Instarmac saves the day at Niagara Falls

Instarmac International’s Canadian partner, Da-Lee Pavement Products, have supplied Instarmac’s Manhole Installation System to the City of Niagara Falls Water Department to repair several failed manholes in the area.

The current method of repairing and reinstating failed ironwork in Niagara Falls involves installing a pre-cast concrete riser under the frame and cover and using bulk concrete and hot asphalt as the surface finish. This method of repair posed a number of problems for the City of Niagara Falls Water Department. Not only are concrete risers very brittle and prone to cracking – a costly and time-consuming activity to repair – hot asphalt can be difficult to source during the winter months which meant carrying out emergency repairs was difficult.

The City of Niagara Falls Water Department were in urgent need of a repair system that could withstand extreme temperatures, would provide a permanent first time repair to avoid costly repeat visits to site and could be sourced at short notice to help keep up with demand.

Da-Lee Pavement Products introduced the City of Niagara Falls Water Department to Instarmac’s Manhole Installation System as the perfect solution to their problem. In January 2019, Instarmac’s Technical Field Support and Training Manager, Nick Holmes, and Da-Lee’s Territory Manager, Rod Benito, visited the City of Niagara Falls to carry out a product demonstration of the system and training with the client.

The City of Niagara Falls Water Department were extremely impressed with the capabilities and performance of Instarmac’s Manhole Installation System, particularly the speed in which the materials can be applied and the long-term durability the products offer, and have since used it to repair several manholes in the area.

On the success of the installations, James Sticca, Manager of Environmental Services for the City of Niagara Falls Water Department, commented: “One of the jobs came in on a Friday and needed to be fixed immediately. The reason we chose Instarmac was because of the speed in which we could open the road back up to traffic. Traditional methods would have meant that the road would have stayed closed over the weekend, however with Instarmac products we had the road back open within 4 hours of traffic management being put up which meant the road was open for the busy Friday afternoon traffic.”

He went on to say: “During the summer we have lots of traffic sensitive areas and we will be using these products for all manhole repairs in these locations.”

Instarmac’s Manhole Installation System is made up Envirobed HA104® high performance bedding mortar, QC10 F rapid set flowable concrete, Instant Road Repair cold lay asphalt and SCJ Seal and tack coat spray. Each of these products has been independently tested and is proven to provide a first time permanent repair in all weathers, allows sites to be opened to traffic in as little as 2 hours, exceeds a 5 year service life and reduces costly failures.

Instarmac’s Manhole Installation System is available throughout Canada and North America through Da-Lee Pavement Products. To contact Da-Lee please call 905 643 1135 or visit

For further information on Instarmac’s Manhole Installation System, please contact Instarmac’s International Sales Team by calling +44 (0) 1827 254402 or emailing