Half a job?

Overbanding is certainly a contentious subject and its use on our road network in the past has been controversial with reports of accidents due to skidding or unsightly images of bitumen creeping out from the sides of a patch in hot weather.

Sealing the joints of a repair to prevent water ingress and progressive fretting makes sense so why is overbanding not used on every permanent repair? It is the bad press? Are contractors only doing half a job? Are the products on the market not fit for purpose?

Well things have certainly moved on with manufacturers developing materials which provide all of the benefit with none of the risk. New overbanding solutions are quick and easy to heat apply and can be trafficked instantly, minimising the need for traffic management.

Overbanding materials provide an excellent method of preventative maintenance. Designed for application to asphalt roads they prevent water ingress and progressive fretting, which is a prime reason for failure of the reinstatement.

Remember – only HAPAS approved overbanding can be used on our road network!

To ensure road safety is maintained, it is compulsory to choose a solution that is HAPAS approved, as per the requirements of the SROH S11.7, ‘All materials used for overbanding shall have a current HAPAS approval certificate’ and that offers ‘a minimum skid resistance value of 55.’ This is especially important for motorcyclists, cyclists and horses. Failure to comply can lead to early failure and contravene SROH requirements.

Materials such as UltraCrete’s Instaband ECO have been tested over time to ensure compliance to those SROH requirements. They are proven to provide a waterproof seal on asphalt and are an excellent method of preventative maintenance. The product’s simple application method provides contractors with an effective way of protecting new and in-situ reinstatements as well as repairing joints and cracks in older wearing courses.

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