Instarmac helps create unique asphalt for Portuguese park

Instarmac International have supplied their Portuguese partner, Asfaltovia, with a clear binder to create a bespoke asphalt to complete a unique project at a public park.


The Parque Alta da Vila, located in Águeda, Portugal, was a dilapidated private farm before it was bestowed to the city for local residents to use. In order to transform the farm into a safe and functioning park, walkways and thoroughfares were necessary across the site that visitors could access and enjoy.

To complete the park’s renovation, a bespoke asphalt was required to install the pathways. Instarmac International were delighted to supply a clear binder to their Portuguese licensee, Asfaltovia, who manufactured and installed coloured asphalt across Parque Alta da Vila.

The Challenge

There were many factors for the local authority to consider when it came to choosing the right material for the installation of the thoroughfares. The asphalt needed to complement the newly refurbished environment, be durable enough to withstand constant visitor footfall and endure the warm weather.

It was also crucial that the asphalt could be trafficked quickly to allow the continuation of work and progress on the park.

The Solution

To meet the demands set out by the local authority, Asfaltovia mixed Instarmac International’s binder with limestone to create a beautiful and durable asphalt. Known as ‘grimnIR Colorido floor’, Asfaltovia, used this uniquely coloured asphalt to install 3,500sqm of walkways and thoroughfares.

The Results

‘The customer was satisfied with our grimnIR Colorido floor as well as our professionalism on site. The result, as you can see from the photographs, was the most positive.” Leila Ferreira, Asfaltovia.

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