Don’t Cut Corners!

Typically, around £200 million is spent on replacing or reinstating ironwork each year.

As traffic speed and volume increases, the solutions and methods used to install and maintain street ironwork need to evolve in order to provide a resilient and reliable network.

There are many causes of Ironwork Failure:

  • Poor workmanship
  • Incorrect product selection
  • Support system failure
  • Bedding mortar failure
  • ‘Quick fix’ solutions

So how can you avoid this?

By specifying the correct products such as those with HAPAS approval and ensuring operatives are fully trained, utility companies can be assured that repairs will last.

The Highways Authority Product Approval Scheme (HAPAS) was developed to offer clear, consisted and tested methods for products and systems designed for use in the highways industry and provides local authorities and contractors with a definite guide to highway maintenance.

The HAPAS scheme sets out technical and practical guidelines  that help to minimise potential workmanship issues and in doing so, assures against costly repeat visits and ensures longevity.

In the case of a HAPAS Approved manhole reinstatement system, the components’ compressive, tensile and flexural strengths, amongst other properties, are tested. The scheme also ensures the materials are installed using the correct application method.

HAPAS approved products offer the following benefits:

Reduces whole life costs – HAPAS approved products are unlikely to fail if they are installed correctly, so expensive revisits are vastly reduced.

Helps protect professional indemnity insurance – Using HAPAS approved products will vastly reduce any claims.

Reduces personal injury claims – HAPAS approved products are less likely to pose a risk to the road user because of their sound, proven quality.

Trusted by the construction industry – Independent testing by bodies such as the BBA is a sign of credibility.

Exceeds a 5 year service life – The UltraCrete system was the first and only HAPAS approved ironwork installation method, resulting in a first time permanent repair with a life expectancy of a minimum of 5 years once in service.

Minimises split liability – Using incompatible products will likely result in failure. Using a trusted system like UltraCrete’s will last.

Furthermore, all of UltraCrete’s materials are tested in conjunction with each other to ensure compatibility. This is extremely important when specifying a full HAPAS system which includes bedding, backfilling, sealing and surfacing materials.

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