Committed to Quality, Committed to Service, Committed to You

Instarmac are dedicated to finding the best solutions to meet industry needs and following the acquisition of Granfix in 2016, they have worked hard to improve their service levels, performance of their products and tried to identify the best way to support their loyal customer base. With this in mind, Instarmac are delighted to announce the launch of their new and improved tiling brand – UltraTileFix.

UltraTileFix will merge the best and most popular qualities of their UltraTile and Granfix brands, to provide you with premium products for all project types backed up with outstanding service and experience.

So what does this mean for you?

UltraTileFix will continue to deliver the products and services you know and love but bigger and better than ever before. This first-class tiling range will have clear and strong branding, comprehensive product ranges and straightforward product selection – all supported by a high profile marketing campaign.

What’s more, many of their products have undergone thorough testing and have been enhanced to improve technical performance and user satisfaction. In addition, every product in the UltraTileFix range boasts a lifetime guarantee – giving you complete confidence that UltraTileFix products are designed to last.

As part of the branding change, Instarmac have invested £300,000 in a new plastic bag packaging machine for their well-known grouts. This new look packaging is not only extremely striking but is retail friendly and keeps the product fresher for longer. UltraTileFix are the only UK manufacturer to have this machinery installed and are delighted to be the first to bring this innovative new packaging to their devoted customer base.

The improvements to their packaging don’t stop here! Each product features a handy product selection table, which makes choosing the perfect product swift and easy, and the quick reference symbols on the front of each bag ensure you know the product capabilities exactly.

Aside from the fantastic product enhancements, UltraTileFix pride themselves on the outstanding service package they offer. You will benefit from an extensive product brochure which includes useful installation guides, colour references and of course product information, eye-catching point of sale to promote this comprehensive range of products to your customers, plus attractive grout stands, grout packs, banners, window stickers and posters.

In addition to this fantastic marketing support, you will continue to benefit from their technical expertise, the Site Support Team and award-winning delivery service, website and product planner app.

The UltraTileFix sales team will be visiting every customer over the coming months to further explain all of these features and to furnish them with their incredible marketing support items. To request an appointment with a member of the UltraTileFix team, please email

UltraTileFix is Committed to Quality, Committed to Service, Committed to You.

UltraTileFix will be available to order from 3rd April 2018. If you would like any further information on this exciting new development, please contact the UltraTileFix team by calling 01827 254402 or emailing