UltraCrete Enviro Mastic complies with the new SROH

Introduced in May 2020, the revised standards are changing the way repairs and reinstatements will be carried out on our road network.

The SROH (Specification for the Reinstatement of Openings in Highways) promotes industry best practice and a right first time approach to help prolong the life of repairs and reinstatements on our pavements, footpaths and roads.

For highly trafficked areas, SROH has always demanded the use of independently tested PAS (Product Approval Scheme) approved products and for the first time in its history, this now extends to polymer modified mastic asphalt (PMMA).

The fourth edition of the SROH also references the difficulty often faced when trying to achieve the required level of compaction in narrow trenches or areas which lack adequate space. The SROH now advises that for all sites where ‘compaction is impracticable or where conventional equipment cannot be used owing to existing restrictions’, that PMMA be used to carry out the reinstatement or repair.

UltraCrete have always prided themselves on driving innovation and developing new products to stay ahead of the game. With this in mind, they are delighted to provide the industry, and their partners, with a PAS approved mastic asphalt, which fully complies with the latest edition of the SROH.

UltraCrete Enviro Mastic is a PTS PAS approved, hot applied polymer modified mastic asphalt that gives superior performance in the patching and repairing of carriageways, footpaths, footways and cycle tracks.

Stored as a granular material, UltraCrete Enviro Mastic is poured straight from the bag on site, into a pre-heated mastic mixer and only takes 45-60 minutes to melt – much quicker than other products on the market which can take up to 2 hours.

Polymer modified for increased flexibility and durability when in-situ, Enviro Mastic is available in 20kg bags consisting of loose aggregates and pellets of modified bitumen, rather in large blocks of raw material, which helps you to easily work out exactly how much material you need, reducing wasted product.

What’s more, every bag of Enviro Mastic contains more than 50% recycled material helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and reach environmental goals.

For further information on the new SROH standards, Enviro Mastic or to book a free product demonstration, please contact UltraCrete’s team of experts by calling +44 (0) 1827 254402 or emailing ultracrete@instarmac.co.uk.

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