Park your repair worries with UltraCrete’s Car Park Maintenance range

With an estimated 17,000 parking facilities and 11.3 million parking spaces across the UK, car park safety and maintenance is an important subject that affects most of the population. Potholes and other surface defects compromise the safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians as well as professional indemnity insurance.

UltraCrete’s range of world renowned cold lay asphalt concretes offer a proven repair solution that is durable and instantly trafficable. Their fast set concretes are ideal for installing car park safety signs and lighting to help drivers and pedestrians navigate safely and securely around your facility reducing damages and accidents which can result in compensation and personal injury claims.

Potholes giving you a headache? For a first time permanent repair use UltraCrete Permanent Pothole Repair. Available in resealable, contractor friendly 25kg tubs, Permanent Pothole Repair can be applied in all weathers and is trafficked instantly causing very minimal disruption to motorists.

Is your car park on a gradient? Recurring potholes in wheel turning locations? Tough Patch® Rapid hybrid pothole repair solution offers a permanent and hard wearing repair perfect for both of these locations. See Tough Patch® Rapid in action.

Do you need to refresh or reinstate any line markings? UltraCrete Instaline thermoplastic road marking offers the ideal solution. Instaline boasts excellent UV resistance and is the only line that provides a skid resistance value in excess of 55 straight from the box and because you only cut what is required, there isn’t any wasted product leftover.

Also available from UltraCrete’s Car Park Safety and Maintenance range is QC6 surface reinstatement concrete. Ideal for a variety of repairs including patch repairs to concrete floors and surface repairs around vehicle access barriers and safety railings, QC6 sets in just 15 minutes leaving no time for the area to be vandalised or damaged.

For repairing damaged kerbs and steps, UltraCrete recommend using Kerb and Patch Repair. Pre-blended, eliminating on-site mixing errors, Kerb and Patch Repair is polymer modified for increased adhesion and will set in just 25 minutes, allowing contractors to move on to another project quickly.

UltraCrete has been providing asphalt and concrete repair solutions for planned and reactive repairs for over 40 years. For further information on their Car Park Safety and Maintenance range, please call their team of Technical experts on 01827 254402.

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Source: British Parking Association