Hard Landscaping Shouldn’t have to be Hard

When designing an outdoor space it is very easy to visualise and concentrate on the planting scheme before considering the construction of the space. This is a big mistake – you have to get the hard landscaping right before even thinking about the plants.

Hard landscaping is often the most expensive item in a landscaping plan and one of the most permanent, so selecting the right material for your scheme is extremely important.

You will need to consider how the space is going to be used, the style, the materials and the maintenance requirements.

Firstly think about how you are going to use the space, some materials are better suited for particular areas or applications. For example slate paving stones are excellent for paving a patio but are not durable enough for a driveway.

Which pattern arrangement do you prefer? This is a very important decision, for example if you have a small space and you want to make it feel bigger, simple patterns work best. Small pavers look effective and can be used to create beautiful designs but only really work well in large open spaces.

There is a wide choice of materials available for projects of all size so in theory you should have no problem finding one that fits your needs and budget. Shop around and do your research, the internet holds a wealth of information and design ideas.

Maintaining your scheme; this is often overlooked but should play an important role in choosing your materials. Cleaning, sealing and weed control all need consideration.

Another question to ask yourself – are you going to install permeable or non-permeable paving? Permeable paving is environmentally friendly as it reduces surface water running off into drains, however it is more expensive to install and comes with higher maintenance costs.

So have you answered all these questions and picked landscaping materials that compliment your space? It is now the time to consider your bedding materials.

At UltraScape we have been providing high specification products that are durable, proven and independently tested. Our mortar paving system has been developed to the British Standard BS 7533 and offers a range of high performance, rapid strength bedding, priming and jointing materials.

UltraScape also offers adhesive solutions for decorative features. SlipBond is a flexible cladding adhesive ideal for installing decorative features such as raised flower beds and can be used for fixing brick slips and natural stone to vertical areas.

For flexible paving there is PaveJoint plus, an all weather jointing compound resistant to freeze/thaw conditions and that protects from weed growth.

And for maintenance UltraScape’s Paving Guard is available which acts as a sand stabiliser, surface sealant and chewing gum adhesion inhibitor.

Successful landscape design focuses on how the hard and soft landscaping works in tandem to create a design that is not only aesthetically beautiful but that works in its environment to deliver the owner their perfect space. Spending time planning your scheme and by choosing high quality, proven, trusted products will guarantee you a space you can enjoy for years to come.

For more information on the UltraScape range please contact us on 01827 254402 or email ultrascape@instarmac.co.uk.