “Versatile, aesthetically pleasing and quick setting, flowpoint smooth mortar paving grout is the perfect solution for up-to-the-minute paving in domestic designs. Landscapers are sometimes cautious about using this type of grout on porcelain paving, but our product is very easy to use. If they are still unsure, we are more than happy to offer demonstrations to help them confidently understand just how practical and effective flowpoint is for this type of project.”

To find out more about UltraScape flowpoint smooth mortar paving grout or to book a demonstration please contact or call +44(0) 1827 254 400

Helping to lead the fight in the war against potholes!

By booking a free demonstration of UltraCrete’s Tough Patch® cold lay surface material, local authorities and businesses can find the best way to overcome their pothole crisis, whilst saving time and money.

The recent Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) survey found that Britain’s road repair backlog continues to grow, and despite local authorities fixing a record 1.86 million potholes between March 2018 and March 2019 there’s still much to be done.

Time is clearly of the essence, and it’s important for repair teams to find a solution that can quickly, effectively and permanently resolve pothole issues before the next onset of wintry weather.

The experienced UltraCrete Team understand this and are geared to work closely with local authorities and businesses to create bespoke Tough Patch® product demonstrations to cover any issues across the network. A free demonstration repair for roads, pavements, driveways or car parks can be undertaken in live situations and in all weathers. The UltraCrete Training Team will demonstrate that using Tough Patch® speedy repairs can be tackled with minimal traffic disruption, management and cost, creating a first time, permanent repair that will accept traffic immediately. Aesthetically pleasing, the Tough Patch® cold lay repair solution is PTS PAS Certified, and can also be confidently cored after just 24 hours.

Karl Brannigan, National Sales Manager for UltraCrete commented; “Undertaking a free Tough Patch® demonstration is a really great way for highways teams to quickly understand how to effectively win in the war against potholes. With insurance claims relating to potholes increasing yearly, this issue is becoming quite literarily a money pit for local authorities and the like. Our solution demonstrates how potholes can be effectively and permanently managed.”

Click here to book a free bespoke Tough Patch® product demonstration

UltraCrete is part of the award-winning Instarmac Group plc. UltraCrete products are widely used for repair and maintenance projects across a range of sectors. Choose UltraCrete for all your highway maintenance needs. Our proven and trusted range includes first time permanent patching materials, high specification concretes, fast setting repair mortars and anti-skid reinstatement solutions.

For more information, please contact Instarmac’s team of technical experts by emailing or calling 01827 254402.