Meghan Beesley: January 2016

I have recently returned back from a warm weather training camp in Tenerife. I had a fantastic time. It is lovely to get away at this time of the year to get some sun and to be able to get some sessions completed in the heat. Training in the sun and the heat makes sprinting a lot easier for us and it has enabled me to do some longer hurdle sessions, such as a couple of 300m hurdles. In the past my times have been seconds slower at this time of the year, so the heat really does make a difference.

I have been to Tenerife in the past for a week or so to get a bit of sun but this year was different because my group came too and there were some other Loughborough athletes there too. My training was going that well out there it made me not want to come home. I had seen pictures of the snow at home and wasn’t looking forward to coming back to the snow.

I shared with Jess Turner, another 400m hurdler, we had a good giggle before and after training about things. I live on my own in Loughborough so it was nice to get home and have someone to talk to. I think she thought I was a little crazy dancing around the room a lot of the time in the day but I was happy that it was sunny. Although I always do miss my cat Mitsy when I go away but I have great baby sitters that look after her and take photos of her when I am away.

I am starting back doing sports for school events now that Christmas is over and I am back. It is always great to get involved in PE within schools and hopefully inspire the children to get involved in sport, specifically athletics. I do love going into the schools, the other day they taught me some dance moves which is always good fun to learn.

I am back to training in Loughborough, it is a bit cold and I am now just looking forward to being able to compete indoors. I will be doing BUCS for Loughborough University and then I will be competing in Sheffield in the 400m.

Next month I will be going to Florida to train! I can not wait. I haven’t been there before so I just want to get into the sun and visit a new place! America is a great place to go and will give me the opportunity to start my season this year a little earlier than I would normally do in the past. The USA season starts earlier than the European one, plus the weather is a lot nicer earlier on which enables me to get some good competitive races in nice conditions.

Last week was Nike Women’s week, so I went down to London to do a speed session with some of the girls there. It was great to do and I love that others are encouraged to do speed sessions as I think this is an area which a lot of people don’t get to join in regularly.