Award winning UltraScape paving grout is on point for use within ‘Outside/In’ paving design trends

UltraScape flowpoint smooth mortar paving grout is helping Merchants and Landscapers keep up with the big demand for porcelain tiled, inside to outside, living spaces.

Creating a seamless transition from inside to outside living spaces has become exceptionally popular in recent years and due to its low maintenance and low absorption of moisture, porcelain is the ideal paving solution for these types of designs.

In order to create the perfect transition required for this contemporary style and product, it’s important to use the right grout. One of the key factors to making this look work is choosing a grout that complements the tiling, but it is also critical to select a product that’s robust enough to withstand differing internal and external temperatures and still provide exceptional bond strength.

Suitable for large or small scale domestic, landscaping and public realm projects, award winning flowpoint smooth does just that. It is economical to use and available in the on trend colours of charcoal and natural grey. Rapid setting, it is ideally suited to smooth paving stones and slabs with joints as small as 3mm and can also withstand foot traffic within an hour. The established UltraScape product also has the reassurance of meeting and exceeding the strict demands of BS 7533.

Richard Moss, National Sales Manager for UltraScape said; “Versatile, aesthetically pleasing and quick setting, flowpoint smooth mortar paving grout is the perfect solution for up-to-the-minute paving in domestic designs. Landscapers are sometimes cautious about using this type of grout on porcelain paving, but our product is very easy to use. If they are still unsure, we are more than happy to offer demonstrations to help them confidently understand just how practical and effective flowpoint is for this type of project.”

To find out more about UltraScape flowpoint smooth mortar paving grout or to book a demonstration please contact or call +44(0) 1827 254 400