Geo-Fix® All Weather

Ready to use self setting permanent joint filler for use in both dry and wet conditions

Geo-Fix® All Weather is ready mixed and can simply be brushed into joints with minimal effort compared to using traditional mortar.

It is easily finished by compacting with a pointing tool saving valuable time compared to traditional wet pointing.

Geo-Fix® All Weather offers huge time saving benefits compared to applying traditional mortar.

Unlike mortar joints, it is totally resistant to freeze-thaw cycles and will not crack or pop out with frost.

Geo-Fix® All Weather forms a solid joint that resists weed and plant growth yet is water permeable, allowing water to escape to prevent ponding.

  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Simply brush into joints and compact
  • Ready to use – no mixing
  • Cement free
  • Sets hard, won’t crack or wash out
  • Resists weed and plant growth
  • Totally weatherproof – unaffected by frost
  • For all joints over 5mm width and minimum 15mm depth
  • Water permeable, allows water escape
  • Available in 5 colours: Graphite, Anthracite, Stone, Mid Grey, Slate Grey
  • Size : 14kg

For further information, visit the official Geo-Fix® website which can be found here.

Mid Grey

Slate Grey




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