Meghan Beesley: February 2016

February has been a really eventful month!  I was so excited to be able to open my 2016 season indoors.  The first few weeks were good to train even if the weather has been a bit cold.  However, I got through it by telling myself that it isn’t long untill my warm weather training camp in Florida.

I raced at BUCs (British University Championships) over the shorter distance of 200m.  This was a really tough day as my heat was at 10am, my semi at 1.30pm and the final at 3.15pm.  I always struggle when I don’t have time to fit in much food.  I really enjoyed the occasion and ran an indoor PB and broke the Championship record.  I am forever wanting more and wanted a little faster but I didn’t really decrease my training for the event so it is a good indication with where I am at this time of the year.  I love racing for my University and it was great to be back winning events.

I then had to prepare for UK Championships in Sheffield, 400m.  It is nice to race indoors as there are no 400m hurdles due to the banks of the track, so it gives me an opportunity to see how other events are going.  I won the 400m, the last time I won this title was 2008 (my other senior title) so I was pretty happy to be back to winning ways.  It was a tough race, I hadn’t raced a 400m yet this year and in the final I went through a little too fast and didn’t relax enough so I could just feel the other competitors coming back to me.  In the past I have had people just run past me at the last minute so I think that was in my head.  I was a little disappointed with the time I ran (as I do always want to be better) but it was great to win and do a lap of honour in the UK, something which I have never done before.

In 3 weeks I am going to Orlando, whilst I am there I am doing my first 400m hurdles.  I am looking forward to getting back into some harder training over the next couple of weeks before I start my 2016 outdoor season.  It is great to go to America to train, it gives me a change of scenery and the weather is more consistent at this time of year.