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Shopper’s paradise created with Flowpoint after devastating earthquake

Flowpoint, part of the UltraScape Mortar Paving System, has been used to install a vehicle laneway at BNZ Retail Precinct – Christchurch’s latest shopping experience.

Located in the heart of the CBD in New Zealand, BNZ Retail Precinct is the first permanent shopping centre to open since the devastating 2011 earthquake. Created in two stages, the BNZ Centre features six-storey and five-storey buildings, each including their own mezzanine car park.

Over 47,000m² in size, the whole complex centres around a 1,000m² courtyard which provides an attractive, sheltered and sunny spot for visitors to enjoy.

Part of the development at The BNZ Centre included the installation of a vehicle laneway. Landscape Architects, Beca Christchurch, required a stylish and aesthetically pleasing grout which would be able to withstand the constant and heavy trafficking of the laneway.

Flowpoint, supplied by Instarmac’s partner in New Zealand, Horizon International, was used by Leighs Construction to install the Granite and Bluestone Paving on the busy vehicle laneway.

Part of the UltraScape Mortar Paving System, Flowpoint has been independently tested to British Standard 7533 and has been developed over a number of years to provide a durable finish which will not crack or stain – even in temperatures as high as 50°C.

Flowpoint is a flowable grout which allows for large areas of paving to be grouted quickly. The flowable properties of Flowpoint mean it is equally suited to grouting small cobbles as it is large tiles – ideal for projects where a combination of paving stones will be used.

What’s more, Flowpoint can be walked over in 1 hour and driven over in just 4 hours, which makes it the perfect grout for projects where minimal disruption and early trafficking are essential.

Flowpoint is available in 3 varieties including ECO and Smooth and 2 colours – Charcoal and Natural Grey, providing a stylish yet durable finish for every type of project.

BNZ Retail Precinct is the latest in a long line of prestigious projects for Flowpoint. UltraScape’s Mortar Paving System has been specified and used at Tallinn Old Town in Estonia, MBR City, City Walk and Opera House in Dubai, Roxy Cinema in Wellington and MediaCity, Savoy Hotel and the Bullring Shopping Centre in the YK.

Flowpoint is available throughout New Zealand through Horizon International. To contact Horizon International please visit

For more information on Flowpoint and the other materials that make up UltraScape’s Mortar Paving System please contact Instarmac’s team of technical experts by email or by calling +44 (0) 1827 254402.

Stavanger: 5 Years Later

In Autumn 2012, Flowpoint rapid set flowable grout was used to install a new roundabout and pedestrian crossing in Stavanger, and following a recent visit to the same site, Instarmac are pleased to announce the paving still looks as good as the day it was finished.

A previous European Capital of Culture Winner, Stavanger, is a small and intimate city located on the south western coast of Norway. Over recent years, this beautiful town has seen a huge influx of tourists and has become one of Europe’s fastest growing ports of call for cruise ships. The increase in motorists and additional tourists all added to the extra traffic load of Stavanger’s notoriously narrow roads.

To ease congestion and to make travelling around the town safer for pedestrians, the local municipality installed an extra roundabout and pedestrian crossing and used Flowpoint rapid set flowable grout to install the paving.

5 years later, Instarmac’s Norwegian partner Betomur AS, re-visited the roundabout and crossing and are pleased to announce that both areas show no signs of deterioration and have remained as good as the day they were installed – proving that UltraScape’s Mortar Paving System really is built to last.

Independently tested and approved, Flowpoint is proven to be compliant to British Standard 7533. This standard confirms Flowpoint has a minimum construction life 40 years and guarantees its performance in areas of heavy traffic, turning and braking – a key feature for any areas of paving where vehicles will travel over it.

Available in 2 colours – Natural Grey and Charcoal – and in 3 varieties including Smooth and ECO, Flowpoint is a flowable grout which allows for large areas of paving to be grouted quickly. Supplied in 25kg bags, Flowpoint can be used to grout joints from 3mm to 50mm and as deep as 200mm in one application – ideal for applications where a number of different sized stones will be used or on uneven areas, such as this project.

What’s more, Flowpoint can receive foot traffic in 1 hour and vehicle traffic in 4 hours keeping disruption to motorists and pedestrians to a minimum and allows contractors to move on to their next project quickly.

Flowpoint is available throughout Norway via Betomur AS. To contact Betomur please call +47 55 59 44 50 or visit

For more information on Flowpoint and the other materials that make up UltraScape’s Mortar Paving System please contact Instarmac’s team of experts by emailing or by calling +44 (0) 1827 254402.

Recent snowfall spells trouble for UK road network

The latest news reports have been flooded with beautiful snow covered landscapes and images of families sledging and building snowmen, and then the snow arrived over the weekend a huge sigh of relief could be heard across the country, as we didn’t have to face the dreaded Monday morning commute in icy conditions.

However, when Monday morning arrived the disruption the snow brought was obvious. A number of flights were cancelled, hundreds of schools were closed and motorists were stuck for hours on some of the country’s busiest motorways.

Now the snow has started to melt, and our daily routine has returned to normal, we are beginning to see the damage the freezing temperatures have had on our road network.

The cold, and now wet weather, has further damaged an already vulnerable road network, posing a growing safety risk to the motorists who use it and with cuts to local council’s budgets a permanent solution to the UK’s pothole crisis has never been needed more.

Get it right first time with UltraCrete first time permanent patching materials.

The range includes  3mm, 6mm and 10mm cold lay asphalts plus Tough Patch® Rapid hybrid pothole repair solution. Each product is instantly trafficable allowing for roads to be opened up quickly causing minimal disruption to motorists. They can each be used in all weathers – including freezing temperatures – and don’t require any cooling time.

Suitable for repairing asphalt in a variety of environments, including driveways, pavements, cycle paths and heavily trafficked roads, UltraCrete’s range of patching materials provide a first time permanent repair every single time.

For a more durable repair in wet conditions, why not try Permanent Pothole Repair Wet?

For more information on UltraCrete’s range of first time permanent patching materials please contact their team of experts by email or by calling 01827 254402.

UltraCrete have some great tips on how to get the most from your products during the colder months. Download a free copy of their Guide to Cold Weather Working.

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UltraCrete helps the UK stay safe

In light of recent terrorist events across the UK, concerns surrounding public safety have never been more important. Security measures have become increasingly visible with major cities, such as London and Birmingham, installing safety bollards in busy pedestrianised areas and at popular public events, such as the Frankfurt Christmas Market and Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland.

High security products, such as road blockers, bollards and barrier systems all require the support of durable installation materials. UltraCrete’s Post, Bollard and Sign Installation range offer both short and long-term solutions for a range of applications.

For backfilling and surface repairs around impact tested, high security bollards and crash tested barrier systems, UltraCrete recommends the use of a fibre reinforced concrete such as QC10 F rapid set flowable concrete.

Are you backfilling around fixed telescopic bollards, surveillance cameras or lighting? For a first time permanent installation use UltraCrete QC10 rapid strength concrete.

PY5 flowable polyester resin system has been formulated for backfilling high specification installations such as temporary or permanent speed ramps and for filling holes when ramps have been removed.

Also available is a high precision grout for installing dowel bars and safety railings and a 10mm grade rapid hardening concrete formulated for the fast installation of posts and signs.

Available in contractor friendly 25kg units, each product can be trafficked within 24 hours, with some open to traffic in as little as 40 minutes, enabling security measures to be installed quickly and effectively.

Every product in the range provides a first time permanent repair so you can be assured that once the installation is complete, the area won’t crack and break out, guaranteeing your safety measures stay in place to help keep the public safe – it also eliminates costly repeat visits to site.

UltraCrete has been providing concrete repair solutions for planned and reactive repairs for over 40 years. For further information on their Post, Bollard and Sign Installation materials and the other materials available in their highway maintenance range, please contact their team of  Technical experts by email or by calling 01827 254402.

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Christmas Opening Hours

During the Christmas period, we will be open on the following days:

  • Friday 22nd December
  • Wednesday 27th December
  • Thursday 28th December
  • Friday 29th December
  • Tuesday 2nd January 2018

We will be closed on the following days:

  • Monday 25th December
  • Tuesday 26th December
  • Monday 1st January

We will resume normal business hours (8.00am – 5.30pm) from Wednesday 3rd January 2018.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Boost your sustainability credentials with Flowpoint ECO

As global temperatures rise and natural materials decline, there is an increased amount of pressure from governments and industry bodies for businesses and individuals to boost their sustainability performance.

UltraScape understands the importance of sustainable building solutions and that is why all product development is geared around delivering sustainable solutions for today’s requirements. They are constantly investing in research to continuously reduce their use of raw materials by testing new recycled materials.

With this in mind, UltraScape’s team of technical experts enhanced the formulation of their world renowned flowable grout, Flowpoint, to create Flowpoint ECO – a flowable grout with a difference!

Launched over 20 years ago, Flowpoint ECO is a BS 7533 approved, environmentally friendly grout, which contains 20% recycled material. The addition of recycled material significantly reduces the consumption of virgin aggregates – an important feature for any projects aspiring to achieve a CEEQUAL award or for those looking to improve their BREEAM rating.

Available in 2 colours – Natural Grey and Charcoal – Flowpoint ECO is suitable for most paving types and leaves a stain free finish every time, providing the perfect appearance for all paving schemes.

With a rapid set time of just 15 minutes, paving grouted with Flowpoint ECO can be walked on in just 1 hour and driven over in 4 hours, allowing contractors to move on to the next part of the project quickly.

What’s more, Flowpoint ECO is available for specification via the RIBA Product Selector and NBS Plus. Add this rapid set flowable grout to your specification.

Find out more about Flowpoint ECO and the other environmentally friendly products available from UltraScape.

For pricing enquiries or to place an order, please contact the UltraScape Sales Team by email or by calling 01827 254402.

Gain CPD points at the RIBA London CPD Roadshow

Visit the UltraScape team at the RIBA London CPD Roadshow held on Liverpool Street in Norton Folgate on the 7th December 2017. The Roadshow is your opportunity to learn from Members of the RIBA CPD Providers Network as they share their knowledge and expertise on innovative products and the latest technologies.

Visitors to the UltraScape stand will discover a range of bedding, priming and jointing materials that meet and exceed the strict demands of British Standard 7533. These premium products have been specified by contractors, engineers and architects for an ever-expanding portfolio of major schemes across the UK and around the world.

What’s more, you can join Richard, National Sales Manager for UltraScape, as he presents their RIBA approved CPD ‘Paving the Way: The Benefits of BS 7533. Reducing the Risk of Failure in the Public Realm‘ at 3.00pm in Seminar Room 1.

If you are interested in listening to UltraScape’s CPD but can’t make it to the Seminar, why not select a more convenient date for a member of the team to deliver the CPD at your premises? Visit the UltraScape stand to discover more about their CPD options.

The RIBA London CPD Roadshow is free to attend, includes lunch and refreshments and gives you the opportunity to gain CPD points by booking up to five one-hour sessions in a range of curriculum topics. To register for your tickets please visit

For further information on UltraScape’s BS 7533 Mortar Paving System please contact their team of experts by email or calling 01827 254402.

Take a look at UltraScape’s Mortar Paving System in action!

UltraCrete Revolutionises Traditional Repair Methods

Instarmac’s Malaysian partner, Protasco Trading, have supplied UltraCrete Envirobed HA104®, QC10 F and Instant Road Repair to Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) for a number of manhole reinstatements across West Malaysia.

Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) is a national sewerage company in Malaysia. Government owned, IWK is responsible for developing and maintaining a modern and efficient sewerage system for West Malaysia.

In Malaysia, the current system for installing ironwork involves a manhole cover pre-cast in a concrete block being positioned on to the repair site – a costly and time-consuming method, as heavy equipment is needed to set the concrete block in place.

One of the biggest disadvantages of using this method is the concrete block remains rigid and does not move with the surrounding road surface – causing the repair to crack and break out completely. Not only does this require costly repeat visits to site but it also causes a dangerous safety hazard to motorists – a major concern for IWK and a key factor for them sourcing an alternative method for reinstating manhole covers.

Protasco Trading recommended the use of UltraCrete Envirobed HA104® high performance bedding mortar, QC10 F rapid set flowable concrete and Instant Road Repair cold lay asphalt for all future reinstatements.

UltraCrete offers products that are proven, trusted and provide a first time permanent repair in all climates and weathers. Part of UltraCrete’s Manhole Installation System, Envirobed HA104®, QC10 F and Instant Road Repair have each been tested and had their capabilities proven by an independent laboratory stating that this system will have a minimum 5 year service life. What’s more, as no large machinery is required, the installation process is much easier and quicker than the existing methods used.

Manholes reinstated with UltraCrete’s system can be trafficked instantly, allowing costly traffic management to be removed quickly with minimal disruption to motorists – a feature IWK found particularly impressive.

The repairs were carried out earlier this year in temperatures as high as 29°C. High temperatures like these can pose a number of challenges for contractors as products often set very quickly but thanks to the expert formulation of UltraCrete materials this was not the case and the repairs were completed with great success.

For more information on Envirobed HA104® high performance bedding mortar, QC10 F rapid set flowable concrete, Instant Road Repair cold lay asphalt and the other materials that make up UltraCrete’s Manhole Installation System please visit or email

Winter is Coming

We all know the cold weather and freezing temperatures increases the drying time of a floor leveller. Think about the extra time wasted as you wait even longer for standard set smoothing underlayments to dry. There’s no need to wait days for your floor to dry – use Level IT Super30 for quick refit and repair work this winter.

Launched over 10 years ago, and the first ‘level and lay in a day’ product available to the market, Level IT Super30 has a speedy walk on time even in colder temperatures, so you can move on to another part of the project or head to your next job much quicker than if you were using a standard set floor leveller.

The rapid drying properties of Level IT Super30 are not the only qualities that make this levelling compound unique. Suitable for use with most floor coverings, compatible with underfloor heating systems and with a coverage of approximately 6m² at 2mm, Level IT Super30 is ideal for both commercial and domestic subfloor preparation projects.

Are you working with a flexible substrate? Why not try Level IT Super Flex 30. This floor leveller also boasts a rapid drying time but is ideal for screwed and fixed plywood floors where vibration and movement is likely.

Level IT Super30 is just one of many smoothing underlayments available from UltraFloor. Their subfloor preparation range also includes repair and finishing compounds, a primer for porous and non-porous substrates and products to protect against subfloor moisture.

Level IT Super30 has been used on a number of high profile projects across the UK including Apple, Vodafone, Honington RAF Base, Premier Inn and Blue Planet Aquarium.

For more information on Level IT Super30 and the other products available from UltraFloor please contact their team of technical experts by email or by calling 01827 254402.

Watch Level IT Super30 in action!

Avoid costly Section 74 fines with UltraCrete QC6 surface reinstatement concrete

Announced in 2001, Section 74 fines were introduced to eliminate disruption to motorists caused by unreasonably prolonged roadworks. Charges began between £100 and £2,500 for every working day they overrun, however in 2012, this was increased to a maximum charge of £10,000 per day – a sum which, in 2015, a leading utility supplier was ordered to pay by Transport for London.

Avoid these costly fines with UltraCrete QC6 surface reinstatement concrete.

QC6 is BT approved and can be trafficked in 4 hours allowing traffic management to be  removed without delay and therefore significantly reducing the risk of a costly Section 74 fine. What’s more, QC6 sets in just 15 minutes, making it very difficult to deface and therefore limiting asset liability.

QC6 boasts an impressive 50N/mm² compressive strength at 7 days and is shrinkage compensated so you can be assured that once the material is in, it won’t crack or come out – eliminating a common cause for expensive repeat visits to site.

QC6 is suitable for a variety of concrete repairs including the reinstatement of access covers and water metres and surface repairs around street lighting, vehicle access barriers and cable boxes. It’s also ideal for patch repairs to concrete floors and car parks.

For further product information and pricing enquiries, please contact the UltraCrete team by emailing or calling 01827 254402.

Keep up-to-date with the latest industry news by following UltraCrete on Twitter @UltraCrete_UK.

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