Create a splash with large format tiles using ProGrip FX

Today’s popular large-format tiles demand an adhesive with exceptional grab, UltraTileFix ProGrip FX does just that.

Large-format tiles are great for creating a spacious look and can be installed on walls and floors, within indoor and outdoor environments seamlessly. But with their increased weight and smoother backs, they can present new fixing challenges to the professional tiler.

Although installed in much the same way as regular tiles, larger tiles do require a little more preparation and consideration. Most surfaces can be laid with large-format tiles, providing the proposed surface can withstand the weight of the tiles, the tiles are correctly prepared and an appropriate fibre-reinforced adhesive is selected, as this is vital to ensuring the success of the project.

UltraTileFix ProGrip FX is a fibre reinforced, single part, semi-rapid setting, flexible tile adhesive and is just the job for this type of task. The fibres within the ProGrip FX formula aid the adhesive capabilities of the product making it a stronger bond, as well as providing superior non-slip properties and thixotropic* behaviour. Available in white and grey and sold in portable, contractor and retail friendly 20kg bags, UltraTileFix ProGrip FX also carries a lifetime guarantee.

Jason Reid, National Sales Manager for UltraTileFix commented; “Larger format tiles require the use of higher strength polymer modified adhesives with improved slip and slump characteristics. UltraTileFix ProGrip FX is specially formulated to deliver these properties as well as the enhanced adhesion you’d expect from our products. It can be used on porcelain, stone and mosaic tiles and is able to take light foot traffic within 3 hours of installation depending upon temperature and substrate.”

* Becoming less viscous when subjected to an applied stress.

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