The Artistry of Drylining

Drylining is the art of creating walls and rooms in a building, holding pipes and wires, forming space for insulation and smoothing out uneven surfaces during renovation work – all of which require an experienced Dryliner to complete them.

Drylining is a highly skilled job that can take years to learn and an artistry that is often underrated. If done incorrectly, drylining looks terrible and can cause structural problems for a building. These are just two reasons why it can take years for accomplished Dryliners to hone their specialist skills.

As part of their training, Dryliners learn how to measure and cut plasterboard to the right size and angle, fix boards to ceiling joints using specialist studs, cut boards to fit perfectly around doorways, as well as learning how to tape over joints both by hand and taping machine – skills which sound easy on paper but are much more difficult to master in real life situations.

Whilst it can take time to master the artistry of drylining, the benefits of these skills are limitless. Your clients will have the confidence that their new walls and rooms will have a long lasting, professional finish whilst at the same time, eliminating any concerns about cracks in the plaster appearing in the future.

When these highly tuned skills are teamed with first class joint filler and finishing compound products the results really are second-to-none.

prem filler plasterboard joint filler is an ideal, and reliable, choice for bedding and filling tapes. This plaster-based compound has been developed to provide the strength that’s needed when bedding tapes on external corners.

Available in contractor friendly 12.5kg bags, prem filler boasts a working time of 60-90 minutes – enough time for you to complete the job at hand – and is fast setting for early sanding allowing you to move on to your next project quickly.

prem filler’s perfect partner is prem finish plasterboard finishing compound. Suitable for the finishing of all plasterboard joints, prem finish is easy to apply and provides a seamless feathered finish for easy and professional over painting.

The advanced formula of prem filler and prem finish ensures both products have excellent workability and dry smooth for effortless sanding – elbow grease definitely isn’t required here! What’s more, both products have minimal or no shrinkage so you can be assured that once  the material is in, it won’t crack or come out.

Did you know the Wondertex Drylining range also includes specialist tapes? They have tapes for creating robust corner joints and for plasterboard crack and hole repairs.

prem filler and prem finish are the ideal products for all professional and expert Dryliners. For further information on Wondertex’s Drylining range, their specialist tapes and other materials in their internal finishing range, please email or call 01827 254402.

John Morgan

Instarmac have provided endless support for all at JM Civils. We have had two full day training sessions at Instarmac which were invaluable. Since then we have had onsite support from the team, enabling us to gain experience with the materials- One of our must haves is Mortar Buoy!

J M Civils

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