Flowpoint to Set Sail in Rotterdam

Flowpoint has been used on a large scale paving project in Rotterdam – another prestigious project to add to its growing portfolio.

Poltec, distributor of UltraScape’s independently tested and approved mortar paving system, supplied over 1,000 bags of Flowpoint, flowable paving grout, to point the newly laid paving on a heavily trafficked area next to the famous Erasmusbrug Bridge in Rotterdam.

Ideal for grouting most paving types and mixed easily with water, Flowpoint can fill widths of 5-50mm and joint depths of up to 200mm in one pour, leaving a perfect, stain-free finish.

What’s more, Flowpoint can even be applied in the wet weather, which means work doesn’t have to stop during bad weather or during colder months. It can even be opened to foot traffic in 1 hour and vehicular traffic in 4 hours, minimising disruption.

With a track record spanning over 25 years, you can be assured that when strength, durability and style matter, Flowpoint is the world’s number one choice for all paving projects.