Potholes cause chaos around the tunnels of Rhône-Alps

Instarmac’s French partner, Vert Bleu, have used UltraCrete Instant Road Repair to repair dangerous potholes in and around tunnels in the Rhône-Alps, France.

Millions of cars and heavy goods vehicles regularly travel through the many road tunnels in the Northern Alp region. Regular trafficking, braking and turning from heavyweight vehicles and trucks had caused severe damage to the wearing course on a roundabout connecting the French highway to such a tunnel.

Numerous cold asphalts had been trialled on the roundabout in an attempt to repair the damage but every product used thus far had failed, causing further disruption to motorists and costly repeat visits for the local municipality.

A new repair product was needed that would withstand heavy and constant trafficking and provide a permanent repair in areas of braking and turning. After careful research, a trial was completed using world renowned UltraCrete Instant Road Repair and Vert Bleu are delighted to report that the repair has now been in place for over 4 months and shows no signs of failing – a significant improvement compared to the previous repair products used.

UltraCrete Instant Road Repair is a cold asphalt technology, which has been continuously developed and perfected over the past 40 years to provide a first time permanent pothole repair.

There are many cold lay asphalt repair products available, but Instarmac backs up its technical claims! Strength is gained by compaction, becoming stronger the more that traffic travels over it, making it the perfect repair product for heavily trafficked roads and areas of vehicle turning and braking, such as this one.

Instant Road Repair has provided permanent repairs on some of the world’s busiest roads including the German Autobahn, Gardiner Expressway in Canada, UK motorways and New York Bridges and Tunnels.

Applied in 3 easy steps – clean, pour, compact – UltraCrete Instant Road Repair can be applied in all weathers including hot, wet and cold – it even provides a permanent repair in freezing temperatures!

Independently tested by the Highways Authority Product Approval Scheme for over 15 years, Instant Road Repair is proven to be a quality, flexible and durable solution for first time instant and permanent pothole repairs.

UltraCrete Instant Road Repair is available throughout France through Vert Bleu. To contact Vert Bleu please call +33 (0)4 79 84 41 or visit www.ultracrete.fr.

For further information on UltraCrete Instant Road Repair and the other materials available in UltraCrete’s highway maintenance range, please email international@instarmac.com or call the International Sales Team on +44 (0) 1827 254402.