UltraCrete repairs troublesome chamber on busy London road

Road users in Kensington Church Street in Bayswater, are now enjoying a peaceful commute after Openreach and Centercomms Ltd replaced a long-standing failed access cover using UltraCrete’s market-leading access cover reinstatement materials.


Client Openreach, and contractors Centercomms Ltd, were once again required to repair a failed ironwork chamber on a busy central London street – the longest standing failed unit on their work stack.

The Challenge

The troublesome unit was located on Kensington Church Street in Bayswater – an extremely difficult and busy area in Central London. Working in London can be challenging as traffic management permits can be difficult to obtain and, due to heavy traffic, all work must be completed within 9.30am – 3.30pm.

As well as a tight turnaround, upon arrival it became clear very quickly that chamber was damaged and the brickwork needed to be excavated.

The Solution

With this in mind, contractors Centercomms Ltd, working for, and on behalf of, Telent, chose to use UltraCrete’s market-leading maintenance solutions to replace the failed unit. UltraCrete has a reputation of providing the industry with expert and approved materials that reach required compressive strengths very quickly, helping operatives to complete installations before the 3.30pm deadline.

To begin, the damaged brickwork was removed and timber shuttering installed using UltraCrete QC10 F. This fast, strong and easy to use flowable concrete provides an extremely robust repair in just 20 minutes.

Using the SG Pam Install Plus frame installation system, Centercomms Ltd carefully placed the frame and used a string line to ensure it was level with the existing road surface.

Once in position, Envirobed® CD534 Red high performance bedding mortar was applied to the inner face and chamber top and the timber shuttering was then placed 50mm beyond the flange.

After Envirobed® CD534 Red had fully cured, Envirobed® CD534 Flowable Red was mixed and poured to fully bed and encapsulate the frame to a minimum depth of 35mm.

To complete the installation, operatives returned the lid into position, applied SCJ seal and tack coat spray to the vertical edges of the existing road surface and frame ahead of the asphalt reinstatement.


The entire installation took just two and a quarter hours to complete, much to the delight of the client, contractors and road users.

For further information on UltraCrete and their range of market-leading highway maintenance solutions, please contact their team of experts by emailing ultracrete@instarmac.co.uk or calling +44 (0) 1827 254402.

Products used

QC10 F: Rapid Set Flowable Concrete

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Envirobed® CD534 Flowable Red

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Envirobed® CD534 Red

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SCJ: Seal and Tack Coat Spray

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