Budget 2018: Local councils given £420m to fix potholes

In October’s budget announcement, Chancellor Philip Hammond revealed local councils across England would be given an additional £420 million to fix the country’s pothole riddled roads.

In what is being hailed “the biggest ever cash injection” for England’s roads, Hammond has confirmed a £28.8 billion fund has been established to upgrade and maintain the UK’s motorways and other major roads.

As part of the same announcement, Hammond revealed a further £420 million would be given to local councils to “fix potholes and carry out other repairs after a harsh winter followed by a scorching summer took its toll on the local road system.”

Whilst this much-needed funding will certainly help repair our crumbling road network, is it enough? In March 2018 Rick Green, Chairman of the Asphalt Industry Alliance stated that “more than £8 billion would be needed for a one-time fix of potholes” and with the RAC reporting that drivers breaking down after hitting a pothole has reached a three year high, we have to ask, is this funding enough to repair the backlog of potholes plaguing our roads?

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Source: ITV News, BBC News