Instarmac leads the way for utility repairs

Failed ironwork is a nuisance. It causes endless damage to cars driving over it, which then results in further deterioration to the surrounding road surface, it is noisy for pedestrians and homeowners unfortunate enough to live near the damaged site and let’s not forget the traffic management and repair costs associated with reinstating ironwork.

With road maintenance and utility repair budgets being cut all over the world, finding a cost-effective and permanent solution to repairing failed ironwork is not just a local problem but a global one as well.

Made up of high performance bedding mortars, backfill concretes, cold lay asphalts and overbanding, Instarmac’s Manhole Installation System has undergone rigorous independent testing, been approved by a third party for over 10 years and is proven to offer a first time permanent reinstatement. It is even proven to provide a permanent repair in all weathers and climates including freezing temperatures and extremely hot weather – ideal  for countries with changeable weather patterns.

Ironwork reinstated with Instarmac’s system is opened to traffic in as little as 1 hour minimising disruption to motorists and eradicating lengthy lane closures. What’s more, Instarmac’s Manhole Installation System boasts a service life of over 5 years, eliminating costly repeat visits to the same site.

Instarmac’s Manhole Installation System is currently being used on a daily basis, all a round the globe by some of the world’s leading utility companies.

M60 and QC10 F, just two of the high performance materials in Instarmac’s Manhole Installation System, have been used to repair failed ironwork for more than 10 years in Latvia, Belgium and Netherlands. What’s more, Grand Lyon in France and Orange Telecom in La Reunion have specified the use of M60, Instant Road Repair and SCJ to complete their repairs.

Other utility providers using Instarmac’s Manhole Installation System include UK companies Openreach, Severn Trent and South Staffordshire Water.

Instarmac’s Manhole Installation System is made up of Envirobed HA104® high performance bedding mortar, M60 rapid strength bedding mortar, PY4 polyester resin system, QC10 F rapid set flowable concrete, Instant Road Repair cold lay asphalt, SCJ seal and tack coat spray and Instaband ECO thermoplastic overbanding tape. For further information on these materials and the other products available in their range of world renowned highway maintenance materials, please  email