New fitness centre opens after intense subfloor preparation session

Rapid drying, all purpose smoothing underlayment Level IT Bond provides the ideal solution for application onto old adhesive residues.

Experienced flooring and cladding contractors, Midland Floor and Wall Covering secured The Gym Club project in conjunction with UltraFloor’s technical team, who specified the use of Level IT Bond and DPM IT.

The building’s original floor was stripped of its broken ceramic tiles and loose tile adhesive by the general builders who were contracted to the refurbishment. UltraFloor Level IT Bond was then used to smooth over the substrate so that a cost-effective and even layer of UltraFloor DPM IT could be applied.

UltraFloor DPM IT is a two component solvent free epoxy resin system for use as a surface damp proof membrane. The product has a pot life of 45-75 minutes and cures after 5 hours.

A further layer of UltraFloor Level IT Bond was then used to finish the floor. Level IT Bond is a rapid curing, high performance two-part smoothing underlayment. It has exceptional adhesion characteristics making it suitable for use over a wide variety of subfloors and substrates. Its rapid setting properties allow for floor coverings to be laid after only 4 hours.

Finally, Midland Floor and Wall Covering used a pressure sensitive adhesive to fix the gym’s desired luxury vinyl tiles.

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